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  1. Hawker_gb

    Gameplay is now a joke

    Last 200 games playing almost only T10 solo and around 60% w/r Dont see any particular problem.
  2. Hawker_gb

    Terrible good/BAD in premium shop

    Pathetic shell arcs and slow velocity and its huge. Abysmal ship,name suits it nice.
  3. Hawker_gb

    Isnt fire overrated?

    Seems to me that you dont understand when is time to push and when is time to stay away. Positioning is key in BB along with reading mini map.
  4. Hawker_gb

    How do we help players like these?

    Maybe you wasnt lucky to meet me ingame. One question,how is possible to have 24k avg in bloody Warspite? Or 37k in Minotaur?
  5. Hawker_gb

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    21 with Texas. No divisions.
  6. Living in warm country,not a big hockey fan and i heard about him long time ago. Most forum people probably didnt heard about Messi also.
  7. Just blasted 2 Gulio with Texas. Lot of cits. Texas is very good also for ranked.
  8. Hawker_gb

    More and more BOTS.. Something needs to be done.

    I will gladly swap bots for some live players.
  9. Hawker_gb

    Final best-of-the-best-looking-ship poll

    Only reason why Yamato is so wide are shallow water of japanese Homeports. Thats why engineers have to go with wide design which was problem because they cannot achieve speed (solved with bulb) Scharnhorst,when initially build, have horrible looks with low bow and funnel. Only later after modernization it has looks like in game.
  10. Hawker_gb

    Hindenburg armor nerfed?

  11. Hawker_gb

    The true power of divisions

    Nope ,these things happen when top CV player like you get noob CV in enemy team thus their win ratio goes up because of your CV skill ;)
  12. Hawker_gb

    Is there ever a point to using AP over HE as a BB?

    Even with Scarnhorst in T9 game i never shoot HE. Only when i sail out with Nelson i consider HE.
  13. Hawker_gb

    Main Gun Reload Booster breaks balance

    You are right. I also overextend with Zao at start to help DDs, blapped enemy dd for 5k minimum then turn to safety after 20s. Now BBs will double their damage oitput in 20s and they will target Zao ofc. Sometimes lose 50% health if lot of BBs manage to get me and knows how to shoot. If this go live i will think twice to help DD. Better to stay away and farm damage. This will penalize agressive cruiser players. Zao can reliably hit BBs from 18km + spotter plane. Many will just stay at that range and farm 100k +
  14. Hawker_gb

    Soviet DD's- BFT vs AR

    High skilled CV captain is needed to torp Khaba if Khaba is not braindead. You know,Khaba is faster then torps. I recall Fara in Shokaku trying to kill my Khaba and dont manage any torp hit. Its T8 CV but still he is one of best CV players around. Khaba is very hard to torp.
  15. Hawker_gb

    Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    There is all kind of special cases like yesterday when Missouri gone bow on on Yamato at 11km to get deleted thru nose in few salvos And then rage op Yamato,nerfed Missouri etc...