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  1. AndyHill

    General CV related discussions.

    Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own, specifically in countering <ship type> whatabaoutism (non)-arguments. There are several megathreads about carriers (and one about another wonderful ship type), none about BBs, CAs and DDs. That begs the question "why" and the arguments and analysis provided within the aforementioned megathreads (and elsewhere) provide the answer for any even slightly attentive reader. Or anyone actually interested in discussion and not just flinging ship around can simply ask nicely and answers will be provided.
  2. Akizuki is pure awesome.
  3. AndyHill

    General CV related discussions.

    Here is the bottom 15 sorted by cap points: However, the story changes somewhat when we list the top 15 for cap defense: AFAIK proships.ru doesn't list main and secondary battery hits. When it comes to total damage, carriers are kind of second best between BBs and cruisers.
  4. AndyHill

    General CV related discussions.

    This is the top 15 in spotting damage at T10 during the last 28 days on the EU server, guess which ones are carriers: Same for spotting ribbons: This is basically a rough measure of information influence these ships have. Note that the numbers for non-carriers in the latter table are inflated, since they get to play some carrier-free games whereas games without DDs are pretty rare.
  5. AndyHill

    General Submarines related discussions

    So is the new submarine operation, but thanks to the changes made to submarine gameplay since Terror, it is (unlike Terror) horrifically boring.
  6. AndyHill

    General Submarines related discussions

    There was a halloween op with non-homing torps, it was the first time we ever had subs in the game in any form and it was actually kind of fun.
  7. AndyHill

    General Submarines related discussions

    With the brilliant and totally ready state of submarine game design, the long awaited submarine convoy hunt operation is actually mind-bogglingly dull. Move a bit, ping, torp, ping, torp, ping, torp, move a bit, ping, torp, ping, torp, ping, torp and done. Probably sounds somewhat familiar to everyone who has ever played subs in any mode. It's so bad that I actually wouldn't be surprised if WeeGee pulled this before release. After years of "development", WeeGee have managed to suck the fun out of even the submarine operations. There is absolutely nothing left that could save this shipshow.
  8. Stats don't devalue arguments, but he made none. They do put his statement in an interesting light in this case, since to "L2P like the rest of us who have no problem with any ship class in game atm." like he suggested, the OP would have to start playing worse and having more problems with all of the classes.
  9. Do you really think the game wouldn't be bigger if it was actually good? Players playing their hearts out, raving about the game to everyone who listens or doesn't listen, Youtube full of videos about this awesome tactical thinking man's action game, all the community contributors happy and super excited about the next awesome patch or tournament, naval enthusiasts happy to play a fantastic game about their favorite subject and others becoming new naval enthusiasts just because the game is so awesome. And you think it couldn't do better than it's doing now? With WG combining servers so that the new player experience isn't completely empty servers devoid of players? WG is driving away especially the core players, the people who visit the forums, make content, tell others about the game (or not) and spend money. Every game has a lifespan and WG is doing its level best to make sure WoWS doesn't get a long and happy one. The very end may come sooner or later, however it's likely to be somewhat abrupt when the playerbase finally drops below critical mass. Assuming that the game isn't struggling because the numbers are not (yet) crashing is a logical fallacy based on the completely baseless assumption that the numbers and player retention we have now is the absolute maximum any tactical naval thinking man's action game could ever hope to have.
  10. Weegee Warships never engages in a discourse of any substance with the community nor do they care even slightly about what the community feels about their game. All of their streams, community managers etc. are just crowd control, intended to give the fake impression that Weegee listens, interacts or cares. This is the main reason why the contributor exodus happened, it's not because WG didn't do everything exactly the way they wanted, but rather how they realized that WG was utterly unwilling to engage in any form of real discourse and they were simply involved in a crowd control operation. BTW, I have nothing against any community people reading this, I can imagine how shippy job you have having to shove bullship down people's throats and then be the flakshield for the entire company. I sincerely wish you eventually graduate to the Tanks team like quite a few lucky people before you. The reason for the arrangement is simple. Nobody at WG has any answers to the questions posed by the community. What do you actually expect JustCheg to say when confronted with a tidal wave of sub rage? He can't just go out and say "yeah it's just some manager who doesn't deserve to have a job desperately trying to make a quick buck at the expense of everything else", can he? And yes, many gaming companies actually do communicate with their playerbase. If something is clearly wrong they go out and state that "yeah we screwed up sorry now it's fixed" or "the reasoning behind the design is x, y and z and the goals for the design are a, b and c, and thus we are actually right unless you can point a flaw in the argument." But you can't do that if actually improving the game or making the players happy isn't even a consideration. It's not necessarily the lead programmer or designer communicating even for the real gaming companies, but whoever does the communicating deals with real stuff and real issues and when companies like that screw up, they screw up because people make mistakes - and then they try to fix them. All you have to do is take a look at WeeGee tanks, their track record isn't exactly flawless, but they have pulled back big changes on a few occasions when the discourse between them and the playerbase showed that they were about to make a big mistake. The horrific company policy and absolute disdain for the playerbase WeeGee ships is showing is not exactly unique in the history of gaming, but I think it's probably never happened in combination with such a fundamentally solid base design and a somewhat successful game. We might be looking at gaming history in the making here, one of the most awesome game developmental suicides ever.
  11. AndyHill

    New Roadmap waterline episode

    Or they think that the game is already down the toilet so adding more ship to the mix is just fitting?
  12. AndyHill

    General Submarines related discussions

    I think it's once again time to remind us all of the operational basics at WeeGee Shipshow department
  13. AndyHill

    Anniversary Recruitment Marathon

    With subs being forced into the game I wouldn't recruit my worst enemy if you gave me real money for it.
  14. AndyHill

    General Submarines related discussions

    At least this is kind of interesting to watch, they're setting world records in incompetence. There was still a glimmer of hope that the people responsible for these decisions were sacked during the move, but apparently not. Do they have like a religious conviction making good games is a cardinal sin or something? Tonight it's going to be interesting to see if their latest community manager types have already graduated to the Tank game side, where they don't have to feed quite as much constant bullship to the players and where the devs at least slightly care about the game and try to cancel the most horrific blunders before they make it into the game.
  15. AndyHill

    Why are some players hiding statistics?

    I hide my horrible stats because I'm ashamed of them and I don't want the enemies to instantly know that I can be ignored because I'm not a threat. Unfortunately now the forumites know that but I hope at least they won't pass that info along to their friends.