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  1. Sice to reportujes do spatneho vlakna ale co uz - zkontroluj si v nastaveni gafiky ve hre uroven detailu. Pokud je mas na Low tak ti WoWs reprezentuje celou letku jako jedno letadlo.
  2. Preposilat dublony z uctu na ucet nejde. Ale muzes rict kamosovy at v WG obchode koupi darek a posle ho tobe
  3. It also depends on number of ships in team and also limitations of ship class (to prevent for example full CV team etc.) BB - Yamato because lol pen guns and Conqueror because I can heal everything DD - Schima because torpedo soup and Z-52 because caping base need sonar CA - Moskva because radar CV - Hakuryu because "I can sink anything"
  4. Ty mas moc odehranych bitev tobe by se meli odecitat
  5. I personally prefer not to be shoot at all But as I wrote earlier - I engage enemy DD on 5-8km range so the change of effective evasive maneuvers on this range are minimal (for me and for enemy). It will be nice to have also access to these statistic.
  6. You can check my stats with Aki,Sigimundus/ These are after removing SF from game because I do not grind her before it. And if you check the Avg frags - you have 0.7 with HSF Harekaze and I have 1.1 with Akizuki. So I think that Aki is much better with destroying enemy DD. And if I check stats of your other hightier DD then the HSF Harekaze is on the 12th place . . . so I think you over-rate this ship. Even if I check global stats of Aki and Harekaze then the Aki have better ones. I think there is some personal bias because she suits more your play-style and you have good feeling while playing HSF Harekaze. I use AP mostly on broadside CA/CL and already burning BB. In DD vs DD fight I use only HE because this fight are really fast and enemy DD are very often changing directions and bouncing AP shells is not something you want.
  7. And I wish to have faster and more maneuverable Aki but then there would be here two totaly OP jap DD Player like you should have much more better stats with Akiziki And funny think is you have much more better stats with Aki then with Harekaze . . . respective you have secend best stats with Aki from all high tier DD you are playing and still think there are better DD
  8. OK i can agree to disagree amicably (or hostilely if I encounter you at red team ). Player's wrong style of playing isn't fault of the ship - Aki should be played as real Ninja - do not try to cap at start when moust of the enemy fire is focused here and if spotted then she is siting duck. She should wait and try to catch enemy DD without support and then sunk them in a few seconds. Aki is not a DD for inimical combat where are many potential enemy guns. She shine mostly at the middle or late battle when she can chose her target and demolish enemy DD or even CA/CL in 1vs1 combat
  9. Fight with others DD are mostly on 5-8km range so evasion or respective lack of evasion is not problem because on this range even a blind can hit enemy. Yes the Khab has better armor with parts which can not be penetrated even with IFHE but Aki has phenomenal fire-rate and can chose on which part of Khab to aim. I still think that Aki is the best DD hunter. But if you want best CL to bullying enemy BB then Khab is right choice.
  10. Naopak ja se na loveni t10 DD s Akizuki docela i tesim
  11. Aaaa You are right. I frgot it is from t9. If you use IFHE then Aki HE can be used at most situations without problems.
  12. Nope you are wrong. Same upgrade can be put also on Aki so it is irrelevant. Khabarovsk HE Damage per Minute 182 400 AP Damage per Minute 249 600 Akizuki HE Damage per Minute 192 000 AP Damage per Minute 272 000
  13. Why I should fight at places where I can get enemy fire from all directions? Only if I'm stupid player who go straight forward. Aki has good camo so you can chose where you will fight and where you will not
  14. Nemas zapnuty nejaky filtr na lode v pristavu? Respektive neukazuje ti to jenom Shinonome nebo i jine lode (trebas ostatni jap DD)?
  15. Akizuki is one of the most OP DD hunter in the game. I like to hunt Gearings and Khabs. With IFHE it have best DpM from the all DD (even t10). And yes it is slow and but with special module to improve engine boost you can sail with 37knots over 3 minutes. I use this skills -