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  1. Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description Clan Tab in game not there - seeing message "Web server unavailable" 2. Reproduction steps Log into game as a member of a clan , try to open clan tab 3. Result unable to administer clan members invites, applications etc 4. Expected result to be able to aaccess functions in the clan tab 5. Technical details occuring aprox 12:15 BST FYI I run Aslain's modpack, so re started with no mods and got the same error, and also launching in safe mode got the same result - which is what I expect if the web server hosting the clan portal is down or inaccessable for some reason.
  2. Operation Dynamo - Guide

    FYI if you have a British or French premium ship you can move the appropriate nations 19 point commander in there so you can grind elite commander XP with them as well - another nice added bonus :-) so you can do it while you wait for new orders if you dont want to spend the 75k but you do want to grind elite commander XP
  3. Thanks WG for redesigned CV at TIER IV and V

    It's also been a wonderfull indirect buff to the Arkensas Beta - I used to hate taking it out for captain retraining as I always seemed to get focussed by ace manual drop expert seal clubbers - now I can get back to seal clu... err captain re-training in peace with enough rudder shift to just about dodge auto drops ;-)
  4. Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    And servers are down ( patched up with the micropatch, logged in - got kicked before I could play a game or even select a ship - and now it just says server unavailable.....) Oddly enough I had no issues at all yesterday... 1. DescriptionServes is down2. Reproduction stepsrestarted client multiple times - still says server is down. 3. ResultUnable to play WoWs 4. Expected resultable to play WoWs
  5. And servers are down ( patched up , logged in - got kicked before I could play a game or even select a ship - and now it just says server unavailable.....)
  6. Update 0.6.1 - General PT feedback

    Updated and got onto PT fine last night - just fired it up again just now and launcher loaded some new updates - must be bug fixes I thought - so game launched, but now tells me installed version is older than that on the PT server - so the PT updater installed older files on my PC, or is the test down for some reason - seems a bit odd (and yes - I did a data integrity check, with no problems found, and did double check to make sure it was the PTS client, but still getting the problem). Edit (15:13 Brexit time) - about 30 mins after I posted this I tried again - said servers were down - so waited some more - tried just now , and hey presto - on the test server :-)
  7. Clans Feedback

    I am in a clan in World of Tanks , and now see my clan tag here in World of Warships , along with some other clan members who are playing here as well - but I can't see any details about clan positions in WoWs - for example I am an Executive officer in WHO in WOT - do I become a deputy commander in WHO in WoWs - or is the functionality not implemented yet - and how does it take into account the different size limits - will it just be the firat 30 who members who play WoWs who get in? Some clarification would be appreciated, as stated in the post above as well. Oddly enough the Clan tab seems to have gone now - this is what I was seeing earlier :
  8. It doesn't make any sense Admiral.

    "Kismit Hardy" - just after the last surviving enemey(a DD) fired his torps at me after we secured the victory - as if he was a bloody sniper at Trafalger :-( though it was lost on the bot - but now I am out of co-op stage I hope to get some responses :-)