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  1. PassTheSalt

    ARP Takao new camouflage

    last patch they added the concealment and shell chance to hit, this patch they added the standard prem camo bonuses, but yes an additional one, a red one as stated above
  2. PassTheSalt

    Another PLAYTo Rico arrives, along with some thoughts

    the sane amongst us got the freemium t7 as is xmas traditon, the steps beyond were just noise once i dismisse the possibility of the grind to to RL
  3. PassTheSalt

    Whats a Good way to Play Alsace ^^

    i use it a a seconds spammer for fear rather than effect, tend to use the speed to get to cover early then push out to support cruisers backing up destroyers, the RoF tends to turn people away.
  4. PassTheSalt

    Should Ibuki be replaced?

    zao at t9 would be a nightmare for t7 sips though
  5. They could do a lot worse than have the battle loading screen default to the Tips section, it's actually kinda good for basic info.
  6. Whatever you do, don't try sarcasm; 'It's OK I've got this whole flank on my own' I think that whole team was aspergic and took it as fact :D
  7. PassTheSalt

    I no longer receive rewards for logging in!

    these are the people we share randoms with...
  8. PassTheSalt

    Your favorite captain...

    six points and she's your favourite, damn man, can't like her that much! ;)
  9. PassTheSalt

    New DD defence, Cloaking Device??

    ...There's Kligons on the starboard bow...starboard bow...
  10. PassTheSalt

    Naval training center, did you already reset?

    On my 7th 8th and 9th reset lines, been keeping one of each DD, CA/CL, BB on the go, hammered it to start with, now just playing a bit here and there t keep RP ticking in, have Ohio, not too fussed about Colbert, will probably get remotivated to push when another ship gets added.
  11. PassTheSalt

    Yoshino or Thunderer (Keep in mind I have both the Zao and the Conqueror)

    You'll find Yoshino very clunky, she turns in miles not yards
  12. it's also brought a nice outbreak of politeness, no one else to blame for a loss, lots of gl messages etc
  13. PassTheSalt

    Ranked sprint - "any non-cv" vs CV

    just nuked a lex in my no smoke kagero, just got to dodge but keep heading towards, be brave.
  14. PassTheSalt

    Charity Event Coal Milestone

    to be fair i voted RP because I'm still yet to get all coal ships (need about 300k) and freisland (need 800k), have ohio don't really need colbert
  15. PassTheSalt

    Charity Event Coal Milestone

    Yup and I voted Research Points because I hate everyone ;)