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  1. The true power of divisions

    Nope ,these things happen when top CV player like you get noob CV in enemy team thus their win ratio goes up because of your CV skill ;)
  2. Even with Scarnhorst in T9 game i never shoot HE. Only when i sail out with Nelson i consider HE.
  3. Main Gun Reload Booster breaks balance

    You are right. I also overextend with Zao at start to help DDs, blapped enemy dd for 5k minimum then turn to safety after 20s. Now BBs will double their damage oitput in 20s and they will target Zao ofc. Sometimes lose 50% health if lot of BBs manage to get me and knows how to shoot. If this go live i will think twice to help DD. Better to stay away and farm damage. This will penalize agressive cruiser players. Zao can reliably hit BBs from 18km + spotter plane. Many will just stay at that range and farm 100k +
  4. Soviet DD's- BFT vs AR

    High skilled CV captain is needed to torp Khaba if Khaba is not braindead. You know,Khaba is faster then torps. I recall Fara in Shokaku trying to kill my Khaba and dont manage any torp hit. Its T8 CV but still he is one of best CV players around. Khaba is very hard to torp.
  5. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    There is all kind of special cases like yesterday when Missouri gone bow on on Yamato at 11km to get deleted thru nose in few salvos And then rage op Yamato,nerfed Missouri etc...
  6. Reporting system - hit back

    When i see, for example, Kurfurst sniping from 20km+ or trying to go to another map thru map boundaries and has 60k avg on it ofc i call him all kind of names. And when he press that idiotic button " i need intelligence data " i wish i can reach thru screen. Intelligence data for uninteligent BB.
  7. Wonder why OP hide his acc....
  8. The Legendary US Captain William Halsey

    Halsey was nothing special. Careless and not very tactically sane. Mitscher was way better commander then him. Really best US carrier commander. Quiet man unlike Halsey.
  9. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Answer is simple, bad trolling.
  10. Season 9 Tier 10 - Why am I so bad?

    Well, your skill cap is nothing to write home about xD
  11. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I needed 44 games in Edinburgh and lot of nerve to get rank 10.
  12. 66 downed with Gneisenau is my record. Possible but rare.
  13. *edit WG ^^ lets do a contest

    Gneisenau is great ship. Holds my record in planes destroyed (66) plus solid avg dmg 72240 Its not noob friendly (sniping from edge of map)
  14. North Carolina or Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh is great ship. My record XP is in it and highest PR. Enjoy it more then Fiji so far.
  15. Skill based teams now!

    Well,you are nothing special. Personally i dont care about MM and i just having fun. I dont play divisions and enjoy playing alone and still manage to have good W/R. Play the game if you enjoy it. If you cannot find joy in game then delete it and move on.