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  1. PassTheSalt

    Which ship has the best horn?

    Halloween Tirptitz, all cracking tesla coils and bass.
  2. PassTheSalt

    How do you like latest "Space Battle" mode "Torpedo Beat"?

    108 secondary hits, working fine here.
  3. PassTheSalt

    twitch DROP content (promises & reality)

    logged in today to a standard drop container a SC (1000 dubs) and a message about 10 Ironium and some camos, sweet.
  4. PassTheSalt

    ☆ Is it that different? Problem with Gunboat DDs! ♡

    they may have the same pause between smokes but the RN ships can drop them every 70secs (unmodified) vs every 100 for the PA, you can do a lot more ducking and diving with the RN ships
  5. 1. Description RL broken upon respawning in the Space Assault event. 2. Reproduction steps Happened initially to me whilst playing the Norma, have subsequently managed to reproduce on Zaya 3. Result After respawn the RL marker points to the same direction as it was pointing when the first ship was lost 4. Expected result It should point at the enemy Apologies @MrConway for bug report here but you've closed the bug report thread
  6. PassTheSalt

    Clan Battles Matchmaking and Balance

    That it was probably just a beta team playing for meme giggles makes this all the funnier.
  7. PassTheSalt

    0.8.3 - PTS Victory event

    GPU running at 98% in Port!
  8. PassTheSalt

    where are the new containers?

    Premium containers usually arrive the day after the patch.
  9. it's real people with real lives, who do not deserve hatred.
  10. no one has accused you that's a hell of a stretch, as is standing up for minority rights being toxic.
  11. Missing the point, it's not about WG policing chat, it's about being better players. don't use isms as insults, don't support those who do.
  12. does that make hate towards them ok because they are a small number?
  13. I'm not asking for WG intervention, I'm asking for all of us to be a little bit better. for every toxic comment you make in chat (hate or not) you make it OK for others. be better gamers.