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  1. As usual I got flags and camo's from 5 Santa mega containers, it seems that when you buy premium ships in this game you don't get ships for free. My New Year's resolution for 2019 is not spending anymore money on these games (WoWs + WoT), I've spend enough on them already.
  2. PantherSdkfz171

    Bug Reports

    I guess this is what WG calls customer service, blaming players, refusing to answer questions and not even acknowledging their part in this problem. Pretty disgusting in my opinion.
  3. PantherSdkfz171

    Bug Reports

    Like I already thought, the boffins from WG refused to answer my second reply. Pretty awful customer service to say the least.
  4. PantherSdkfz171

    Bug Reports

    I am having the same problem as you guys. I already send WG a ticket but they blamed me for the problem, in the first reply they said it was antivirus/firewall/router related which it is not. I am pretty ticked off about WG putting the blame on me so I send them another reply, I haven't had an answer from them yet and I probably never will.
  5. PantherSdkfz171

    Server Down

    Yep, server is down again. Got kicked from a game, cannot login anymore.
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    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Hé hallo, Mijn naam is Patrick en ik ben op zoek naar een Nederlandstalige clan met een relaxte sfeer en zou dus graag lid willen worden van jullie clan. Ben een vrij actieve speler met meer dan 2200 random battles en een 50% winratio, ik werk op vreemde tijdstippen maar ben wel meerdere dagen per week online. Ik ben lid geweest van een andere clan maar die zit inmiddels op een dood spoor en clanbattles waren helaas vaak een probleem, ik heb gretig gebruik gemaakt van de "leen" schepen voor de clanbattles maar heb zelf nog geen tier tien schepen. Ik weet niet of dat voor jullie een probleem is, zo niet dan zie ik de uitnodiging graag tegemoet. Groetjes, Patrick
  7. Hi there, My name is Patrick and I reside in the Netherlands, started with World of Tanks in 2011 but have been playing World of Warships since Open Beta. Hardly play World of Tanks anymore because I like the more laid back pace of World of Warships better. Age: 46 Ships: I don't play CV's or DD's because I really suck in both of them and even though I have played more than random 1900 games I still don't own any tier 9's and 10's. I do own 8X Tier 8, 17X Tier 7, 13X Tier 6, 8X Tier 5, 2X Tier 4, 2X Tier 3, 1X Tier 2. Favorite Line/Ships: Cruisers and Battleships of most lines with a preference for anything British and German. Country: The Netherlands Win Ratio: 50% Other: I am a security guard and I work late, get home from work anywhere from 21:00 CET up to 24:00 CET. When I am not working I start playing approximately 13:00 CET.