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  1. Dehtre

    Lack of Transparancy

    I don't think this is a constructive thread PERIOD.
  2. Dehtre

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    Why would you post in white and the same content twice? This kind of thing already exists in the game - elite ship XP to free XP conversion. I'm sure it is quite beneficial for WG's wallet and is much more versatile (you can get to any ship of any nation using it) and less complicated than your implementation.
  3. Dehtre

    Priority Target in COOP

    I have never experienced this issue. Open a support ticket and attach the replay if you have it.
  4. I'm quite sure I've heard this during one of WG streams - they simply don't know. Only when the ship is finalized other people are tasked with determining distribution method and cost.
  5. Divisions with lower tier carrier usually screw with the MM - in this case A division on the enemy team. You had an additional T8 cruiser though
  6. Dehtre


    I absolutely agree. I love to punish mistakes of T10 noobs in my lower tier ships. Plus it gives me increased XP rewards.
  7. Small sample size statistics are generally useless. Keep in mind that due to nature of random matchmaking you have: 30-35% games that will be won even if you do nothing / go AFK; another 30-35% games that just can't be won, no matter how good you are; only remaining 35-40% are affected by your skill level. There will be games lost, no matter how good you get. Just play well, avoid mistakes and most importantly - have fun!
  8. Dehtre

    RN chests

    WG does not release container contents drop rates and I doubt they will do so in the future. Just be patient, RN DDs will come out soon.
  9. Dehtre

    Matchmaking Tier imbalances.

    Couldn't have written this better myself. This kind of thing was implemented in World of Tanks in form of templates and is one of the reasons I'm currently playing Warships instead. It simply does not work well.
  10. Dehtre

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    For me it was the first ranked season I could fully attend because I had finally unlocked some tier X ships - Montana and Hindenburg. It took me 252 battles at tier X to get to rank 1. I've hit the wall twice: at rank 10 for around 150(!) battles; at rank 3 for around 60 battles. Only around 10-15 of these games were with CVs and honestly maybe 1-2 were decided by skill mismatch of CV players. I have played most of the games in Montana - I've felt it had much higher impact in early game (than Hindenburg) and star retention rate was not bad too. The biggest surpise was player quality jump from rank 5. Saving a star was much harder and games were often closer. The greatest struggle was playing with DDs that did not survive longer than 2 minutes. Overall I've had pretty good time. I've seen a lot of teamwork, constructive chat and agressive plays. The map pool could be bigger as there is very little strategy diversity on each of them. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully with some new tier X toys unlocked.
  11. Dehtre

    Not getting Credits

    The difference may also come from equipped camouflages and/or signal flags.
  12. Dehtre

    Torpedo defence system

    This is just a part of the whole story. You also have to consider: Torpedo Belt damage reduction - why take full damage to heal 50% of it, when you can just take greatly reduced damage in the first place? Torpedo Belt flooding chance reduction - when Damage Control Party is on cooldown taking a torpedo on TDS is often a better choice. Damage saturation - if you have to take multiple torps it would be best for them to hit the same compartment. Generally: Battleships prefer to take torps on their belt Cruisers prefer to take them on bow or stern Destroyers prefer not to take them at all
  13. Dehtre

    Better than tanks?

    This of course may be a part of it. But take a look at all available consumables. At captains build variants that all are viable. At huge variety of weapon types. WoWs just is more diverse.
  14. Dehtre

    Better than tanks?

    I am a player that has migrated from WoT and I find this game much more enjoyable. Adding to the points made by Nautical_Metaphor : WoWs has no concept similar to premium ammo; overall balance of ships at tiers feels pretty good and stock vs fully upgraded difference is smaller than in most tanks; captain (crew) experience and skills are done SO MUCH BETTER here; experience / credits bonuses are also done better; more frequent special events / game modes. I also feel that classes of ships and even some ships within their class are just much more diverse and offer different playstyle experience. I have around 25k battles in WoT,, but I just don't think I will bring myself back to tanks anytime soon.
  15. Dehtre

    People like Stats but which ones matter

    This is one of the reasons why external sites exist. You can filter out recent results, see solo vs division performance and take a look at change over time. Most people that are actually interested in someone stats will use those.