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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello I would like to enter Kudos to all the organisers and donators. Thanks guys.
  2. Thank you sir, It was good to see you tonight in CW. Wasn't the result we hoped for though! Well played once again
  3. Hi there. Your stats clearly speak for themselves. You would be very welcome in Home Fleet where we have already amassed a collection of experienced players (our average win rate is around 62%), we have 1 or 2 dutch players and we have a Youtuber. We are currently in league 1 of the Typhoon league in clan wars with the ability to run 2 teams most of the time. We recently opened up to 40 slot capacity and we have a number of bonuses available in game due to the vast amounts of oil we have gathered. We also have cookies. I did not look at your co-op games as per your request!
  4. Lo Yang needs stronger radar...

    I am quite annoyed when i see a Lo Yang, Z23, Z46 or Z52 smoke up in a cap and eat torps. See it all the time. Imagine if they had hydro to spot those torps :/
  5. cvs, quite frustrating little things

    Player with 0 CV games wants to complain about the gameplay of CV's in his team and offer some kind of critique. Imagine how shocked i wasn't to find out he had no games in CV at all. Not even one.
  6. WoWs Black Friday Deals

    Last year I think they focused on cyber Monday a bit more didn't they?
  7. If you are reading this thread, and you have something like a 60% win rate (ish, totally ish) then you have got a lot further than these 15 unfortunate souls. 33%? Let me be in your clan Plees. I do goods.
  8. A clan suggestion

    Ahh we have them, we just don't bother to use them ;)
  9. A clan suggestion

    Yeah it must be worse still for the more well known clans. We have only been formed like 5 weeks and not many people know of us yet bam, 5 per day without fail.
  10. A clan suggestion

    I am posting this here for discussion first. Its pointless putting it in current update since its not unique to current update and literally nobody goes there. As a clan in the typhoon league we are bombarded by applicants right now by people with under 50% win rate who just want a carry to get rewards. Can we have a filter please? Like an auto-reject for something that doesnt meet our requirements, and we can then focus on people we may be interested in. I know its literally a few seconds work to click reject but still, it wouldnt be a big ask to implement something. And from the other side, if people are looking for clans, how about an in game option for them to select for example 'looking for clan' and select their usual play time, if they are interested in CW ,just want to farm oil, just divisions, or just copy paste spamming the looking for clan section of the forums ;) I am 99% sure WoT has something similar to the last suggestion. I appreciate these things might take time, but as a quality of life improvement they would be super welcome. Am i alone here? Discuss please :)
  11. I noticed that when you alt-tab or otherwise switch to the gaming centre it muted me on TS. Which is pretty random. I followed the feedback link and created a ticket to be told by 5 different reps that its a TS issue, nothing to do with them. I kept on having to explain that this was feedback for a beta test of the WGGC but they didn't even know what it was. Great job there. I gave up in the end. I would question why you have to have a unified launcher for all games. Just because blizzard does it doesn't mean you should copy it. Right now there is news on the portal, news in the launchers and news in game we are forced daily to click to acknowledge we have read to get rid of a notification. If you have to point people to news so often, perhaps this is a sign your community is pretty dumb? I only installed the gaming centre as there was no option to install wowp without it.
  12. Kill a lot of planes, delete a DD or 2, maybe go crazy and tank some damage (from an errant DD) or avoid some torps and it is easier. That kraken could have been 5 kill secures, who knows. Dont forget you get XP based on the % of damage to a ship. 12k to delete a DD is worth so much more than securing the last 12k on a BB. It is also likely you tanked some damage in the Yamato, even at range people will still focus you. That soon adds up the XP.
  13. 24th member recruited today. Come and secure your spot today. We have cookies. We also have a number of 3% boosts for XP, repair cost reductions for BB and cruiser and run 2 teams in CW.
  14. Small update. We are now in Typhoon League, group 1. We are now running 2 teams in clan wars. Would be nice to meet a few 60%+ players keen to join us. Start to run 3 groups perhaps. We are 23 members who have been together as a clan for 38 days, and we are now in position 10 of the Clan Wars league table. We often have 7+ games in a row without losses. Thank you. That is all.