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  1. Dehtre

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I am. According to excel calculations I should be able to get her using 2 premium boosters, completing 3 directives and enough daily chains to get to standard booster 5. So far everything is going according to the plan.
  2. What are you doing Wargaming? You've designed and developed this beautiful dockyard and focused the Christmas update around Puerto Rico building just to make it viable for less than 1% of the players? That is just stupid, I feel sorry for the devs involved in building this system as basically noone will see it.
  3. Dehtre

    server interruptions, 19h

    @Sehales some of the progress was lost (for me 2 ranked stars), will those be reinstated or no chance?
  4. Dehtre

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    You have only 28 days to complete the ship.
  5. Stop talking out of your behind. It is stated in the dockyard that after completing Phase III you will be able to complete the build instantly for doubloons. You can outright buy this ship for 24k + 35k doubloons. It might not be a lot of money for some players, but it is still a lot to spend on a single game.
  6. Dehtre

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    A major disappointment. Basically Wargaming showing a middle finger to all the players during Christmas. Even the tier VII ship is locked behind the toughest grind up to date... As for Puerto Rico it is simply not doable - even with 24k doubloons paid up front you will have to grind a whole lot. Good time to take a break from WoWS.
  7. Dehtre

    where to see ship caracteristics?

    And if you need even more details you can always visit proships.ru
  8. Dehtre

    Suggestions thread

    Please consider adding the ability to toggle off consumables to trigger the cooldown earlier. Would be especially useful for: Defensive AA fire (currently you can work around this by temporarily turning off secondaries) Smokes with long dissipation time (Italian cruisers, ships like Haida or Perth)
  9. Dehtre

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Hopefully 1v1 rankeds will still feature the glorious "save a star" mechanic
  10. Dehtre

    Pricing of Kuznetsov

    Depends how you define "casual" - coal is the easiest resource to get and (most likely) you don't have the time limit to farm it. While other "Legendary commanders" were available in the armory, they were never purchaseable with coal - only for the ongoing update special resource, which you had to grind in a limited timeframe. Kuznetsov was obtainable with 10 skill points during the "Victory" event too.
  11. Dehtre

    Ranked system reeework

    ELO does not really support team-based games well. XP mostly rewards damage, kills, capture and defense. It can be improved on WG side but it will never be able to accurately "judge" player actions on battle outcome. What I would like to see is a ranked season with zero-sum system (no save--a-star). If we can't get that then at least try moving the additional star to the top player on winning team? For one season just as a test.
  12. Dehtre

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    When will you revert the detection bloom change (bloom remains for 20s even if you get into cover) from few patches ago?
  13. Dehtre

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    This is a good change, however the damage from CVs is just a part of the problem. The CV will still be able to: - keep the DD spotted and allow allies to damage it - finish the DD off, even if it disengages and runs away from combat This is made possible due to few factors, including: - huge aircraft speeds - no way to relocate quickly enough - greatly reduced AA ranges - little allied AA support - greatly reduced immediate AA impact - even with multiple strong AA ships around, the CV is usually able to get 1 drop off and/or keep the spotting up for some time - protecting friendly ships as CV player is often not feasible - usually you have to go out of your way to spawn the fighters where they are needed and still they will only last for relatively short duration and will not move DDs are vulnerable, as they should be, but now there is no counterplay if the CV wants to kill them (directly or not).
  14. Dehtre

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Yes and no. PR can be used as supplemental statistic besides WR, however due to its nature - taking into account mostly damage done - you can easily cheat it by farming "useless" damage, while watching your team collapse and die. Unfortunately multitude of actions that affect game outomes (like spotting, tanking and cap contesting) are either not visible/rewarded at all and are not taken into account in any metrics. They just result in better WR. I would say that battle count, battles survived, WR, PR and average battle tier is the minimum you want to look at to get a general idea of player skill. So you agree that divisions can "manipulate" win rate? Good thing WG disagrees or we would be playing 1v1 battles in the same ships all the time.
  15. Dehtre

    My 1st tier 10......

    Montana was my first TX and I don't regret it. Overall and excellent BB. Cruisers you've mentioned require proper target selection and positioning to deal damage. I wouldn't recommend those as your first TX. That being said I would advise you to take a step back to tier 5-6 and learn the game a bit more first. If you wish to improve, that is.