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  1. AndyHill

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    The weirdest thing is that the pr disaster also fails as a cashgrab. The idea was obviously that first people buy boosters to get the max value out of them, thinking that they can finish the grind. Later on they would throw more money at wg either to ease the grind or because they are about to fail. As far as milking money goes this is highly effective. Incidentally, this is also how you are supposed to play a strong hand in poker to maximize your profits. However, wg dropped the ball completely with their absurdly outworldly requirements. Now almost everyone will just look at the directives and go nnnope right at the start. Not only did wg manage to piss off the communiy, they also probably completely screwed up the cashgrab part. I have finished every ship grind event so far, I did satan convoys with honors, i have every t10 ships except venezia and I'm nowhere near hardcore enough for this grind. Neither are people who literally play the game for a living. Who exactly was the event even aimed at? This is like going all in on the initial round of poker with a pair of aces. Nobody is going to play and you won't get any money. Such a wasted opportunity for both the community to have a fun and rewarding event and for wg to make money. Total lose-lose.
  2. AndyHill

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I would take both of those numbers with a grain of salt, especially since at least some of the screenshots seem to be from the test server. Also to me it looks like the booster hasn't been activated in the screenshot. Anyway, it's going to be interesting to see and calculate the stuffs when the shipbuilding operation goes live.
  3. AndyHill

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Do we already have actual numbers available somewhere or where did you get that estimate?
  4. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Theoretically it is, but compared to the magnitude of the shipshow that's going on especially at low tiers, in practise it barely counts as moving and gets rounded down to zero.
  5. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Isn't the only real change the hard limit of 2 carriers per team except for T5 matches where you can still have 3 carriers per team. That reminds me of how in case of a nuclear attack we were supposed to wear a raincoat, duck and then wipe the radioactive fallout off our clothes with tree branches.
  6. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Those "fixes" to matchmaking are just further proof that WG are absolutely delusional and have absolutely no grip on what's going on with carriers at the moment.
  7. AndyHill

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'm in, give me the stuffs.
  8. AndyHill

    Matchmaking...vote with your wallet!

    If the odds for winning or losing a game are 50:50, the odds for losing (or winning) 4 in a row are 1:16, which makes it a fairly common thing. I don't know of lotteries that have better odds, at least if you're referring to the main prize. Actually, if you don't care about winning or losing in a streak, the odds of getting 3 more losses or wins after a match that is either won or lost makes the odds 1:8. Basically, if you play a few dozen games, you are more likely than not to have a streak of four.
  9. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    It depends. They already once did a massive rework, which is admirable in itself. And now when the CV situation is basically horrid all over, all they have to do is to admit to themselves that the situation is basically unchanged and the negative factors that originally made them start such drastic efforts still exist. However, that's entirely up to WG and their call to make. All we can do is provide them with our thoughts on this forum (and elsewhere), to help them realize just how bad the situation is.
  10. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Again, this simply does not matter. The low number of games for the carriers is due to people not wanting to play them. The low number of games on special ships is due to there being a significant entry barrier, which leaves out a lot of the playerbase (especially the people who play less / worse). The number of games itself is not the important factor. I don't really care, because the RTS carriers were horrible as well. The most annoying one was probably the left-click-Lexington with the strike deck, it had a lot of striking power and no cover for the team. Now every carrier is like that. This might make some slight sense if WG themselves hadn't decided that including the carriers in their original form was a terrible idea and spent massive effort and undoubtebly lots of rubles on a complete rework. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and the new version is as bad or at least nearly as bad as the previous iteration. Thus the only logical conclusion is to either give up and remove the class entirely or do another massive rework. Well it's a good thing then that stealth firing was removerd, no?
  11. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Notice the massive contradiction there? People who reach rank 1 consistently are a tiny portion of the entire playerbase (even of those who have reached T10 in some lines). The rest of the playerbase includes a significant portion of people who don't have the combination of skills and determination to ever make R1 even once. Or don't know what ranked or CW are - none of those players have for example Stalin or Bourg, I don't know if Flint is possible. Yes, bad players can get lots of steel and bad players can hoard a lot of resources, but compared to the good players, they tend to not get a lot. There are bad players who have reached rank 1, but there are a LOT of much, much, MUCH worse players in the group that never have. Let's put it this way; if you get the matchmaker to only put people flying the skull flag on your team, so that you always play only with people who have at some point reached rank 1, would you expect to win more games than you do now? Would you take that option? Also you have played a lot of games, you have at least 20 T10 ships, do you also have all of the special ships in let's say the top 10 damage dealers' list (or do you have the resources to buy all of them, but no interest)? I've said it (as have many others) in this thread many times before: managing concealment and using it to take useful positions is the heart of this game and carriers take a lot of that away. You can make educated guesses as to where the red DDs for example are going to be at any given time and plan accordingly, but planes are so fast and so unrestricted in their movements, that their spotting is basically unknowable and unpredictable. The existence of carriers removes exciting and fun gameplay options and the only thing they add to the game is planes constantly pooping on ships without counterplay. On top of that, carriers are extremely powerful ships with vast carry potential. The way I see it, that combination is kind of game breaking.
  12. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    I am trying but just can not get those two points. Ok I will at least try to explain. To get for example Ohio you need to get something like 60k(?) research points, which means 1) having several T10 lines to begin with 2) resetting 4-5 of them and playing the lines through again in just a couple of months - or having millions of freexp available. That's a very small minority of WoWS playerbase, the most dedicated and experienced players. Same with Colbert, and to get the likes of Stalin and Bourg you need to play either lots of ranked or CW and even win some of the games. Smolensk and Thunderer are relatively new coal ships so you either needed to have lots stacked (experienced) or be very quick at collecting coal (dedicated). There are few games in those ships because the ships are relatively hard to get. Sure, some of the people playing them will be bad, but on the average these ships are played by much better players than the rest of the ships. Thus, the ships' stats are inflated. T10 carriers, on the other hand, have been in the game for 4 years. Also people can (and do) play T10 carriers without ever having tried the new gameplay before. Special ships are played by few people, because they are harder to get and require a combination of skill and persistence to get. Carriers are played by few people, because few people like to play them. That's where the difference comes from. Well I don't, all carriers regardless of tier are gamebreaking, their relative performance levels are just icing on the cake and relatively insignificant. what Why on Earth would I ever say anything like that? Carriers survive more because they're a braindead class with no counterplay. Skill has literally nothing to do with it, carriers are by far the safest class to play for the worst potatoes.
  13. AndyHill

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well that's all of them in the top half of the table for all of them, since there are 34 or 35 ships at T10 currently, can't remember exactly. Also seven ships out of the top 10 are either resource limited ships or very new (Venezia). Hint: number of battles does not measure the amount of skill or dedication required to play the said ship. Also Take a look at survival ratios and combine that with the kills per match to see another slightly dominant performance by CVs.
  14. Again, this is a wonderful offer and a well designed, great initiative with some really nice prizes. However, getting new players won't help you or me very much if even the most enthusiastic new players just leave when they eventually run into carrier hell and get pooped on by something they can't do anything about.
  15. AndyHill

    Music to go with WoWS