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  1. I hadnt started the farm yet, and its about time i did, which maps are best; or is that unknown
  2. I personally really liked zero Spoilers in here don't open if u ain't seen it:
  3. Battleship play in Ranked??

    I have had such mixed results that i am not even sure anymore to be honest, i have games where the battleships carry me, and games where i honestly don't understand how they have such a low score, in the end i find it's entirely down to "did they go to the correct cap", often teams will fully commit to a cap which puts us at a severe disadvantage; leaving dd players (like me) to try fix the horrible situation we are now in being shot from 2 (or more) sides. Sometimes you have games like this: where the bbs perform generally admirably but due to their positioning; fall apart and lose in the end; and then you have this... which i honestly don't even know how this is possible
  4. Why on earth would liking her be a criminal offence? She is like number 1 potato, she is EXACTLY the kinda positivity i need in my life most of the time and i cant even think of any dislikeable traits. She is like the original intrepid shipgirl, nobody likes her because they are unwilling to look past "stupid potato" to ssd the awesome personality they have .
  5. Holy **** how did i forget hoshou i love her aswel, her personality is amazing as for kashima/ katori . I dont like katori at all; but when it comes to kashima... there is alot to like ;) "ufufufufu"
  6. If we are talking favourite girls from each ship type; here we go ( predictable as hell statements incoming) Destroyers; I gotta be honest i love ALOT of the destroyers, and there are pretty much none that i dislike but a few standouts are ; Shiratsuyu class ( who wouldve guessed!) Poi, shigshig, yamakze kawakaze murasame i really like them all (please come home isokaze :( ) Kagerou class, alot to like here with isokaze and her "wonderful" cooking skills is a standout XD. Honestly if i were to stay on destroyers i'd be here for ever so ill leave that here. battleships Haruna; "I want to protect thats what i feel", "Haruna is okay!" Nuff said. Yamato; a gentle giant , i love how inspite of all her power she isn't even a bit prideful, and with those cherry blossoms: damn she is pretty. Fusou and Yamashiro Yamashiro is hilariously obsessive, once again, nuff said Carriers ; The two cranes; shoukaku is a must protect girl, soft spoken dutiful and kind ( what more could you ask for) And i really like zuizui's design aswel as her personality, its clear she feels te need to prove herself and anyone who wants to take a shot at kagas pride is welcome in my book. Also, her voice lines and cg from the previous events nailed her down as my favourite cv for certain. I also really like taihou, taiyou, junyou and zuiho; i dont want to make this post too long so ill have to cut a bit here. Light cruisers; Abukuma, she has seen me through thick and thin, she never thought she could do it, but i knew she would, my first married shipgirl and the foundation of my fleet. Kitakami(ill include her here) her sarcastic demeanor makes her somebody i'd love to have as a friend; many people have "waifus" but kitakami is a true bro ^^. Kuma and Tama. "Tama is not a cat... nyah" Heavy cruisers All of the mogami class except mikuma. I love the design and personalitys of all of the mogami class, but mikuma has the same glaring trait as yamashiro, but doesnt come across as funny and comically obsessive like yamashiro. haguro; Must protect at all costs The grammar is awful(i typed with my phone) and its quite the wall of text, even though i tried to minimize my amount of text ; whoopsie
  7. I Managed to get ahold of sammy B without much trouble yesterday; which was quite a nice thing; no time spent worrying; and even better, my lsc today was quite the rewarding one i must say:
  8. can confirm that you wouldn't be if you saw my bank balance
  9. yeah i have the 2018 one myself, loving the art in it, just had to pick it up (gotta admit ill have to skip the lolibote one...)
  10. if we are talking about collections: (pardon the terrible camera quality) still need to free up space to put this on my wall too:
  11. Apparently its already been stated and confirmed that we are getting a DE AND a fletcher.
  12. Anything with mama hoshou and thr carriers is adorable by default
  13. yeah ive been doing the expedition to get those new blue materials to get belfast and big e above 100, also i'm tryna figure out the fastest way to get 8000 of those things to get zuikaku