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  1. Why does the winrate start to go down with lots and lots of games played? Bots?
  2. A direct quote from the Public test announcement: In Update 0.7.5, VI Cleveland will be the only representative of the line of U.S. light cruisers. The other ships will join the fleet very soon. That is of course at least slightly wrong, since Cleveland will not be T6 anymore. Also in the article about the upcoming changes the new trees are marked as "0.7.5 - 0.7.6". Furthermore, when someone asked about this in the comments, he got this reply from Tuccy: Avalancat 17:36 the day before yesterday What does 0.7.5-0.7.6 means? Another delay? Geeezzzz.... Reply Tuccy> Avalancat 17:42 the day before yesterday It means that we switched to thematic arcs ;) Not gonna fire all the powder in one go, especially as the change involves basically a major change in one branch and addition of all new branch :) No delay, everything is proceeding exactly as foreseen.
  3. I tried to look for information, but couldn't find any so please let me know if this has already been answered somewhere before. The test server patch notes for 075 note that the Cleveland will for a while be the only CL ship in the line, it's going to be a tier 8 and you will get it by playing New Orleans (T7). However, the news article on the upcoming US light cruisers has the whole tree in it, including T6 (Dallas) and T7 (Helena) and instead of NO at T7 you actually enter the tree via Omaha at T5. So. What happens if you're grinding to cleveland through New Orleans during the phase 1 of US cruiser changes, but don't quite make it before the phase 2 hits and you have a lot of XP on New Orleans you can't use anymore? Transfering all of it to Omaha might be a bit odd especially since it might be way too much for a T6 ship (Dallas) and what if somebody wanted to get the Baltimore (T8) instead and now all of his precious XP towards that goal is sitting at Omaha. The only fair thing really would be to automatically convert it all to FreeXP. Do I perhaps smell an opportunity here? Or will we get spoiled too much if things get overly fair?
  4. Suggestions thread

    Now that we're getting a bunch of special captains it's obviously time to rething the way they are handed out. First it was Mr. Seagull, we also have Yamamoto and soon Halsey with a few less special ones in between. Captains with special skills is a great idea, but imagination is obviously running dry and we're literally getting copycat captains at this point. Why not rather give us separate perk sets we can assign to a captain we already have? For example instead of a brand new captain Vasily something just give me a perk set I can then assign to for example my Khabarovsk dude who suffered through the old style Trashkent with me. Or more importantly, I could perhaps make one of my numerous anime princesses even more special. Think about this: you want to sell people cute anime princesses, but you can't make them too special because it would be pay to win. Unless you can later assign special skill sets to tehm later on they become inferior (gameplay wise) to these not-so-special commanders people don't even have to pay for to get! You can limit the skill sets to specific nations for example if you don't want to see certain ship & skill combinations, but please let's not see infinite amounts of boring meaningless "special" captains bound to replace our old and trusty (girl)friends with actual history just because they are better skillwise.
  5. Some interesting info around the world

    The .com site has more information on the upcoming new special captains' skills: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0741/
  6. Waterline discussion

    The current problem with carriers (and I see it as a big problem myself) is the result of three factors that together become an enormous game design issue. 1) Carriers are by far the most powerful and versatile class in the game. 2) There's a massive skill cap in them (and they are balanced 1 to 1 in ships) These two alone make for a dangerous combination, but the real killer is 3) The gameplay is so different from all other classes that people who like playing other ships don't necessarily enjoy carriering at all. This interests me as well. Maybe Conway or others could try to make sure the message goes through: it would be nice if people whi have already put a lot of effort into gathering the resources wouldn't get completely shafted.
  7. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Am I remembering things wrong or didn't they increase the survival requirement for forts from 2 to 3? I could easily be mistaken, I haven't done the operations that much.
  8. Ultimate frontier ruined

    It's probably true that the operation is now a bit harder than before, but it's not because bots are too good, it's because the random players are typically very, very, very bad. We took a 3-man somewhat competent group into a match and failed to get 5 stars because we didn't quite realize early enough that the forts need a bit more AAA support now. After that I went solo a few times and no matter what I did there was no carrying the random teams. When asking for nerfs to the mission you need to ask yourselves just how many decent players out of seven should you need to have to win in a team based game mode in a team based game. If the answer is three or more, it might already be just fine.
  9. I would strongly advice against starting a battle if your house is on fire.
  10. My best performance so far xD

    First of all, people should always be civil and considerate - and although I actually often am not myself doesn't mean we all shouldn't be. However, in the context of WoWS and other games like it your comment isn't actually quite true. You see, when you have less than 300 matches you shouldn't be compared to experienced players and even I can usually keep my mouth shut in low tier games. I actually experimented with a new account some time ago and I almost felt kind of dirty for it at times. There is a learning curve to this game and people need to be given the time and opportunity to learn before you can burden them with any kind of expectations. Also, you are definitely allowed to buy any premium ship you want (and congratulations on your choice, you could've picked much worse). However, when you take a tier 8 ship into a tier 8-10 random battle you are putting yourself into a position where you absolutely will be directly compared to far more experienced players. The more experienced players on the red team will be shooting at you and your teammates who have every right to expect you to carry your weight in the battle, most of them having earned their right to be in that battle by grinding their way to T8 all the way from T1. It's true that some are very resistant to learning and haven't picked up any skills on the way up, but at least they've given themselves a chance to learn. The teammates won't care about your inexperience, all they care about is your performance - which is seriously lacking at the moment and you are letting your teams down consistently. Another very important point is that you're also letting yourself down by not climbing the tiers in proper order. The first few battles are always exciting and fun, but soon you will start getting tired of constant defeats and bad results and eventually you will end up leaving a potentially fun game you've even invested some money in. Learning happens when you're presented with a reasonable challenge and given the opportunity to develop your skills incrementally. When you hop straight into a T8 ship none of that happens, you are way over your head facing the most experienced players in the most powerful and complicated ships in the game. By skipping tiers you're not giving yourself a chance in the game. Play a few different lines all the way from T1 to T10. Experience the gradual increase in challenge playing the lower tiered ships. Use free XP to upgrade ships so that you don't have to sail them stock, not to open new ships you don't really know how to sail yet. Give yourself a chance.
  11. Bug Reports

    The other operations beside the weekly one don't seem to load. We tried with seven people in the team and Hermes, Ultimate Frontier and Naval station Newport all failed to load. The Weekly mission (Aegis) worked fine.
  12. No fun, no money

    Yes there is: Make the minimap BIG. Add last known ship positions to minimap. Add ship names to minimap. Use shift for zooming in and out, NEVER the mouse wheel. Zoom out and observe the environment after EVERY shot. Look at the minimap at least 70% of the time. Basically play the game on the minimap except for specific situations (when you need to aim and fire for example). Guaranteed to reduce the number of useless teams by at least 3 percentage points.
  13. No fun, no money

    Everybody gets completely useless teams every now and then. Sure it's frustrating, but the point in the discussion in this thread was the very specific reason why the OP seems to get such "bad teams" all the time and how he could improve the situation.
  14. No fun, no money

    Luck of the draw. Not a very huge elephant, really.