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  1. I had every tier 10, plus every ‘free XP’ tier 9, and i spent 300 million buying back every tier 7-9 in game. Already had every premium in game. So far i am around half way through, riding a 100% co-op win rate haha should return around 7300 steel according to the very useful site. lots of coal too. I will end up with a jean bart at the end but in no rush. Actually have not completed snowflakes on all tier 9s or 8 premiums as my clan is about to complete the last steel upgrade building for another 3% steel, so ill wait for that.
  2. RobS80

    Bug Reports

    On page one, one of the players explained where the bug lies in the code.....
  3. RobS80

    Freeze Rubberband

    To be fair I have noted a lot more rubberbanding in this patch. It isn't constant, only every 20-30 games or so and it will only normally last for one game. Notice it mostly on CW nights. Ping will cycle from 30-500+ in small increments and back to 30 and continue doing so. Network monitors confirm no network traffic (wired connect, 40 mbps, no other programs on computer, no other computer on network) so it isnt my side. Similar (although more pronounced) to the old issues with rubberbanding that occurred some patches ago where they found issues with animation on small objects. Need to run some more testing to see if RAM usage is significantly increasing, but its hard since I am usually busy in the game at the time, or trying....
  4. RobS80

    Bug Reports

    @MrConway Is there any chance that such a simple bug is squashed any time soon? 3 weeks ago you confirmed it was a known bug. 2 weeks ago you reported no update. How much 'looking' is required? WG rams the Gaming Centre down our throats as if its some kind of awesome feature we should all be so happy about. Not one person ever said 'wow, I wish there was a gaming centre to load WoWS, WoWP and WoT from', and now the only benefit it ever brought (having a single login that is remembered) isn't working and no further update on it at all.
  5. RobS80

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Bought the 20 large box bundle for teh lols, got a Massachusetts and a Roma, plus about 7k Doubloons. Already had over 10k doubloons so bought a Gascan too. That is now every premium in game apart from the Nuevo (Im British) and the Terrible (its terrible). The 2 Santa boxes I got from the CW missions dropped a Monaghan too :)
  6. RobS80

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    Blew over 300 million recently buying back all the tier 9s. I have all tier 10s in game and almost all premiums in game so why not eh :) To be fair though this info has been out in the wild and is in the patchnotes that were out like a week ago. Still love the name 'snowflakes' haha.
  7. RobS80

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

    Simple I guess. Hover your mouse over the free XP like shown above....
  8. RobS80

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    So you will agree to play one on one vs @Xairen in training room? 10 games, whoever destroys the other most often wins, I will happily put up 1000 doubloons for the winner. Xairen has a twitch and I am sure she would be happy to stream the games. I am sure many people would have more faith in your opinion when we see first hand how much better than her you turn out to be. Are you free this weekend?
  9. RobS80

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    Tinfoil hat may be a little bit tight there.
  10. RobS80

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    Since the first part has already been super hilariously proven to be rubbish, I will take a look at the second part. My Hakuryu win rate is higher than yours in my huge 17 battles. Overall for all random battles I have a higher CV winrate than you do. Might wanna check more than Midway stats (given it was stock and over a huge number of 13 games) But then I am no CV main by any stretch at all. When all you have is basic CV stats and not much else when you class yourself as an amazing CV main its time to wonder.... Might also wanna curb that chip on your shoulder Mr Attitude problem.
  11. RobS80

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    Some very well reasoned arguments. Not seen you before on these here forums (did you change your name or do I just not come on here enough?!) but nice to see a little more intelligence. In summary then, what did we learn? wot_chikor does not like it when people play in AA divisions, for 5 (or 11) months. Was then shown to do the very same but be unable to score even a single plane kill. Does not like it when people disagree and will frequently resort to namecalling if they do. Has delusions of grandeur about his own CV skill, despite significant evidence to the contrary Does not like when people call him names, despite that being his go-to response when anyone calls out lies by omission (I am being generous there). This is not the first, nor i suspect the last time we will see this kind of thread from him. Popcorn? Profit?
  12. RobS80

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    You were already dead before the screen turned. Error, no hax found....
  13. RobS80

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    Wait, what? You have bad games?! (still dying at this part - "fourhuuuuuuuundred ?!?!!! seventy four?!" hahahha)
  14. RobS80

    Bug Reports

    Same for me, needs fixing fast or the only benefit of being forced to use the WGC is lost.
  15. RobS80

    design office - wrong bonus?

    Increasing 5 by 25% is 6.25% as Mr ColonelPete says. It isn't an additional 25% flat, its 25% extra added to the 5% I did wonder the same some time ago....!