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  1. PassTheSalt

    Server down at the moment?

    My only day off this week, this is clearly my fault, feel free to focus me on sight when this comes back up.
  2. PassTheSalt

    Server down at the moment?

    While we wait for it to come back up here's the latest code that gives a mission for 3 pan-eu containers NAKAMACONT
  3. PassTheSalt

    Server down at the moment?

    it'll be Bach soon
  4. PassTheSalt

    Can we cloak now a days ???

  5. PassTheSalt

    Remove ship health status bars,

  6. PassTheSalt

    Why is my port so slow?

    on my laptop i use the ocean port, less elements in memory, speeds things up a little.
  7. PassTheSalt

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    80 but I don't care, will just play up the line at some point
  8. Tripe Yoshino div that starte the match by saying spot for us we'll shoot from range, that didn't go so well for the team.
  9. PassTheSalt

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Played Devonshire with rudder upgrade, makes it OK for getting guns on and then hiding side between enemy volleys. They are OK, not spectacular, but if they were then everyone would be moaning about power-creep.
  10. PassTheSalt

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    I get the feeling that members of this forum hate the game, well go play something else. Constant evolution of the game and the meta is what keeps it fresh, bring it on WG.
  11. PassTheSalt

    In game curses

    Stop divisioning with Kraken :D
  12. PassTheSalt

    Leander build.

    in a leander if you are spotted, everything will fire on you, that is all the info you need.
  13. PassTheSalt

    Leander build.

    I'd not recommend IFA as a replacement for sure.
  14. PassTheSalt

    Leander build.

    lol ok you keep wasting that point, go right ahead.