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  1. Part 2 is for CoOp battles only. My guess is WG does not care about players sealclubbing bots.
  2. Dehtre

    Edge of Tomorrow. Live, Die, Repeat

    Do you really have to ask? You want to force players to type in number sequences in order to play the game. If that is not the definition of "user unfriendly" I don't know what is. And it has nothing to do with gameplay itself. There are much more sophisticated methods to detect botting, however I doubt WG sees it as big enough issue to commit resources to develop them. Personally I hope they just ban the obvious cases (battle every 10 minutes for the last month etc.).
  3. Dehtre

    Matchmaker is always +2

    Considering your questions in OP you indeed seem not to understand the MM mechanics. If you are Super Unicorn then what is the problem? You still should be able to greatly influence the battle outcome. And damage you can do is higer. And XP you gain is increased too.
  4. Dehtre

    Ranked - worth trying for rank 1? (average player)

    Of course. Due to the "save a star" mechanic every game adds a star into "the system". This means anyone can get to rank 1 if they play enough battles. The only requirement is time and ship of appropriate tier. It really depends how much you value steel. It is a rare resource, which you can gain only through ranked and clan battle seasons (with very rare exceptions like snowflakes). If you want a ship that is sold for steel, then rankeds are the way to go. Otherwise I'd say play first few ranks, as they give pretty substantial rewards for the time required to get them.
  5. Dehtre

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Game mode feels fun and balanced. It forced new meta, which feels like a breath of fresh air. The overall problems with ranks system not being anything skill related still remains.
  6. Number 1: Yay! Number 2: Nope. The drawbacks of skill based MM for randoms were discussed multiple times already.
  7. Dehtre

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Choosing sub-optimal ship for a, supposedly, competetive game mode is definitely not something a good players do. Farming damage on battleship instead of shooting / pushing vulnerable destroyer or cruiser is a bad play. This is not something good players do. All of those ships have sub 50% win rate in current ranked season. Too bad we don't have stats for "save a star ratio". Exactly, that is my point - game mechanics that promote "bad play" should be changed. Especially if WG wants to create a game mode that resembles something competetive.
  8. Dehtre

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Of course. On the other hand "save a star" mechanics ensures that anyone, even a bot, will achieve rank 1 with enough games played. In "my version" good players would have high win rate at starting ranks and move closer to around 50% near top ranks. Not everyone would be able to get to rank 1 and I think not everyone should be able to. Only assuming the way ranks work stays the same. I would suggest reducing the stars required to advance, so the best players can rank out in 80-100 battles. As I said before, I disagree. From my experience vast majority of saved stars are campers that farmed a lot of damage. Yes, they survive the longest. Yes, they do a lot of damage. And they contribute nothing towards team victory. If they lose, they will likely save a star. If they win, they will gain a star - all good. This is the pinnacle of selfish play that is encouraged by current ranked system itself.
  9. Dehtre

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    I disagree. Anything based on XP will not be fair in current form of XP rewards. Why? spotting damage is barely rewarded drawing enemy fire is not rewarded preventing capture by the enemy by sitting in the cap is not rewarded forcing enemy DCP with flooding or fires, which results in his death is barely rewarded I could go on and on with specific plays that force enemies to make mistakes and effectively win games but does not ensure high base XP. Damage and kills is all that matters. I would love to try a ranked season without "save a star" and without irrevocable ranks. I'm quite sure that top ranks would have mostly good players in them.
  10. Dehtre

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Most CCs that post content on YouTube are streamers. I guess that when they are not allowed to play the ship on stream they are unlikely to test it at all. Still, thanks for the warning!
  11. Dehtre

    Which GUI improvements would you like to see?

    I've remembered one more thing. As a division leader the ability to start the battle with top "Battle" button without getting ready in the division window first. Or at least getting ready with "Battle" press first (so double click to join the queue).
  12. Dehtre

    Which GUI improvements would you like to see?

    Incorporate the mod that shows the time remaining for each team to win by points. It would be great for every player to have that. Overall reduction in port lag would be a huge improvement.
  13. It is possible. I hope you are correct. Still, WG is a company and its main purpose is to make money.
  14. I don't understand what you mean, I never said I don't want to wait. This is exactly what they are doing. Around 150 community contributors are testing new ships in the live server environment. This is exactly one of the points that makes me doubt the WG. The GC balance problem is not new, yet still they seed more of them into the game. And then they decide to test a rebalanced version of it in the middle of full class rework. Am I the only one that sees this as chain of questionable decisions?
  15. Dehtre

    Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    How about you comprehend what the event is about before commenting on the forums? I have quite a lot of various signals simply from playing the game (rankeds, campaigns, containers, missions...) and regularly use them anyway. This feels like free chance to get additional rewards while doing so, nothing to complain about.