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  1. People like Stats but which ones matter

    This is one of the reasons why external sites exist. You can filter out recent results, see solo vs division performance and take a look at change over time. Most people that are actually interested in someone stats will use those.
  2. People like Stats but which ones matter

    It is possible to hide stats in profile settings already. There is no reason for full removal as you can use them for many good things too. And honestly if a player can't handle some toxicity and salt they probably should keep clean from this whole "internet" thing :)
  3. People like Stats but which ones matter

    This was discussed multiple times already, both here and on World of Tanks forums. The skill based matchmaking would: eventually make everyone average out at 50% win rate; make the game even less diversified (matches with all skilled players on a map will play out similarly more often - good example of this is current ranked play); punish the skill - the better you play, the better opponents you get. No rewards/ranks included; increase the matchmaking time for extremely good and extremely bad players (and currently CV players as those are more rare). Yes, the current system results in total stomp games that you simply can not affect, however this provides diversity and increases the possible player win rate to something like ~30%-70%.
  4. This is strange, I can see these achievements present both on your profile in game and on WoWs website.
  5. Legendary buff or nerf ?

    Yes, there is a drawback to this upgrade, however in my opinion additional 10% torpedo reload time reduction on pure torpedo boat is worth it. I know I will use it when I get it. These are called "Unique upgrades" now, not "Legendary". This is a pointless whine thread.
  6. pls, help me explain

    This is a Patch Symbol. During Football World Championship there were two opportunities to select one of these at official game website and receive it after completing simple mission.
  7. national voices + and price of tier X camo

    National Voiceover+ will let you hear special voiceover captains (for example from ARP or HSF) when you have them in command.