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  1. Jses si jist ze to je spravne zvoleny predlad? A jak zaznelo v dev blogu dostanu nejake odmenu za navrh s protiponorkovima letadly pro BBa CA?
  2. Sigimundus

    Otázky a odpovědi

    @101PzD Muzu se te zeptat kde presne to psali?
  3. Sigimundus

    Otázky pro WG

    Ohledne toho kapitana . . . to bude stejny problem jako s tema dublony jelikoz po pravde vubec netusim jestli jsem ho uz mel nebo ne. Za co se dal ziskat mimo tu kampan? Da se nekde zjistit kdyz uz jsem ho presne ziskal? Apropo ten problem s disconektama co ted oranzove sviti tady na foru uz je vyresen?
  4. Sigimundus

    Otázky pro WG

    Ha takze to je odmena za tu panevropskou kampan? No vidis kdybych mel ten prehled dublonu tak se tam kouknu a nemusim to tady resit Ale dekuji za vyreseni te zahady mnohem vice dublonu
  5. Sigimundus

    Masters EU invitational tourney

    May I ask you if you think games like Chess or Go are boring?
  6. Sigimundus

    Otázky pro WG

    Hmm takze uz nijak nezjistim proc ted mam najednou mnohem vice dublonu nez si pamatuji?
  7. Ale to si preci zvolit muzes ne?
  8. Sigimundus

    Otázky pro WG

    Existuje historie zisku a utraceni dublonu? Klidne i jako web stranka kde bych se mohl podivat kdy a kolik dublonu jsem ziskal/utratil
  9. Sigimundus

    Zpravodaj vývojářů 0.9.8

    @YabbaCoe mam dotaz na tuhle akci respektive jak to bude s tema superkontikama a resetnutyma vlajnama lodi? Mam proste smulu ze jsem to resetnul nebo dostanu odmeny automaticky?
  10. OK because I do not know of any exact method of how to differentiate intentional and accidental "disconnection". Only to have a web camera for each player
  11. Same as team kills - You will get pink color then orange
  12. Sigimundus

    Vývojářský blog

    Podcast s SubOctavianem co jsou pry hlavni zajimavosti co zazni v tom videu „There will be a lot of changes regarding subs in next few dev blogs“ „BBs and heavy cruisers will get anti-sub weapons“ „Second Sub event is coming to live servers soontm“ „CV-DD interaction when it comes to spotting is still WIP, we don't want to rush it“ „We canceled minimap only spotting for CVs (for now). We are trying something new“ „We don't treat lack of fog of war (due to CVs) as a bad thing“ Around 1:30:00 SubO talks about wows, e-sport and why they don't consider it (yet) Talks about cheaters and „haxs“ at around 1:45:00 Last 10 minutes SubO talks about future of WOWS
  13. Sigimundus

    Continous chat bans

    If you are directly reported with the replay etc. then there is a high chance that someone in WG will check your chat log (even a few weeks old) and then give you a manual chat ban. But most of the chat bans are from an automatic system.