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  1. Well... the main question of this Topic (is BB Population still considered a Problem) has not been answered. And considering it is a 18 pages thread with 18.000 views (!), I think there is considerable interest in an answer. BTW, and just to remind you: On the 13th September 2016 - when talking about the (cancelled) bow armour changes for BBs - Sub_Octavian stated "BB population increase is the real problem now. They are balancing on the edge of allowed combat effeciency and their numbers are growing. And they live too long. So we need to find the way to tweak them. The proposed way is actually the most delicate (God, I am happy you didn't see other options)." And please dont tell us, they are "watching the Situation". Because we got that Statement on the 28.3.2017, so... more than one year ago and more than 6 Months after WG confirmed too high BB-Population. So... 1,5 years later... An answer might be appropriate.
  2. so... after a 6 Month break of playing the game.... has there been any changes (and if yes: where they for the better?)
  3. ... Guys? The main question of this thread still is unanswerd...
  4. Cant let them get away with this. 1year ago S_O said they are done with monitoring and the BB numbers affect the game negatively.
  5. Ich glaube ja, es hätte durchaus noch etwas... Feintuning gebraucht. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEDqe2Y14BI&t=0s
  6. I guess we have some kind of answer: And no, it won't change the message, if it gets nerfed later. THAT is what WG consideres balanced! That is the level of skill required for playing BBs: you don't even have to select ammo anymore to one-shot cruisers. Thank god they have no op heal, op concealment, op AP ammo, turtleback-armor or lowerd citadel.... BTW: this is NOT unknown to the devs: (quote from flamu in the comments) "I've had multiple over 150k+ damage games in this ship while testing it, shooting nothing but HE, called it stupidly OP. Many other CCs agreed. WG as usual ignored the feedback and released it as is. "
  7. We are pointing out lies and deceit for months now. I'm not sure they care - not only that they lied, they don't even seem to care that everybody on the forums knows it. I did enjoy the game very much. Some days I still do. Some days WG makes remarkable improvements (recent example as soon as the servers go live: I love the new graphics AND they add valuable information ingame), the new smoke nerf might be a good idea, not pusinshing all IFHE-.Ships for the overpowerdness of the MK and the Belfast is nice..) but I do see a great underlying problem with their (lack of?) strategy concerning the BB-problem. And it troubles me because I like the game. I'm not posting criticism because I like to criticise (what good would that be?) but because I really care for the game. Its one of a kind and I really fear they are driving it into a dead end with no way out. I've seen the same thing happening to other games and there is NO way out of a class-imbalance problem that has lastet for too long in a F2P game. None.
  8. And I dont expect him to do so. I more expect some "we are working on it" and BB buffs.... Honest answer: do you really expect any actions (not just words that will not be acted upon for months and are thus totally worthless) within the next 6 Months?
  9. Ober 7,2k views and nearly 300 answers in this thead. No reason to reply. Especially since you mentioned the Ev1n interview that seems to contradict everything they SAID so far about BBs. (But it would in fact fit to everything they DID!) I really would like some specific information on @landryn_ks questions... and then a consistent line in their development. Even if i don't like the direction they are going... I want to know that direction and thus be able to act accordingly (=keep playing and investing time and money or chose another game to do so)
  10. Normal penetration damage on DDs

    We have to remember that one. Pretty soon - when we mention cruisers being one-shottet from BBs with equal to better concealment - we will hear that BBs are the counter class to CL/CA thus its working as intended. And there of course is a counter to BBs... Well... its a counter that never could take them out without warning and within 10seconds, but hey... now there is a BB line that counters its intended counter. And to make it even easier for them: they do it no matter what ammo they have loaded. Cant have the BBabies have to switch. it might take them 30 seconds. Now... that switching is no option for DDs or CVs or even CL/CA! Deep water torpedoes or normal torpedoes? APbombs or HE bombs? DefAA or Hydro? You have to decide before the battle starts! I have quite some money invested in thios game (pretty much all Cruisers bought, over 600 premium camos, 1year premium time, 30+port slots, flags, gold...) and my fair share of time to be a better player. But I don't want to invest anymore effort in a game thats going downhill this way. Probably better to cut my losses - which pains me, because I really liked the game.
  11. It bothers me as well. Would love to finally get an answer in this thread...
  12. Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    So... you would terminate your relationship with a CC that only recommends your products without constructive criticism? Do you really believe that yourself? Because I doubt anyone herein does...
  13. Cruisers dead

    If they would at least compensate for those amazing strenght. Bow armor so thin it can be overmatched by other BBs and citadels that can and will be hit if they Show broadside. Then they could be called Battlecruisers and have BB-like guns (just a bit better than the average BB because of Sigma and short ap fuses + their amazing HE), Cruiser like stealth and armor (both on par or even better than crusiers) but less Speed, maneuverability and not all of the tools that cruisers have. Right now they have the best of both worlds... and thats cant be balanced
  14. Cruisers dead

    And I'm so happy that the British bb are made to do even more of the same with even better concealment, great Sigma and short fuses on AP...
  15. So, only cruisers have citadels now?

    There is a difference between an average (Overall) result and an average cruiser/BB/DD/CV result. The average damage-taken-result for a BB is certainly higher than the average Overall result, isn't it? The same applies to dmg done, spotting, plane kills... If one class does the most damage and survives the most damage, can push the hardest (thus influencing the game) and survives mistakes longer than every other class (so being more friendly to the newer players, in turn pushing the average influence of this class) then this class' average will be above the Overall average. If an other class has to hide behind Islands or in smoke half the time (thus doing reduced damage while in cover/without spotting/without smoke on CD), will be instantly deleted if it makes a mistake and cant hunt its main Targets because overextendin means instant death... the average of this class will be below Overall average.