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  1. Everyone thank you for offers. I will go over your clans and maybe PM some of you for some division play. I have the cooldown thing from leaving my previous inactive clan so there will be some time for me to go over these before i can even join.
  2. I am looking for a relaxed English speaking clan that can get a full team for CW and maybe even win sometimes at least. I just want to make some steel :) It does not have to be competitive i aint no best player in the world, but i do have lot of tier 10 ships and some CW experience from my previous clan that is just become too inactive. Anyway message me if you want more information or something like that. EDIT: I am 36 year old male from Finland.
  3. Amonhep

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Ok phew i am not alone then in this server down problem
  4. Yeah seems working now, they probably did some server side hotfix.
  5. I am still having this problem today...and WG does not respond to my ticket.
  6. Phew i was thinking the same it was my fist post in the forums in ages, so i am glad that i am not the only one with this problem. Dude can u please make a support ticket to WG like i did, maybe they will listen then?
  7. I did this and i also ran the repair thing from the launcher. I do not use any mods, but still i have this problem.
  8. When i try to sell something from my inventory like camouflages or useless modules since today i get this message: "Unable to sell due to technical reasons". Does anyone else have this problem? I made a ticket for this, but WG started treating me like noob telling that i have to be level 12 and started to instruct how to sell from inventory, instead of actually helping me with the bug....
  9. Amonhep

    IJN Mogami

    Look at things Mogami is better than Kutuzov. 1. Better DPM with 155mm's due to extra turrret + bigger HE & AP shell damage. 2. Better armor (and better armored citadels). 3. Faster top speed 4. Smaller size 5. Better torpedoes 6. Better concealment 7. Better turning radius 8. Way better shell dispersion 9. A choice to have 203mm guns. Secondly WG said in their 0.5.3. livestream that the Mogami will most likely get a small (500-800m) range buff and equal amount max range will be reduced from the Myoko.
  10. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    Well German cruisers have already better sonar than anyone else, but it i think it would be great if they would get a slight buff and IJN cruisers sonar would be buffed so it would be just slightly worse than the German one.
  11. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    Yes it was a typo, i meant not DD's, but cruisers like you said. Not sure though if all nations cruisers will have the radar. In my opinion USN & VMF will most likely have them (VMF = Russian / Soviet navy).
  12. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    Not DD's (it was a typo), but cruisers will have a "radar" consumable, which will probably balance out gameplay against top tier destroyers (in my opinion). In that video radar was starting from tier 8, but remember that everything can be subject to change. Also the radar effectiveness will rise slightly with ship tier at the moment.
  13. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    NP! I think they will be on public test next month already, though i hoped that WG would had been able to release German battleship line at same time and the move on to Royal Navy. Unless they plan to release Russian BB & German DD lines first before the RN, but in other hand after that the RN tech tree would have their undivided attention.
  14. Amonhep

    Where should I go now?

    You should should continue Japanese battleship line and start also a IJN or USN destroyer line, plus start a IJN or USN carrier line. If you don't have cruisers, i would wait for the incoming Soviet cruisers.