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  1. Reckie

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Now that we have to grind the Donskoi again for the new Tier X, isn't this an excellent time to reset the branch before the patch hit us? Any known draw backs?
  2. So, they sell it in the Armory for doubloons but you are not allowed to apply your discount coupon for ships sold for doubloons. Why am i not surprised. Yes, I know that WG have tied the coupon's to different categories and a ship need's to be sold in the 'Ships for doubloons' category in order to apply the discount, but still? It's quite ironic that a ship sold for doubloons can't apply a discount for 'Ships for doubloons'.
  3. Reckie

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Don't forget to claim your rewards on the 'userbonus' page, I had several unclaimed WG Containers. It was long time since I last used the test server so I had forgot all about this. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/
  4. Reckie

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Is this a sync that is likely to occur later on as well? My test account is old but I don't think I played during those versions.
  5. Reckie


    I still regret getting a camo for Alsace, Henri IV and Khaba, that is 14K doubloons for something that got changed so much that I stopped playing them. Add another 5K for the Moskva for what turned out to be a not so necessary purchase. Yes, I sure had good usage of the permanent camo but eventually it turned out to not be of any permanent use. With this history of changes to ship it's not likely that I will keep buying permanent camo's and I suggest that people give it a second thought before making such a purchase. Yes, there are several other ship that have not been nerfed but if you are unlucky it might happen to a ship you already got a permanent camo on.
  6. Reckie

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    The feeling when you saved for something a long time and realize you will be robbed of all your XP savings..
  7. Reckie

    General CV related discussions.

    Im fine with CVs, but I don't like the changes in AA that made previous AA ships like Kii and Fletcher much less effective. If you got tired of plane attacks before the rework you just brought out your best AA ship. This is not the case anymore, at least not as it used to be. Bear in mind that some of these ships were Premium ships that lost much of their AA influence. Now when I get tired of plane attacks you quit the game or play CV yourself and make someone else feel miserable instead. This and the uncertainty of yet another change (Submarines) is why I for the first time in four years I have not bought more premium time.
  8. Reckie

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Its nice with a week of free dismount to upgrades but depending on how much have change it could take a while to work your way through your ships. If you have 300 ships its 42 ships each day for a week so I hope the changes ain't that extensive.
  9. Reckie

    enough of the new ships.. how about some more maps?

    How about real maps, maybe Guadalcanal ie maps that its not just mirrored.
  10. Dear mod makers, could this be done? if (planesDistance < aaRange) magicAABuff;
  11. Reckie

    Suggestions thread

    If Last Spotted on the Minimap is still turned off by default can you please turn it on by default. I think many players got this feature turned off because they have to no clue that it exists. If so, what point is there to try and communicate with random players and click the Minimap sector to point out a DD last postion so the CV or perhaps a DD can spot him when chances are he got that feature turned off? Atleast that is impression im getting after playing this game for a long time, I find it very strange that friendly player would not understand the minimap sectoring and yet its frustrating seldom that it has any effect. If that feature is taking up a lot of resources then they can manually turn it off, but can you please have it turned ON by default to at least give the teams a better chance for nice communication and battles?
  12. Reckie


    Have you tried being nice in chat? Compliment a good play with a "Well played Shima +1" or similar and you might get a compliment in return. If you wait with all your compliments until after a battle it's a bit hard to return the favor. When it comes to keeping karma, don't rage. If something is wrong and you really feel the need to express yourself, do it nicely, explain why it might be a bad move instead of just yelling. It also helps to play well, so please don't rush the channel on Two Brothers, standard battle with CVs right at the start of the battle. ;)
  13. The situation is getting silly, with less DDs in the battles, a CV can still play a huge part in the outcome. The CV player doesnt even have to be skilled, as long as he understands that his main target is the enemys only DD he will give your team a huge advantage. If the MM put you on the wrong side of the CV lottery ie you got a "less caring" CV player, then the only enemy DD can sail around and torp its way to a krakken, without getting spotted during the whole battle.
  14. Reckie

    HIV skin discussion, considering its nerf

    Nice that you are trying, I wouldn't mind one for the Alsace camo as well. In fact, both Alsace and HIV are examples of why I don't dare to purchase a permanent camo any more.