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  1. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    Halsey was nothing special. Careless and not very tactically sane. Mitscher was way better commander then him. Really best US carrier commander. Quiet man unlike Halsey.
  2. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Answer is simple, bad trolling.
  3. Season 9 Tier 10 - Why am I so bad?

    Well, your skill cap is nothing to write home about xD
  4. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I needed 44 games in Edinburgh and lot of nerve to get rank 10.
  5. 66 downed with Gneisenau is my record. Possible but rare.
  6. *edit WG ^^ lets do a contest

    Gneisenau is great ship. Holds my record in planes destroyed (66) plus solid avg dmg 72240 Its not noob friendly (sniping from edge of map)
  7. North Carolina or Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh is great ship. My record XP is in it and highest PR. Enjoy it more then Fiji so far.
  8. Skill based teams now!

    Well,you are nothing special. Personally i dont care about MM and i just having fun. I dont play divisions and enjoy playing alone and still manage to have good W/R. Play the game if you enjoy it. If you cannot find joy in game then delete it and move on.
  9. Reported for hack

    Who cares about karma thing? Really?
  10. Sick of this meta

    Joking a bit. True claim would be that most of them cannot hit you.
  11. Sick of this meta

    To OP -Research Khaba (Khaba is best cruiser :) ) -Drive on constant speed of 48 knots -Shoot BBs from 11-12km because they cannot hit you -Enjoy
  12. Anniversary Supercontainers - I am so spoiled

    I got Alabama. Not bad at all. Forgot about others,7 days prem,some flags,camo,one speed module... But Alabama outshines all that.
  13. What´s the point of the Gearing...

    Stats hidden,hmmmmm I have a green cat which eats yellow concrete,but i keep it hidden. pssst,dont tell anyone.
  14. Cursed Ships

    Mogami is my highest exp ship ever (4 572 ) Strange because i didnt like ship much
  15. WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    Only reason for that is because WoWS have few tens of thousands less players.