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  1. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    The gameplay doesn't die at tier 5, in fact it barely begins at that point. One of the best ways to guarantee frustration is to rush up the tiers and with less than 300 battles you are quite inexperienced in tier 6 battles. You are not really giving yourself a chance. I'd suggest opening up other lines and spending more time at lower tiers getting the hang of the basics. When you say it makes no difference whether or not you push or hang back or do whatever, that tells me you just don't have a good grasp on the general tactics of the game. WoWS is all about positioning, being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing and there is no simple answer to that question. If there was, the game would be utterly pointless. You need to learn when to push, when to kite, when you need to go full aggro or play it safe. It's completely ok to not have a good grasp on the gameplay at less than 300 battles, in fact you'd probably be some sort of a freak of nature if you did. The game gets progressively harder at every tier you go up. Getting a bigger ship doesn't help much because your opponents get bigger ships as well - and a lot more experience on the average. If you want to improve, post replays and ask more specific questions on what part of your gameplay you want to focus on. Here's a few basic tips that are guaranteed to raise your win% by a percentage unit or a few: 1) Make the minimap BIG, add last known enemy positions, torp ranges, ship names and such (ctrl-click the cog icon at the top right corner of the map). SPEND AT LEAST 50-70% OF THE TIME WITH EYES ON THE MAP. 2) Only ever use shift to zoom in and out. Zoom out between every single shot to observe your surroundings IN ADDITION TO STARING AT THE MINIMAP all the time. 3) you can enable replays by editing a file (google will find a host of instructions) or by using a mod. More advice will be incoming if you just ask, from me and a host of other people here - that much is guaranteed. You have just found the right place for that. Or you can just vent, rant and leave in frustration. Your call.
  2. Loyalty?

    Wel last year I got 17 supercontainers and a bunch of flags as a loyalty reward and to be honest I wasn't that loyal to begin with so I am somewhat content with that.
  3. Public Test Rewards

    That is in fact correct. Makes a bit more sense now, though I still think the process should be automated. Slightly off topic; I'm pretty sure I did the carrier mission twice (and received the reward twice), but I only received one set of dragons. Is that weird or am I missing something?
  4. Public Test Rewards

    I'm not in a huge hurry to get the stuffs - I have plenty of flags etc. already - but I consider it slightly odd when you get the "don't forget to redeem" email and when you go to the rewards page there's nothing there. Ideally everything would be automated and the rewards would appear on your main account the moment you receive them on the test server, but for some reason it isn't quite so.

    My probably entirely unreliable calculations give me about 27.4% for no extra containers and 92.1% if you get 3 extra from clan wars.
  6. Clan Wars and Missions

    First of all, it's good to have Clan Wars back and the longer prime time is nice as well as the French BB and Aigle missions not to forget all the other stuff that's going on. However much fun the Clan Wars are, they are a significant time and effort investment for the participants, probably most if not all of the time many can spare for gaming. Yet, precious few missions are doable in clan wars. Even the "play together" -themed Valentine's day mission can't be done in CW. Damage, fires, torp hits or any other combat related tasks are probably much harder to do in CW compared to randoms or especially operations and coop. XP and credit earnings are good if your clan wins a lot, but you get quite a lot of the goodies in randoms as well if you're playing with good division mates so I don't see a prohibitively massive advantage for CW there either. It would be nice if CW was taken more into account whenever a season is on, especially in time limited campaigns like the Aigle where the completion window for certain tasks is low. The same of course applies to ranked, but I think the situation with ranked is already much better at this point.
  7. We happened to play this operation today with a few friends of mine and I happened to remember this thread and since I recorded it I thought it would be easier to show how it goes rather than try to explain everything. A few tips first: - If you're a battleship, stay close to the group and try to stay in front of it. - AA ships are needed in the front and the team should stick together. - However, I've noticed that it is often very useful to send a lone cruiser south, to kill the couple of DDs there and make sure the cargo ships don't escape (this is the point of view in the video). It usually doesn't get much attention from the carrier, but make sure not to aggro the cargo ships too early before the rest of the team is ready to go in. - In general it's best to be near the group and slightly in front of them. On the way in the team will need AAA firepower. - DDs are largely pointless in Narai. This is in Finnish and not very pretty to listen to so you may want to turn sound off. Sorry about that. However, the team positioning is pretty good so if you keep your eyes on the minimap you should get a pretty good idea on useful positioning for this operation. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227450292
  8. Vive La France collection

    I started calculating and realized my IQ wasn't sufficient so I just bruteforced it by simulating 100k collection lotteries. After mashing a huge selection of bugs in a very small pile of code I got the results and got 27,5% (27467/100k). Of course assuming you get all the containers. Unless there are other ways of getting containers besides paying for them this is very very fishy indeed. Let's see. Anyway, I now have a handy tool for calculating probabilities for finishing collections if max number of drops, collection items needed and duplicate ratio are known. Very useful indeed.
  9. Is there an idiots guide to IFHE?

