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  1. RobS80

    The Truth About Ranked

    Indeed And when the same person who doesn't care about improving at all decides he should play ranked (which is a competitive meta) and cannot progress beyond his skill level then of course its the MM and the game against him. 20km widespread Shima from the border cannot possibly be the problem!
  2. RobS80

    The Truth About Ranked

    His point is made up BS, and stats may mean nothing to you, but id wager you are about as good and also firmly believe its anyone's fault but your own.
  3. Thank you very much for posting, that is awesome! Also love the 'ships i used to have in port' :)
  4. RobS80

    The Truth About Ranked

    You have a 42% random win rate, and a 42% ranked win rate (overall), and 41.7% this season. This is the plateau one would expect you to be at, and to think that you can advance further would be quite frankly, foolish. We all know of those players spamming out 500+ games to make it finally to rank 1, but even they do have an overall slightly positive win rate. You played the Z52 and Shimakaze. In 350 games you sank 140 ships. You averaged around 25k damage overall. In the 2 games in the Hindenberg you averaged 9000 actual ship damage!!!! You survived on average 1/3 of the games. It is impossible to know if you are way too aggressive or way too passive but either way you made some critical errors. Did you intelligently use hydro in the Z? Do you wide spread from 20km in the Shima? We don't know the answers, but you need a fairly major improvement in skill to get beyond rank 10 and stay there. If you want to upload some replays we can take a look and help. But first you have to remove the tinfoil hat and face the fact that over so many games, its not the game against you but your ability.
  5. RobS80

    Looking, as most posting here ;-)

    Reading is OP right? ;)
  6. Bump with a reminder of our requirements Requirements: Minimum 63% win rate, however some leeway can be given for exceptional applicants. At least 2 tier 10 CW usable ships with good stats. By usable we mean competitive ships currently in use in typhoon meta. Ability to speak and understand English. We have a Discord and a Teamspeak server. We use TS for voice comms. Mature and serious attitude. No drama. Get in touch in game or message 'GarrusBrutus' here on these very forums to find out more.
  7. RobS80

    New game mode: Competitive

    Name is not important. Just gets rid of the clunky training room feature that barely works well. Means people can play competitive game modes in clan setting, with minimal rewards as training together. No Steel or flags or oil etc, and not somewhere that personal missions can be ground out perhaps (open to contrary opinion on that though).
  8. RobS80

    New game mode: Competitive

    I like the idea of this. Like a zero effort training room format, but with credits and such as a 'reward'. To be honest they could even set the economy to Co-op levels and it would be a major problem, at least you get something. Would be doing it for the XP/Credits anyway (have over 100 million credits and 2.5 million free XP).
  9. Bump, recruitment is now open to exceptional players, 6-10 slots available, please get in touch with me or with GarrusBrutus.
  10. RobS80

    cv stat reset

    No, it likely means that they will still be available, but listed as for example 'Langley (old)' and 'Langley (new)' or similar.
  11. I had every tier 10, plus every ‘free XP’ tier 9, and i spent 300 million buying back every tier 7-9 in game. Already had every premium in game. So far i am around half way through, riding a 100% co-op win rate haha should return around 7300 steel according to the very useful site. lots of coal too. I will end up with a jean bart at the end but in no rush. Actually have not completed snowflakes on all tier 9s or 8 premiums as my clan is about to complete the last steel upgrade building for another 3% steel, so ill wait for that.
  12. RobS80

    Bug Reports

    On page one, one of the players explained where the bug lies in the code.....
  13. RobS80

    Freeze Rubberband

    To be fair I have noted a lot more rubberbanding in this patch. It isn't constant, only every 20-30 games or so and it will only normally last for one game. Notice it mostly on CW nights. Ping will cycle from 30-500+ in small increments and back to 30 and continue doing so. Network monitors confirm no network traffic (wired connect, 40 mbps, no other programs on computer, no other computer on network) so it isnt my side. Similar (although more pronounced) to the old issues with rubberbanding that occurred some patches ago where they found issues with animation on small objects. Need to run some more testing to see if RAM usage is significantly increasing, but its hard since I am usually busy in the game at the time, or trying....