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  1. Wanted to get that special edition one that came out; still looking for it at a decent price to this day!
  2. This did make me laugh quite a lot when i saw this XD Poi is love poi is life
  3. Is the Game Getting A Bit To Ship Heavy??

    Never such a thing as too many ships! I'm still holding out for IJN light cruisers! Maybe some day post carrier rework we'll even get some escort/ light carriers!
  4. Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    Gonna First disagree; and then say what!?
  5. Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    Personally the only reason I play other dds(and i feel many are the same way) Is because we don't have the Yueyang. And I certainly acknowledge that they do bring something else to the table; Shima has nukes; gearing has great smoke, But my issue is that Yueyang brings far too much to the table, why bring 1/2 a solution when you can bring a full one.
  6. Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    That is my issue you see; i feel like there should be some sort of choice; but when a ship (in this case yueyang) does its job far better than the others that feels a little silly. Like why bother playing any other dds? Exactly; don't. But yet with cruisers there are a whole variety; each with their own individual roles and advantages; but with yueyang its just Advantage after advantage with no real weaknesses. Hitting the nail on the head here with this statement; and as for your previous statement the only reason I'm not playing it is because I do not yet own it; and work has kept me away from grinding as of late...
  7. Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    As somebody who plays a lot of DDs (I don't claim to be an expert but i certainly play them enough for my opinion to be of some accurate level) I find the position of the Yueyang in Clan wars to be; unfair to say the least. In a random battle a DD with radar isn't that bad to deal with since 99% of occasions your team will not focus and capitalize on the spotting gained. This is NOT the case in clan battles. Due to it's lower concealment than all but one other tier 10 dd -> (which nobody uses in clan wars anyways because lets face it the shimakaze is not a competitive ship due to the fact that everyone and their mother is running hydro due to the lack of Aircraft.) It can effectively; outpost; turn away from and then radar any tier 10 DD; the fact that he is most definitely running RPF means that his team probably knew that the dd was about to be spotted and already have their guns trained on the area. So now the opposing DD must now desperately flee for his life in the hopes that he will not be completely destroyed. If he isn't dead He is now crippled for the rest of the game; unable to contest; push or support for fear of getting hit by a stray shell. So you are forced to hold back and avoid pushing where the yueyang is so as to avoid this fate; even if this means leaving your teammates unsupported by your spotting... A ship that actively discourages the enemy DD(s) from playing the objective or pushing to spot for their team seems kind of counter-intuitive, but maybe that's just me.
  8. What sights do you guys use?

    I Just use standard old sights; never bothered to change; only measurement that matters for me is distance, every thing else is white noise to me (probably why I'm awful at BBS). Its a fine unobtrusive sight; what can I say?
  9. Yeah I'm super pleased with Shiratsuyu; its about damn time she got her kai ni! She looks better than ever; another wonderful doggo! I am kind of dissapointed with Yūgumo, was expecting a little more; but at least she got to keep her expression XD. As for Tenryuu.. yeah I didn't like her before... this hasn't improved my opinion.
  10. A "potential damage" related bug

    It happens during and after the sinking animation; i have seen this occur for any length of time after sinking. I stayed until the end of the game (i died 8 minutes in it lasted until only 3 minutes remaining in the previously mentioned example. So i presume this idea of an area around the ship's location (before sinking) to be a likely idea.
  11. A "potential damage" related bug

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this; really sorry if it is not as i can't find anywhere else i could. So if it is just close this. This has probably been reported before but to put it simply: Potential damage will continue to accumulate following a ship's sinking. Example: I sail out in my z-46 and meet my end with 546,000 potential damage taken. Following my death; a fight ensues in the area which i was sunk and the enemy shells and torpedoes that pass through my area of death cause my potential damage to skyrocket to over 1,100,000. At first I thought this might simply be an in-battle visual bug; but this will be the same result shown in the end screen and repeated battles show the same results. This is not a major gameplay issue, but is a noticeable bug which skews results quite a bit.