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  1. I want.
  2. A few changes would probably make the karma system a bit better: - Report an enemy that killed you: turns into a compliment - Report someone for poor play and he scores three times your experience: turns into a compliment - Score less than 400XP in a tier X battleship and report someone for chat abuse: turns into a compliment
  3. I watched the replay and the analysis earlier in this thread is pretty good so I won't go into details. Your main issues are in positioning and target selection and since those are by design the most difficult things to master - as the core elements in this game - there's no easy solution to that. If there was, the game would be dead simple and thus basically pointless. Also your problem isn't the Currywurst or specific to that ship (except the players it faces regularly) so going back to low tiers is definitely the solution you need to look at. Your tiers played distribution is basically unhealthy, although I have to commend you for at least not being a seal clubber, there's something brave about sticking to high tier games. As with basically all learning, learning to play WoWS needs to progress on a curve. Learning is only effective when you are faced with moderate challenge and can slowly build on stuff you already know. When you fast track through the tiers you are faced with exponentially better players who will simply not give you the opportunity to learn as the challenge is far too great. My suggestion is to go to tier 4 and do whatever it takes to raise your kaiser average damage to something like 30k ( seems to be down so I can't check what the server average is). Focus on positioning and target selection (punish close up broadside targets) and figure out where the enemy DDs are (the only way you can stop eating torps is to know where they are coming from before they are spotted). One specific thing that doesn't show in the replay or when you're watching streamers is map awareness; if you're not looking at the minimap 70-80% of the time you are doing something wrong. All the most important stuff is on the map, everything else is just details. Don't forget to enable the minimap ship names and last known locations. Try to figure out where you need to be in advance and don't forget that your enemies are doing the same thing. The trick to winning in this game is to create situations where lots of your team's guns are firing at relatively few enemies while covered from most of the enemy team's guns - all the while staying in relevant locations (near caps or center of the map) while denying the said locations from the enemy team.
  4. I think it was for winning the Halloween event.
  5. Answer: Yes I was missing something. The achievement is in a different spot compared to the others AND I actually seemed to receive it when I completed the collection with duplicates, NOT when I got the last achievement in battle.
  6. I got all the others as far as I can tell, but not the "2 years of WOWS" thing you're supposed to get when you collect 'em all. They're all there or am I just missing something obvious:
  7. So what are the achievements going to be? Let's have some guesses RPF - torp a completely unspotted enemy Satan's convoys - Kill 100 non-European ships British cruisers - play a match without switching to HE once British Battleships - play a match without switching to AP once Clash of the Elements - kill 1000 Italian and Polish ships with secondary gun detonations (Tier 9 minimum) Bismarck special - Sink a Bismarck with a battleship torpedo
  8. I'm also wondering if there might be some extra stuffs for the achievements (like there were in the past) besides the collection items.
  9. Is there any way to see the grand total of game you've played? With ranked and operations I should be over 8k, but the website shows only randoms + coop. Otherwise this is of course an amazing special compared to what we usually get on EU. With 17 supercontainers in the port the megabunch of yellow dragons from last year would've been more useful for me personally, but for many others this arrangement is probably even better since some of the new flags are amazing for grinding.
  10. Clans not working and now error connecting server. It must mean that the clan issue is being fixed and soon everything will be perfect and I will get lots of rewards.
  11. Thanks for the answers, that's pretty much how I thought it was. However, if possible I'd like to see the sources as well just to confirm everything (I'm waaayyyy too lazy to do any tests myself). Are the wiki calculations for example directly from WG or tested by someone or something like that?
  12. The descriptions of the aforementioned skills are pretty simple, but I think some clarification is required. Different skill descriptions happily mix percentages and percentage points, which leaves me wondering what does the 10% in fire prevention actually mean. Is it direct percentage off your fire chance - meaning that with this skill you get one fire less per every ten fires you'd otherwise suffer (not taking into account the reduction in superstructure fire spots and the fewer fires you get resulting from that)? Or does that 10% stack with your other fire reduction modifiers so that for example ship X with other modifiers having a 50% base fire chance only had 40% if you took the skill? (As a somewhat related question; how about the fire prevention upgrade you can get, is that 3% or 3 percentage points?) This is a fairly significant difference, since with for example a base fire resistance of 50% the skill is twice as effective if it's actually percentage points instead of direct percentage. Also how about Adrenaline rush? The description mentions percentage of health lost, but generally the skill is considered to actually refer to health remaining. As we all know from the dreadnought achievement, those can be two very different things for ships that can heal themselves and it would be interesting to know if anyone had actually done the measurements and confirmed that the skill actually works on hitpoints remaining instead of hitpoints lost.
  13. I made a video a long time ago from the perspective of a tier V DD. Unfortunately the software I used screwed it all up and the render quality is horrid, but if you can get over that the video should explain a bit about how a small DD thinks and hunts. The topic itself is very complicated, but you did the right thing by asking and I'm sure you will get help here. It's mostly about positioning.
  14. Are you sure? UPDATE PlayerDatabase SET DivebomberRNG = 0.000000001 AND OwnShipFireRNG = 0.9999999999 WHERE PlayerName = "Farazelleth"
  15. Depends on missions. Anything related to XP is ok, since although PvE matches are way easier playing them isn't exactly massively profitable. PvE-enabled missions should to an extent also be playable in operations, since those are way more fun to play than regular PvE.