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  1. Today was crap weather, tomorrow will be slightly better and the rest of the week... basically crap too. so i'll see you next Monday
  2. Last holliday week, gotta make the most of it!
  3. great looking ship, but I sure wouldn't be the guy who has to work on the torpedo launchers on that ship, seems like a pretty ''soaking'' job to me!
  4. interesting looking ship you've got there
  5. don't get me wrong, I'm all in for that. I, like many the other players, love to win and have a good game. but I just don't give a damn about stats and people obsessed with them. I don't like to judge a person based on what his stats say. I'd take a good guy with lesser stats over an A-hole with great stats every time. sorry if my previous reply got you confused
  6. anything you're willing to share about the premium USSR BB October Revolution? planned release date? more stats? implementation of Stalinium AP/HE shells? anything?
  7. Honestly mate, I couldn't give less of a crap about stats and all. I just want to sail cool looking ships an blow stuff up.
  8. really? they did? that would explain a lot of frustration with me on rarely getting one, let alone its content be any good
  9. and the wait has been rewarded!
  10. Loook who's back on the forums!!!! :cap_cool:

    1. Robber_Baron


      Waaat geven ze gratis premiums weg aan actieve forumleden? ;)

    2. Admiral_Chirkov


      If only that was true. was een beetje aan het rondneuzen naar nieuwtjes over de nieuwe britse BBs :P

  11. ok, thanks for the heads up. I will just have to wait patiently for you to get back.
  12. Thanks for keeping the Historical Flags mod updated. atleast now I know that at every update I will have accurate naval ensigns. (is the other guy, adiyu or whats his name, dead you think?)
  13. Is this guy still alive? no recent updates on the mod so far... still waiting...
  14. Did it ever occur to you that people play DDs for, like, fun? Because they like the way they play, and don't give nothing about historical accuracy? But, by all means, keep complaining about it. (Fun fact! Destroyer dont have steam turbines, they run on the tears and despair of Battleship captains!)
  15. so if they are gonna nerf the range on my Udaloi and Khabarovsk, are the gonna improve the detection range? or is that going to remain as bad as it currently is? and the reason they gave for nerving the top tier Russian DD's is [edited]: ''In order to equalize combat effectiveness of the Soviet destroyers Udaloi and Khabarovsk against their peers, the fire range of these ships has been decreased, whereas loading time has been increased. The change is needed because these destroyers cause too much frustration to play against as it requires extremely high skill to hit them at their maximum firing range, while they quite easily deal damage in return'' seems like some high tier players are crying to much on these forums