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  1. if only it wasn't so bad in its current state T_T *sad poi noises*
  2. A large chunk of my clan.. me included are considering dropping the game immediately if this ridiculous and honestly down right blatant balance breaking naval training center is implemented. I dont need to explain how stupid this is, everyone here is already. for gods sake you already axed a chunk of the player base with the Carrier updates, and NOW YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA? WHO? WHO THOUGHT THAT? LIKE SERIOUSLY ITS INSANE. IM NO GAME DESIGNER BUT DEAR GOD IF I SUGGESTED AN IDEA EVEN HALF AS STUPID AS THIS IN MY JOB I'D BE AXED DUE TO FUTURE LIABILITY!? If this is implemented.. lets just say player base growth may become... negative.
  3. About us: Knowing where the clan's title comes from isn't a must but it helps! We are a clan consisting of anime Lovers and warships players. We come from all around Europe and the world! Everyone is welcome, you're sure to fit in! We are mainly for fun, jumping into divisions to do daily tasks and missions. We are all laid back people happy to chat and discuss the game, anime and other games alike! We have a community discord with over 80 members and active admins; It is open to all and can be used as you please for chatting. We have 40+ clan members and are active daily! Clan wars info We Currently have a team preparing for the next season! But we need you! Join us and come join the squad, for victory! We are looking for people with tier 10 ships, able and willing to participate in clan wars! Good communication and a tier 10 ship or two are a must! Let me know directly if you are interested in this aspect of the clan! What do we offer you? A fun , friendly group of players willing to division and assist you in daily tasks day to day. A group of experienced players happy to division and help you become a better player. Daily active discussions both Wows related and not. An active and effective clan wars Unit.(which you can be part of!). A bunch of naval district bonuses. Poi! (obviously) What do we want from you? You must be able to speak English.! Secondly harassment, insults and racism are not tolerated! We are a multinational clan! At least 600+ matches played. You will need at least a 52% win rate or higher, with a decent level of skill and at least one tier 7+ ship . Discord is Necessary for communication purposes. Finally I won't accept you if you have stats hidden, purely for transparency reasons, nobody should be ashamed of your stats! (We will make exceptions!) FYI: YOU DO NOT NEED TO AN INTEREST IN CLAN WARS TO JOIN! WE ARE ACCEPTING ANY VALID MEMBERS! OUR DISCORD: Our clan discord is open to everyone! not just the clan! The discord server is for anime lovers and warships players If you wish to join the discord server it can be found here: https://discord.gg/87zHmNN How to apply: If you are interested drop me a pm here on the forums, or contact us through discord by messaging an admin or moderator on our discord server. (link found above) On the discord server I am [POI]; If you aren't interested, go on your merry way and we hope to meet you out on the seas! POI POI!