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  1. Having made the previous one and enjoyed making it; I decided to turn my compilations into a series; Don't expect them as frequently as this; but if you did enjoy them make sure and keep watching as I'm sure to make more ! Episode 1: Episode 2: Constructive criticism is highly appreciated; as these are my first two video editing attempts; in any case thanks for watching ! On a side note; I would totally be Up for commentaries; ship tutorials and stuff like that; if people want that sort of thing aswell I'm no unicum, but there are a fair few ships I could give decent reviews /tips for. Anybody want that kind of thing?
  2. I feel that such a line would be very difficult to handle; having ships from so many different nations means there is no one form of style to the line; such as how USSR DDs are clearly gunboats as opposed to IJN DDs which are very clearly more suited to torpedo use. This massive difference which would be at every single tier as you go up this line would be both difficult to implement and difficult to adjust to from a player's point of view.
  3. Nobody can hate DesDIv 6; anyone who does is lying or needs to be shown the error of their ways.
  4. I've been playing warships for ages, and over time i kept having hilarious moments happen; or utter devastation. I recently began to see lots of people making there own; and so; here is my first foray. I made quite a few kancolle jokes; and to be honest; i have no experience with video editing; so if anybody can tell me what they think or make suggestions please do tell!