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  1. The next season is T6 with carriers, WG are apparently not just stupid, but edited with zero clue about their own game. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/40?fbclid=IwAR0XRm9R7rupC91ciDmLjW_7HLXNETtNq-iF51d98bHyApwxFNnz6iFRMIo
  2. Spotting for themselves or the map wouldn't prevent CVs from revealing all ship positions and spoiling any and all tactical moves as they are being made. Also it's kind of an interesting thought to remove all spotting from CVs, as that would literally make them purely a griefing tool that just crabs all over everyone without any limitations or risks ships need to consider.
  3. It's got nothing to do with skill. Carriers ruin the meta especially in a coordinated teamplay environment, because they provide constant vision and full knowledge of the enemy's actions. When you know what your opponent is doing you can counter his tactic and the only tactic that can only be countered by itself is long range spam, so that's what people do and that's what people build team compositions for. Nothing in the game compares to carriers in that regard, not even close. The fact that the carriers crab all over everyone in the most unfair and braindead way imaginable while being ridiculously op to boot are just the icing on the cake.
  4. It's a brand new and fairly complicated meta, so yeah, mistakes were made. It happens especially when there's pressure and the situation is new to everyone as well as constantly changing and somewhat unpredictable. I don't know the NA teams very well, but based on recent KoTS results it's doubtful that EU would've done much better.
  5. A good game will make more money than a bad one and no decision is set in stone. More importantly, we don't get to decide what WG does or doesn't do, we can just discuss what they should do.
  6. AndyHill

    Clan battles season 9

    WG, take a look at that tournament. It's actually really interesting stuff and there might be a lot to learn there, if you have your eyes open.
  7. AndyHill

    Clan battles season 9

    If you guys are interested, there's some certified carrier-free NA action going on at the moment (at least Flamu is streaming the tournament), looks pretty hectic so far.
  8. AndyHill

    CV's Nerfed once again

    Oh no please say it isn't so.
  9. AndyHill

    Clan battles season 9

    Venezia nerfs were the total and complete ultimate fix for clan wars, they are totally balanced and extremely varied now.
  10. AndyHill

    why is winrate system a real shame for WG?

    I'm a bit confused here. So you're saying that your total winrate is what it is because of teams, but your recent winrate is what it is because of what you do?
  11. AndyHill

    why is winrate system a real shame for WG?

    Stats are the most important thing ever anywhere and you guys with thousands of battles don't have a chance anymore. Let's face it, it's time to give up with your current accounts. Your only option is to make reroll accounts and start over. The great thing is I have just the invite code for you and there's enough for everyone! Do the right thing, reroll today and PM me for the code and a unique opportunity to become ship slaves. Remember, stats are the only thing that matters, reroll yours today and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix made of ship slave points!
  12. AndyHill

    Do you get something for Graf Spee?

    Graf Spee was a reward for a campaign once before, but other than that it's a normal premium shop item as far as I know.
  13. AndyHill

    Do you get something for Graf Spee?

    This kind of makes premium ships a bit less safe to purchase. Earlier you at least knew that if you bought a ship and later got it for free in-game, you'd get your doubloons back.
  14. AndyHill

    How to get out of a clan?

    To be honest if someone was having significant issues figuring out how to click the "leave clan" -button in his old clan to join mine, I might suddenly find our clan currently full to the brim after all.