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  1. Unhappy hamman is unhappy
  2. Information updated
  3. Natsuzuki


    I have experienced this myself a few times; You were near map border; Similar issue occurs near map borders on multiple maps. I believe that the map limits for planes were not correctly programmed in some places, causing you to hit a wall that should be a bit further than it is!
  4. Natsuzuki

    Yubari build?

    I love My Yūbari, Personally I find throwing a high tier DD captain works fine, concealment and AFT are very important, so run those 2 and rest is personal preference. Her guns are extremely accurate and have decent damage output but you are extremely squishy. So basically: Make sure you have AFT/CE. Maybe throw SE/AR in there since you are basically a DD gunboat with a citadel. Great ship! Lover her to bits, and she is a beauty to boot so I do recommend her fully!
  5. Oh no I've compromised the integrity of our operations!
  7. I all for keeping these as collectors items and not touching them. Yes i understand they are very much above average in terms of skill. But the lower amount of them that appear in matchmaking (and the fact most if not all do require skill to play) Means im happy with them as is. I would feel pretty annoyed if they were changed.
  8. Natsuzuki

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    A big and funny issue that came as a result of the buffs to ship AA, and overall nerf to plane HP( and accuracy of torp drops). Now DD overspotting is even more of an issue. I personally find myself hounding down DDs for over 70% of a match as i wait for AA bubbles and overall amount of enemy ships to decrease so i can actually make a drop that wont lose me my entire squad to a hidden AA ship that turned its AA off. This is extremely notable in tier 6/8 CV uptiers, god knows you wont be dropping any tier 10 Cruisers OR BBs in your enterprise! (Unless losing the entire squad is fun for you. Not only that but i myself tend to have a hard time actually hitting the bloody DD in the first place as the nerfed spotting often has the DD becoming spotted after my aim has passed over it! Really biting my own tail, I feel really strange hounding down DDs knowing that I, who also enjoys DD play would hate to be in their position. I may have really preffered the OLD cv system, but I see the idea and potential fun of this new system however, in it's current form, IT JUST DOESN'T WORK.
  9. Natsuzuki

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    I like, don't look at my email for a week, come back and see like 200 notifications from this thread, , keep coming back like "wonder whats happening here". Dropping some of these new CGs from KC in case people ain't seen em yet, FINALLY SOME BUKI AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Edit, forums formatted that spoiler in the strangest way i have ever seen;
  10. information updated! Poi!