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  1. Hawker_gb

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    You will,actually,have more succes if you forget HE in harbor when sailing BB which isnt GB. Fuso is very good ship actually.
  2. Hawker_gb

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    Just more lols. Shooting HE with GK is even more lol You can have your witherers with secondarys but then you should move closer and not shoot from 20km +
  3. Hawker_gb

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    Well,i never ever load HE on any BB which is not GB. Loading HE on Fuso is ,well,lol
  4. Hawker_gb

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    Your record damage in Conq is 155k while average is pathetic 60k. And with 20% hit ratio which tells me that you are max range border hugging HE spamming pro. So you cannot score 180k easy because you never did it.