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  1. Reckie

    #EggspressYourself - Results

    Thank you so much.
  2. Reckie

    #EggspressYourself - Results

    Forgot to add the link to the info of the mine: https://digitaltmuseum.se/011024833195/minaggregat-m-18
  3. Reckie

    #EggspressYourself - Results

    Im new to modeling and 3D printing so been fiddling with this pretty much the whole weekend. (Yes, the wheels on the cart/eggcup spins freely :) ) I think its an old Swedish contact mine but perhaps the forum can shed some light on to it.
  4. Reckie

    Air Supply Container

    Reporter: Do you pay your testers? WG: No! Reporter: So they do it for free? How nice of them. WG: No! Reporter: I'm confused, please explain? WG: They pay throw us money to be testers.
  5. Reckie

    Rework of CVs

    If unfun was a word this picture could be used to explain it. Not a fan of dual CV games like these. Was very close to exiting to port mid game but fought it through, ended up in second place but felt so boring and pointless.
  6. Reckie

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Logged in, went to enable Naval Battle, loading screen froze. I just hope our opponents are also on EU server so they won't get a head start.
  7. First of all, tinkering with premiums been a big no-no, so I don't like it. But, if WG still wants to change I am sure they will issue rewards to current owners and even maybe an option for a refund. If the refund is in doubloons they need to start selling new ships for doubloons, otherwise the refund is kind of bad, "Here, have some doubloons but you won't be able to purchase a new ship for some weeks or months time as we currently only sell it for cash".
  8. Reckie

    New CVs

    Did I say AP bombs? Make it a loadout choice of HE/AP if its so hard, how did you cope with AP DB pre-patch?
  9. Reckie

    New CVs

    My suggestion for balancing and make CV less of an easy mode is to remove attack planes all together. Without rockets, a CV is still able to hit a DD using Dive bombers. The CV then have to make choice based on his skill, shall he still go for the DD even though it is harder to hit, or shall he go for a bigger target? Think of it as an synergy effect, without the easy mode of rockets the DD wont get harassed as much as before, and maybe, once all data collection been done, perhaps we get only one CV per game. So, by removing rockets as a weapon of choice I think we would get back some of the balance we had pre patch. I've tried all classes after patch and its not even fun playing a DD, imagine having to deal with 3 radar cruisers and 2 CVs?
  10. Reckie

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    Ive played all classes after patch and CV is way to simple when it comes to locking out DDs. It's not just the spotting, you feel like a bully bringing out the rocket planes and harassing the destroyer. I wonder why rockets even were introduced? Its certainly not needed to hit a hit a destroyer, dive bombers will hit them too but it takes some practice. So, why on earth was this easy mode of rockets implemented? Imagine if the CV rework only had Dive- and Torpedo bombers, just like pre patch? The CV would then have to make a decision, a decision based on his skill, is he skilled enough to hit using the DB or shall he go for a bigger target? Without rockets the DD is harder to hit so it will no longer be the first choice for a CV ie less constant spotting by wave after wave of attack planes. Remove rockets to start with and once the data collection is done WG can go back to one CV per game and some of the spotting issued will be less problematic as well. As it is now, there is no point playing a DD.
  11. Reckie

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    I think peoples acceptance towards doubloons as a refund would be much higher if WG actually made new premiums available for money and doubloons at the same time. What good is there to get a refund and once the ship you want to buy gets released in the premium shop you then have to wait for weeks/months until you can purchase it for your refunded doubloons? Imagine getting a refund in a real shop. The item you wish to buy using the refund is in stock but you are not allowed to buy it because the refund was issued in a currency that only sell items at an delay. Such behavior will cause unhappy customers. With major changes to a premium or the gameplay itself, like in the CV rework situation, i think this is of extra importance so that you wont upset the players more than necessary. For such a huge change as the CVs I would actually like to see a refund that can be used on even the newest premium ships. So, either change the premium shop to accept doubloons for brand new ships or offer refund in the form of a voucher that can be used in the premium shop. Any remaining amount on the voucher could be saved for later use or be converted to doubloons.
  12. Reckie

    IChase and his new CV tactics.

    This is why launching the same type of plane shouldn't be possible. At least not without some bigger penalty. It doesn't matter if its torps like this or attack planes to bully a DD with rockets. I didn't like this patch at all to start with, it seemed as repetitive as World of Warplanes. Then it grew on me, trying dodging flak, selecting plane type for certain targets, providing pro-longed spotting using fighters etc. It's not as shallow as I initially thought, actually quite fun. However, the spamming seen in these clips will kill it. With this man drops for each squadron it's just like iChase mentions, enemy is dodging the whole game. Cut down on drops, skip sectoring of AA and go back to CTRL+LMB focus fire so that the standard ships can focus on gunning instead of planning AA sectoring and WASD hacks. Trouble is, if we cut down on drops it gets even more repetitive for the CV. Though thing to balance.
  13. Reckie

    New CVs

    0.8 is pretty much like World of Warplanes. Im sure im not the only one who gave WoWp 2.0 a try after seeing some streams from Flamu? Like the whale I am, I even bought some planes, as it seemed fun. However, that changed. I stopped after a month or so, the gameplay was too repetitive,. Why was it repetitive, well, you basically put the following four actions into repeat: 1. Takeoff from Base. 2. Fly toward enemy base 3. Attack enemy base 4. Get shot down. The above gameplay got boring, fast, so it beats me why WG wanted to go this route with WoWs when they already knew how "successful" WoWp been? WG, you had a very different play style with RTS CV and you replace that for some kind of arcade simulator that might as well be a mobile game or "World of Warplanes Naval Edition - targets now controlled by real persons"? Im not a CV main, far from it, but I enjoyed how different the RTS version was from a normal game play. When I got tired of WoWs normal game play, i switched to CVs. See, I still played your game even when I got tired of it, I just switched from normal ships to RTS CV, Isn't that a good verdict? With RTS CV you had so many different things to keep track of, when you compare that with the current "World of Warplanes" experience that is currently going on it feels so shallow. Im not here to flame the developers, I love this game and think they done a great job up until now, it's just that im really sad that the game took this route.
  14. Reckie

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Both option 3 & 4, current patch destroyed both for standard and carriers, and I think a tweaked version of RTS CV version is better. But we all know this game is going on consoles so there is no room for a mouse controlled game. Consoles rule and dictate the development and the PC player just have to accept this. :( We knew what we had, but not what we would get, be careful what you wish for.
  15. Reckie

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    Such a heavy rework that I wonder if some are happy with selling back their premiums for doubloons, money would seem fair in some situations.