    Oh yeah, one more very important consideration; gun size tends to increase with tiers, often making ifhe pointless (no ifhe ships at tier x so far). Plan accordingly and always think where your captain is going to end up so you don't have to do unnecessary skill resets.
  10. Is there an idiots guide to IFHE?

    IFHE is one of the more complicated things in the game as far as game design AND user friendliness is concerned. There are resources available and already linked in this conversation, but to make things simple here's a not complete but somewhat representative list of ships you want IFHE on: Akizuki. Akizuki! AKIZUKI 152mm Mogami Kutuzov Belfast Chapayev Donskoi Cleveland Atlanta Budyonny Maybe La Galisonniere Perth I may have forgotten some and there are lower tier ships that can benefit from IFHE, but 10 point captains at that level are shameful sealclubbing so you surely can't be even considering that anyway. Note that with a few exceptions IFHE is not mandatory (AKIZUKI) and as a very expensive skill with some drawbacks (fire chance) you might want to pick something else instead. There's a case to be made for (German) battleship secondary builds with IFHE, but IMRO that would be so ridiculously expensive (secondary build BBs are already questionable due to how much you pay for the necessary skills even without IFHE) that I seriously advice against it unless purely for lols.
  11. PSA: Yamato HSF camo

    No, you're only one day behind anyone who started yesterday and the event is going to continue for a good while. Just sign up here and go collect your anime princesses: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/become-a-blue-mermaid/
  12. UI scailing for 4k and 2k resolution

    The UI should've been built with scalability for arbitrary resolutions from the beginning. Besides, somehow the Tank Game manages the same feat with the same engine and I doubt its player demographic is that different (except of course larger).
  13. RDF/RPF/RL - Lets talk about it once again?

    First I found the guy (didn't really show in the clip), then I knew he was going for the smoke and not for the opening to the west of me. After that I realized he was heading the same way I was (instead of running after me) and I dropped torps in his general direction. And no, I'd never have fired torps there to telegraph my position to all approaching ships. I would've much more likely assumed the DD was hunting me and made a run on either the BB or CA near the gap - running head on into a gunboat with BB/CA support without my smoke, which would more than likely have been a GG. Instead we managed to turn the game around, defend the cap and clutch a win.
  14. RDF/RPF/RL - Lets talk about it once again?

    I have done the same on a number of occasions, but personally I tend to think that's just terrible design. I don't think I should have any business hitting ships that successfully manage to sneak around undetected. There is nothing an RPF-spotted ship can do to play against it except perhaps just staying away from and not pushing any locations with RPF ships near them. And that's just about the same as not pressing that Battle button to begin with. Here's an older example where I first take all the guesswork and excitement out of a DD to DD engagement, then drop guesstimation torps on an unspotted target and lastly hunt down a target with no chance of escape, all in the space of a few minutes. I did not outskill the guy, didn't outshoot him, I just picked a silly captain perk that allowed me to do all of that and more.
  15. RDF/RPF/RL - Lets talk about it once again?

    It is true that RPF is more prevalent in high level "competitive" play than in randoms, but there's a very important distinction to make here. If there's a balance problem or other issues in high tier gameplay, it's a game design issue. If and when the potatoes struggle with something top tier players have no problems with, it's an instructions / ltp issue. Of course a game that wants to be successful can't be overly complicated, the potatoes need to be able to enjoy it, but that's not really an issue with any of WG titles. To me it seems that one of the problems in the design process of this game is that it's based too much on trying to appease the potatoes - and RPF is one glaring example. Note that the term potato is used affectionately here and I'm not trying to belittle anyone and I'm especially not trying to say that the game should be developed for unicums at the cost of potatoes. In reality it is simply not a choice. The best players will figure out the best meta and they can tell you exactly how the game actually works. Us lesser but somewhat capable players will eventually follow their example to a degree and some will just never learn. What you need to do as a game designer is to create a solid framework for high level play and then work on educating the rest of the playerbase. If you try to make design choices based on potato level gameplay the results will be completely unpredictable, because the potatoes don't play consistently. Back in the day of Geoff Crammond's F1GP the first advice for proper race car setup was to just drive until your lap times are within one tenth of a second. Anything else is just noise instead of meaningful data, you can't tell if the changes made the car better or worse or if you just had a lucky or a failed lap. And that's exactly what you get if you base your design on sub-optimal gameplay, noise instead of data. And this is how you end up with crab like RPF. The best players warned that the tool that was intended to help potatoes cope with surprise torpedo threat would in fact not help the potatoes very much but become a game changing (and not for the better) thing for high level gameplay. And guess what happened.