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  1. Training Rooms

    Its nothing to do with thinking apparently. Armed bots in the training room are no challenge at all and therefore no gameplay whatsoever. Its not like they are any challenge in co-op either. And I am already Home thanks.
  2. Cant log in

    For me (i just relogged) it is now working as normal. Might be worth a relog before CW
  3. Cant log in

    Also seems to have lost chat server which is going to make CW a problem since it is right now impossible to join or invite to division.
  4. Training Rooms

    You can still add bots if its just target practice. The armed bots were pretty meh in terms of 'gameplay' If you need bots then go play co-op.
  5. I think the issue here is not that he is chat-banned, cos meh its 24 hours and you can still call focus on target More that the supposedly foolproof automated system is literally anything but. Outplay a division of 3 in a couple of games and bang, chat banned. Yes it counters toxicity, but it doesn't have anything to stop it being exploited and that is the problem.
  6. How many French BBs did you get?

    I completed the collection and bought 5 containers. Altogether I got the tier 5, 6 and 7. Have not played the 5 or 6 much (6 I have not played at all), the 7 seems nice, but its in tier 7 where there are a lot of nice ships. Few guys in my clan got the 7 too. Nobody in there got the 8 as far as I know, although some of us still have some more missions and therefore some more boxes to go.
  7. ARMA3

    Good evening My clan (Home Fleet) has a few of us who play arma3 on a Friday evening for a de-stress from a week of carrying potatoes and 4 evenings of tryharding CW. There are currently 8-9 of us that play in a pretty chill way with the focus on fun. We have a TS we can use too. If anyone would be interested in joining us then please get in touch either on the forum via PM, or in game (wows game). Link to Arma3 - http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/Arma_3/ (Mods please remove link if this is deemed as advertising) Of course we don't want anyone who is going to completely mess around, but if you are quite mature/sensible then it would be good to hear from you. Rob
  8. Just saying Hi!

  9. In game stuttering?

    I can update that on the day I had the issues I tried many possible cures, the only one that was effective at all was a restart of the router. This was while WG was having network issues. Since that day I have had no further instances of microlags/stuttering/rubberbanding.
  10. In game stuttering?

    I found the only solution to be a router restart. So far since a router restart I have been ok. One of the guys in my clan had the same thing during CW. Router restart also appeared to clear it. Worth a try for those of you that still have the issue.
  11. In game stuttering?

    Uninstalling Aslain's did not cure the issue so I would not advocate that (although it is only a short job to reinstall)
  12. focused shots

    Here I am wondering if the OP knows that shift puts you into a zoomed in view. The number of shocking plays I see suggests to me that despite WG putting big hints in game, not a lot of people know how to actually aim their shots at all and are firing from 3rd person fully zoomed out. One of the guys in my clan found a guy at tier 8 the other day asking how to zoom in for more accuracy.
  13. EU server network issues

    @Crysantos Are these network issues the cause of the recent stuttering/microlag/rubberbanding? I am experiencing random periods where the entire game locks up for 1-3 seconds and then resumes. You can appreciate that makes the game significantly less enjoyable. Are these network issues now classed as resolved? Often I am unable to see clan chat or division chat at all until I relog 1 or more times.
  14. In game stuttering?

    Anyone else experiencing what is best described as in game stuttering? Since the patch on Thursday I have been seeing this each day now, but so far today even worse. I usually have aslains installed, and the last time I ever had this was (i think) down to a sidebar mod) I have now uninstalled aslains and deleted any storage folders for his cache. But I am still experiencing these. Hard to describe but at random intervals the whole screen just freezes for 1-3 seconds and I cant fire, cant do anything. I am trying to understand the following a) is it affecting others b) if it is affecting others, and I am not alone, if it is due to the network issues WG have mentioned. Keep logging in and out of game today as I am busy with a few other things and notice I often lose clan chat screen, cant see running divisions, and cant see anyone on my contact lists. I really hope it is something to do with these network issues and not a larger problem. I am going to try the repair button on the launcher in case something is amiss somewhere.
  15. TS dropping only when in game?

    One of the guys in my clan is finding that TS will drop him (with error message ' Dropping client xxx because of ping timeout 19 0 0') whenever he is playing a game in wows. Completely stable for hours if not in wows, but mid way through a game starts dropping, will auto reconnnect and then drop again. Googling this error message did not help with much. I tried lowering the quality of the single channels audio to see if it would help but nothing. Connection info shows that connection quality takes a nosedive. Fresh install of TS has been tried. Game connection is rock solid. Any ideas?