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  1. Yes I have. Those are amazing!
  2. I am totally sold! Need it!!
  3. Thank you Comrade!
  4. that is the most Russian camo I've ever seen!
  5. Looks like they have found a new marketing strategy for their premium ship. ''want a cool commander? give us you money! - WG''
  6. I wasn't talking about MM or tiers when I mentioned that they are basically the same. I was reffering to the kind of Battleships that they are. They are same period Battleships, only one is modernized The Okt. Rev. will ofcourse play differently due to MM at tier 5. But having actual AA guns is a big + when fighting CVs
  7. I don't think we will ever see it up for sale again. maybe giveaway or those damned boxes. the ship just spreads to much tsarists imperialism on the live server and the devs were getting afraid it might spread to fast, so they killed it of in the stores and lowered the drop rate in containers although we will soon get the Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya, which is basically the same kind of ship, only it will spread Communism instead of Tsarists Imperialism.
  8. what kind of game-play do you want from this ship? play as a regular BB? or play like a CV (with OP secondaries, I mean look at those guns!)? I just don't know how this ship will fit in the game.
  9. I heard they removed the three Torpedo bomber squadrons and replaced them with AP dive bombers. I watched a couple of previews/reviews when the ship was still equipped with torpedo squadrons and I became excited about the ship. but now, when it's finally hitting the store, I hear only bad stuff about the changed load-out. luckily some good people warn us about these things. (and it has indeed been FUBAR)
  10. you guys are saving me money. thanks for the warning
  11. Privetstvuyu Komandiry, I'm feeling a bit lonely out there on the high seas lately and was wondering if you are still interested on taking in a naval warfare enthusiast. I command ships of every class on every tier possible and I'm looking for comrades with whom I can enjoy this great game with on a more casual level of game-play and to discuss our mutual interest in naval history. Favorite era? WWII Favorite historical warship? its the mighty and oh so stunning HMS King George V. [can't wait to try her out in-game] Favorite ship in the game? The Mighty Soviet [Battle]Cruiser Moskva! Preferred class? Cruisers. I'd like to join your ranks if you would have me Spasibo zaraneye, Admiral_Chirkov
  12. that's some interesting news thanks for sharing! hopefully they will do something like that on the EU server as well
  13. well, after the British BB line releases on the live server they have the pan-asia DD line coming up. maybe after that? or would you think another cruiser line will be added? perhaps for the Italian navy?
  14. might this be an indication that we will have a USSR BB line coming in the future? like the Tirpitz kind of was for the German BBs?