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  1. Tall_Toot

    Carrier Clash! The Battle of Santa Cruz

    Nice article, pointing to an excellent source of information to stimulate real interest. This is what you should be good at WG - keep it up.
  2. Tall_Toot

    Submarine Testing

    Still testing? Good, good, premium has nearly run out, quite looking forward to playing Elite again....
  3. Tall_Toot

    Dry Dock: Stalingrad

    While not a fan of paper ships (with fantastical parameters) in game, was nice to hear a little of the history. Didn't know they had actually laid her down.
  4. Please correct my maths if I'm in error - it is intentionally complicated after all; Florida Tier VII Bundle - requires 45,000 tokens Maximum Tokens from 'Directives' - 12,900 tokens Maximum Tokens from 'Friend' recruitment - 2,000 tokens Each 'Bundle' of 1,500 tokens - 1000 Dubloooons So; 45000 - (12900+2000) = 30100 tokens to purchase 31000 / 1500 = at least 21 bundles required = 21,000 dubloooons 21000 dubloooons costs around £56 + (depending on the again overly complicated purchase methods offered). For a Tier 7 premium - that is offered for £27 in the game store. The sheer contempt shown towards your gaming community beggars belief.
  5. A learning day - only just realised you can keep getting stars for the same mission??
  6. Tall_Toot

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    Not much of a bargain if you get a random unplayable lemon, or it's of a class you don't use, etc. Best (random) result would be for a duplicate of one you have, for full value dubloooons, so you can pick your own. If you look really really hard, and are really really lucky, you might get a discount. Awesome.
  7. Tall_Toot

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    My apologies guvn'or - found the ships individually in the Premium shop. And you are right; I don't have to purchase them at all, do I?
  8. Tall_Toot

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    Forgive me if if missed something, but to get a different camo for my Belfast and Atago - ships I've paid for in the past - will cost me over £70? WG, you redefine daylight robbery on a daily basis. EDIT - Apparently, it's only 7k Dubloons for this. Cheap at half the price...
  9. Tall_Toot

    General CV related discussions.

    A quick, simple idea - surprised if it's not cropped up before so hope it's not just a repeat. Why don't penetrations into the hanger space of a carrier have any effect on the CV's ability to recycle aircraft? Surely a 203mm HE round attempting to scatter itself liberally around a hanger packed with armourless planes would reduce the number of aircraft available - in essence a citadel hit to the aircraft space, not the ship hull. Hey, it's not like we catch many CV's these days anyway - but watching one recycle planes that can stuff you in the face of endless over-pens to the area the planes are parked is not my idea of a good time... Finally, if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.
  10. Tall_Toot

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    I've heard more immersive and realistic sound effects in a 1950's Bugs Bunny. Please let us know when you've fixed them so I can turn the sound back on and try again.
  11. Tall_Toot

    PT - 0.9.7 Balance changes

    "Rocket's aiming reticle turned by 90 degrees, and now it is elongated horizontally. " Thank goodness, it might take three passes from unstoppable, unlimited CV 'planes to take out my DD, not the two it takes now....... Oh, and are you sure you want to nerf the Venezia just yet? I'm still grinding it out, and you usually wait until I've almost suffered through the Tier 9 before making the Tier 10 a pointless exercise????
  12. Tall_Toot

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Thank you for the time and effort to reply Sunleader - very much appreciated. However, my point was that yet again, a simple approach to saying 'you can buy these camo's for £X' has been replaced with a deliberately confusing and highly convoluted sales pitch - that takes several paragraphs and exquisite graphics - to entice the unwary in parting with their cash. Salesmanship indeed.
  13. Tall_Toot

    German Carriers: Early Access

    I'm slightly confused by the wording; just need a simple statement please WG. Please confirm that no TX perma camo can be obtained unless we join in the CV spam (or spend real beer tokens on them)? And it's not guaranteed even then??
  14. Tall_Toot

    Movies about warships

    In which we Serve - see pic to the left
  15. Tall_Toot

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    Oh look, more made up "ships" added for....reasons. Fetch me my revolver Smithers, I can't stand to watch the old girl suffer so.......