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  1. I do. But most actually give you something at least in some way worth your effort. Logging multiple accounts in the hopes of maybe getting a Marblehead though. Its worse than an Omaha and significantly worse than the Murmansk. I could understand it for a Tirpitz, but wow.
  2. I already have the Marblehead, and im not sure its worth all the effort you guys are putting in!
  3. Anyone tried making any changes? There is the preferences XML, might also remove some out of date mods and see if that helps. Shouldn't impact but may as well.
  4. Personally I would not mind a filter to remove them, I am not too fussed if they cant be dismissed since afaik they gave us a reserve spot to 'compensate' for the fact you cant dismiss them. Like others have said, my main issue was the swapping of captains (in my case my 19pt Zao captain in and out of Atago to get free captain XP) leading to more scrolling than would be needed if the filter was set to filter them out like it does the ships.
  5. This post is more to find out if there is a problem or its just me. Is that now the 2nd or 3rd time I said that? Seems it is only me as the only people to reply are crying that it is not in the 'right place' If there are a number of people also fed up of having to scroll through a list of useless commanders that cannot be removed then a thread can be started there for the devs to ignore.
  6. Yep. I'm filtering content and still seeing it in commander list. I posted here and not the bug reports because it was not added as a feature. It isn't something they added not working, they did not add it. I am merely trying to find out if I am the only one bothered by it. Still don't know why we cant dismiss them, must be something to do with the money deal with ARP in the first place.
  7. Our Montana in global within the first 45 seconds of the game 'omg noob team again gg' Said Montana then sails up the middle of the map and declares he will be suiciding. He dies, rather predictably. He was a 43% win rate player, currently enjoying 37% in his Montana with 22,000 average damage. Ofc he got the obligatory 'noob team no support' in global after he died in approximately the 3rd minute and went on to another glorious game. We won, somehow.
  8. Because it isnt a bug. Patch notes did not state that it should hide them. I am requesting that something be added and garnering opinion. I am sorry I did not add an option to like this post. If it fades to nothing then there is no interest, then its just me and ill have to grin and bear it, like so many WG decisions in the past.
  9. Since most recent patch bringing Yamamoto captain event, my game has been periodically starting in window mode. This has been happening to a few of my friends I play with regularly too. I am not creating a bug report thread yet, just posting to see if anyone else had this issue?
  10. The last update brought the ability to assign ARP commanders to IJN ships. Lovely. I am sure that was requested by many many people. All 4 of them in fact. However, I have all ARP/Dragon content set to off. When I try to change commanders I am shown a load of useless 0 point ARP commanders. Either let me dismiss them (if i ever play them, which I am unlikely to, I would switch one commander between any of the Kongo clones, or one captain between the Myoko clones). Give me an option to NOT see a list of them when I am swapping commanders.
  11. Is there any easy way to stop the forums from emailing me a daily digest? The button that should be an unsubscribe button takes me to a page where it says 'There's nothing here yet' despite there clearly being something to warrant a daily email.
  12. Thanks chaps. I did get all that but did not see why or how. Did not see it was a 10 pointer so that is a nice little bonus for me
  13. Aha, thank you. Were there similar for the first and second?
  14. Randomly received a Hermalin captain (and a days prem and some camos) after a match today. Nothing in my notifications to say why. I joined for the Dunkirk flag recently, but this is not a flag. What did i miss?