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  1. Hi sir I believe you are speaking to my deputy commander (Loggert) in game. Rob
  2. Hello ComradeStorm. I don't do copy paste like some of these clans do. I am commander of Home Fleet. We started this clan around 10 days ago and already have 10 players in, with most around 60% (our average is a solid 61.1%). I would be very interested in speaking to you if you are interested. Message me in game or on forums Rob
  3. Bump. 2 new players added today, at this rate we will soon be full. Secure your space today.
  4. Hello one and all. Home Fleet has been created by a group of like minded people who are both proficient in this game and keen to improve further. We are very much looking forward to the clan wars implementation and also more relaxed fun like the upcoming Halloween event. If you are a successful player looking for a clan for CW but do not want the punishing training schedule of a top 10 clan, we might be the very thing you are looking for. Requirements: Minimum 58% win rate, however some leeway can be given for exceptional applicants. At least 1 tier 10 ship (with decent stats). We are keen to recruit experienced players with Des Moines and Moskva. Ability to speak and understand English. We have a Discord and a Teamspeak server. Get in touch in game or via the forums to find out more
  5. You used to be in my clan in WoT i think. With Anti (was a called clan Xcell)
  6. Random question, but are you by any chance from Ireland? :)
  7. People would need eyes and brains for that. Not going to be successful.
  8. First 2-3 games in mine were tier 9 games so I wasn't fond. Played one within the last week though and it was tier 7 max, and it was lovely :)
  9. Seems this thread is mostly discussed out and hopefully most of it put to bed. It would be interesting to see how many times they had 2 divisions on one team and 2 on the other. That is the perfect drop but it would have come out of the MM maybe once in 100 tries. Also, being in clan does not equal proficient. Using comms does not equal proficient. I have joined TS servers and listened in to all sorts of insanity. Some of it like a car crash - sounds awful but you keep listening! I have had games where there were 6 people on the enemy team in a clan and we wiped the floor with them. Checking later found the clan was apparently not one of the best.
  10. To say the Karma/reporting/complimenting and chat banning system is broken would be an understatement. I have been chat banned for a single comment (which was 'Im going B, who is with me?'). I had not chatted for days before hand, hadn't even logged in for a few weeks. I get notified of a number of compliments but Karma remains the same. I get notified of a number of reports but Karma remains the same. I get no notifications of any sort and Karma miraculously changes. I am 99.9% sure that the auto chatban function simply takes x number of reports, checks if you actually typed in chat, and if so doles out a ban for x days. I have had 24 hour bans and 72 hour bans randomly applied with no explanation. Often I have had a 24 hour ban for asking why a division of BBs are sitting behind an island when vs only one single ship with only a few points in the game to decide if we win or lose. No foul language used, simple question. After that game, what do you know, im chatbanned again. I keep saying I will create a random account to prove or disprove this theory :D I will admit to not being an angel. But if EU playerbase is comprised of mostly potato, it isn't so much my fault as WG's for not putting a small test on the installer like 'i know how to click a button, I wont sit at the borderline for 18 minutes in a game and i wont hide behind a CV all game'. Its a good job that Karma means nothing. The only players I know that care about it farm it with drop syncs which is pretty lame as far as i am concerned. Even going so far as to rage if a report is given in error lol.
  11. At the end of the day, people from PVP coming to PVE to help you win some games really shouldn't upset you so much. Since you are mostly playing tier 2-3 co-op aside from a couple of games in the Nelson you have inexplicably free XP'd (lol), you shouldn't be seeing that many people since the missions are tier 4+. *Edit, did I just count 27 premium ships so you can play vs the computer? LOL. I thought I had seen it all, oh that killed me.
  12. 2 important things. Firstly, I made my comments before it was common knowledge there was a NINE SECOND gap between yellow and release. That obviously at the moment precludes me from purchasing. It has been ST tested though, although possibly not fully. Secondly, at no time did I say it had anything to do with the Enterprise drop, only that both ships drop AP bombs which is a different and arguably unique playstyle (as in you don't do DOT, but you can if lucky do major damage from the bombs themselves which makes for tactically different play)
  13. Haha yes indeed. Did not see that. I only meant since he was top XP he may have capped more etc, but its likely one full HP kill of the DD gave him all that XP.
  14. A picture does not in fact paint as many words as you thought. My guess is your surviving Yamato was max range and your dead one YOLO'd. Your Gearing looks to have played well. Your Zao looks like he made some life choice errors. Not a lot to do with Khaba or divisions or MM tbh. Tier 9 radar cruiser that low down the list is an issue though. EDIT - MM is not skill based and you don't want it to be, trust me. Rank one isnt always a guarantee of player skill either. I have seen many many poor players who have rank one. Just that it took them 1000 games in a season to finally hit it.