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  1. Too WarGaming.... Merry Christmas to you to. If you gave us nothing at Christmas but warm wishes id be happy with that.... A few Flags awesome.... a few weeks or months premium time very nice present. But false truths.... plays on words..... Lies and perhaps worst of all an insincere apology. The Idea of getting something for free for a game i love playing is a nice thought, the fact i would be getting it at Christmas was even better. I mean its nice to get something given too you at Christmas, if i had to play a little more than usual to get it that's fine too. Now...... I'm no longer interested. The only thing that may bring me on is my team mates and friends but rest assured ill be asking them if there is anything else we can play. 4 years playing this game feels wasted now somehow. What bothers me the most about this debacle is you either don't understand how badly you have let the player base down or you simply just don't care. You have made it clear that all you really care about is the cash and how much you cant get from us. Do you even care where that money comes from or what some people give up to play your game? Id be very shocked if you did. Message me ill tell you what i give up to play your game. So in the spirit of Christmas wargaming here is my gift to you. Your PAYING player base just dropped by one. I have 8 days premium time and 300 doubloons left on my account when that's done so am I. You just got added to the list of companies i wont give money to, don't worry your in good company right between EA and the Epic Game store. Merry Christmas when it comes.
  2. Claymore1908

    Broken Carrier's

    How much longer are we going to wait before you fix the broken carrier's? Currently the class makes playing destroyers unplayable. In some cases causing 50% damage on destroyers with 1 flight of planes?? surely this cannot be "working as intended"? The only Destroyer i have seen that has any success with planes is the kidd AA cruisers that are suppose to be highly effective against planes are mediocre at best a good example being the Atlanta. As far as i can see currently AA has no effect on Torp spread or bomb spread in any shape or form you might as well be dropping them using laser guidance. So ill Ask again "How much longer are we going to wait before you fix the broken carrier's?"