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  1. OK since u asked for some feedback, here is my take on the NTC. I like the idea of it and think that the rewards should be reworked, Veteran players need a reason to spend all of the credits and free xp that they have stocked up. Straight up Buffs are not a Good reward why? -Players who have these Buffs will have a Straight up advantage over those who don't. -Players are forced to grind it just so that the ships they have can remain competitive -Players cant play all the time so they will fall behind while other player who have time can easier get these straight up buffs -Players who are new to the game will most likely leave due to being clubbed by people who have ships that are have these straight up buffs applied. Another thing i don[t like is that i have regrind the line of a specific nation AGAIN. Now instead of making them regrind specific national lines again, they could have to grind out X on a certain ship to unlock the NTC currency or something. Now there are alternatives items that can be rewarded to players, These can include: -Different colour tracers for shells, This can be per gun if the player so desires but it will cost a bit more. I mean i wouldn't mind having different coloured shell traces for each gun on my North Carolina. -Signal flags, These can include combat ones to the special ones, however they will vary in price due to the benefits that they give this means that there isn't an influx to the in game economy. The bundles of flags can run from 50-100. -Camos, we can have different consumable ones that give various bonus, we can also have special permanent such as giving NC an Alabama style camo. -Resources, should be able to get both coal and steel from NTC but in small amounts so as not devalue these types of resources, we could get between 400-700 coal per ship & between 200-300 steel. -Commanders, we should be able to get special commanders like John Doe, or we could get commanders such as the Azur lane ones, The Azur lane ones have a unique captain pic and voice over and this can be done to other nations so we could have commanders like Alfred von Tirpitz. -Ships, we could get ships like the ARP ones or ships like West Virginia 44. I like the idea of rewarding long term players. But i'm gonna have to say no to straight up Buffs. Please Wargaming Listen don't let this go thru offering any straight up buffs to ships.