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  1. Vlhká zpovědnice

    Pockej ja myslel ze t8 hraje jen proti t10
  2. Mam v planu tohle postovat do chatu v bitve p[okazde kdyz nekdo neco napise na adresu DD :D
  3. DD problem

    But DD are OP right? At least that the reason I play them
  4. Frustated, as I start the game

    Please, someone, tell me that "Hundigo" is some testing communication AI which purpose is some sociologo-psychologic experiment. I do not believe that the entity create this thread and wrote several "strange" posts here is a real human person
  5. Otázky pro WG

    Noooo pokud se nepletu tak tenhle princip uz ve hre je alias "View range". Ale vzhledem k tomu ze vetsina lodi (snad krome DD) ma View range v podstate skoro prez celou mapu tak se tolik v bitve neresi jako trebas v tankach
  6. Ognevoi

    Potius quam ad inferos regnabit in serve in caelum.
  7. Ognevoi

    A udelate me velitelem klanu?
  8. Ognevoi

    Uz ti drzim mistecko u nas v T-N-T
  9. there will by some nice low tier cruiser but problem with Italien cruiser is that this brach will have same number of paper ships as Ru BB. Zara is only one candidate for high tier CA and she is somewhere around t7-t8 material. t9 and t10 will be complete paper ships
  10. WG switch release of British DD and CV rework
  11. Hmm it is highly unrealistic that WG will release new brunch so soon Current plan leaked from WG is foloving
  12. No one sane wants Italian cruisers
  13. Vývojářský blog

    Tak vzhledemk tomu ze tentokrate ten rework neni aby potesili hrace ale aby vydelali dalsi penize tak tomu dost verim ze to stihnou
  14. Vývojářský blog

    Dalsi sezona klanovek zacne 14.11. takze to stihnem odehra jeste pred Vanocema. Jsem zvedav jestli stihnou revork CV jeste pred klanovkama jelikoz aktualne ho slibuji "do konce letosniho roku".