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  1. Tier VIII matchmaking

    Play while CW is on make hay whilst the sun shines and a good portion of t10's are elsewhere.
  2. Crit Error

    Been having a few of these too, once 5 minutes after loading game other times hours later.
  3. DD tango at the cap

    Always have an exit strategy
  4. Ranked season announcement

    Ramming Speed!
  5. Benson Torpedo Wide Spread GUI is bugged

    what an angry man, shouldn't be in charge of weaponary ;) Press C to switch groups...or keep ignoring it and stay angry
  6. Benson Torpedo Wide Spread GUI is bugged

    Hit C to switch guns/tubes.
  7. So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    Lenin and Shira for me, probably Fiji if i enjoy it as much as i do the Leander
  8. Whats WRONG with people

    Expecting compliance with naval port/starboard rights of way is laughable.
  9. Blyskawica vs Leningrad

    Time to start learning how to Lenin for me, got one in a xmas pressie, never sat and played and played until i know her, get a feeling she'll be my ranked main ship.
  10. Inertia Fuse For HE Shells Is Very Powerful

    Off to spec my Lenin with IFHE in anticipation for t7 ranked.
  11. Japanese Stealth skill set request - 0.6.0

    I've gone with http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/01000000001000010010010000000011 for my yugumo/kamikaze captain
  12. Xmas containers

    it's entirely without reason, it's based on an assumption with zero basis. If you can't see it here you never will. 'The game determines the drops in the crates and checks what premium ships you have at the moment you recieve them' ^ based on speculation [edited]and assumption...
  13. Xmas containers

    25 anniversary camo Emden 25 Ocean Soul 1250 dubs 100 Equal Speed Charlie London 25 Ocean Soul 25 anniversary camo 25 Ocean Soul 100 Equal Speed Charlie London 25 Ocean Soul
  14. Xmas containers

    all this buy 1, buy 3 balls is funny as all hell, people trying to game a system the don't know the rules for based on nothing but gut feel, finger in the air nonsense. might as well be finger up the butt. It's my birthday today so buying 10 medium ones because wg have my dob...yeah thats as likely as your suggestions
  15. RIP IJN DD

    sailing bow on to where i am not where i launched the torps from 30 secs ago, creating that angle is going to be the trick.