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  1. PantherSdkfz171

    Modstation updated today and now doesn’t work?

    I just updated Modstation and it works for me. Maybe they have fixed the problem?
  2. PantherSdkfz171


    Yeah, I've got the same problem.
  3. PantherSdkfz171

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    Thanks for the "official" confirmation as well .
  4. PantherSdkfz171

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    Thanks Klopirat and Greysharkfor the confirmation.
  5. PantherSdkfz171

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    I believe I read somewhere that it didn't matter if you buy the two phases in the beginning or at the end but I can't seem to recollect where I read that information. I just don't want to spend another 3500 doubloons if I don't have to ;-).
  6. PantherSdkfz171

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    Can anyone please tell me when I buy the eight phase starter pack for 8000 doubloons to skip the first eight phases I wonder if I still need to buy phases nineteen and twenty at the end to get the Odin? Or are they somehow included when I buy the 8000 doubloons starter pack?
  7. PantherSdkfz171

    T5 DD Siroco???

    It's a French tier 5 DD, you can buy it for real money in the Premium Shop or finish all four directives of the Legion of Honor campaign and get it for free including a permanent camo, a port slot and a 3 point captain.
  8. PantherSdkfz171

    Is Azur Lane Collection Impossible?

    After I finished the Russian collection I got back to collecting the Azur Lane collection. I had collected 22 out of 36 before I re-started and I am now up to 26 out of 36 in the last two days, received four of them and no duplicates so far.
  9. PantherSdkfz171

    French Destroyers

    Well, I guess I have done well in the early access department because I received two missions out of regular containers so far, one for the tier 5 Jaguar and the other for the tier 6 Guépard. Didn't buy any of the premium containers this time. I was able to get the first three Légion D'Honneur bundles pretty easily but I am not sure about buying the fourth one since my chances of getting the tier 9 Mogador are pretty slim to say the least. I have enough republic tokens to buy two permanent camo's so don't know what choice to make.
  10. PantherSdkfz171

    Patch 8.3.1

    It would have been even better if WG wasn't so cheap when it comes to using coupons because you can only use a coupon for one purchase at a time, so when buying more items of the same category in one go you can't use the coupon anymore.
  11. PantherSdkfz171

    Helena - Remembrance Night camo bug?

    The Helena secondary turrets are still not painted correctly after today's 0.8.2 update, easy to fix but just as easily forgotten by the WG staff.
  12. PantherSdkfz171


    Why can't you guys at Wargaming get your act together when it comes to these continuing server problems. With all the millions of Dollars you are making as a company you should invest in proper equipment because you are alienating your customers. Sick of getting kicked while in game and losing because of it.
  13. As usual I got flags and camo's from 5 Santa mega containers, it seems that when you buy premium ships in this game you don't get ships for free. My New Year's resolution for 2019 is not spending anymore money on these games (WoWs + WoT), I've spend enough on them already.
  14. PantherSdkfz171

    Bug Reports

    I guess this is what WG calls customer service, blaming players, refusing to answer questions and not even acknowledging their part in this problem. Pretty disgusting in my opinion.
  15. PantherSdkfz171

    Bug Reports

    Like I already thought, the boffins from WG refused to answer my second reply. Pretty awful customer service to say the least.