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  1. stefogr

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    Flags came right away ...premium days still missing ( in action ;) )
  2. stefogr

    Bug Reports

    Where are the After-Battle-statistics?????
  3. stefogr

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    hahaha .... me too ;)
  4. stefogr

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    i haven't receive my 7 Days premium yet ???? any clues ???
  5. stefogr

    Bug Reports

    in freecamera mode over an enemy ship i saw torpedos past right through him
  6. stefogr

    Animosity is recruiting!

    hi u ppl....im looking for a WoW-clan,,,just one question...do i have to leave my WoT-Clan ?
  7. stefogr

    THE KRAKEN "Sailing In International Waters!"

    to i have to leave my clan from WOT ????
  8. stefogr

    New WORLD OF WARSHIPS Greek speaking FB page

    This is racistic....and there is no big trouble to make or allow a Greek-forum
  9. stefogr

    [GBOAN] Greek Brothers Of Arms - NAVY

    to i have to leave my clan from WOT ????
  10. same sht here.......start loosing all the fun
  11. stefogr

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    I got i problem I've never had before...twice in this week i went to the port and there i was unable to go to the settings or exit menu . ESC didn't do anything, only option was Ctrl-Esc to minimize it and than close with right click on the minimized icon . AND PLEASE....make a better after-battle result Panel ( maybe like in WoT to see previous results and more detailed )
  12. stefogr

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Shadow mistake in " PORT "
  13. stefogr

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    i have seen about 15 shots going right through a Carrier with no damage ( i was observing our Carrier after i died )
  14. stefogr

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    this bug seems to be only in windowed mode....on full screen everything works fine
  15. stefogr

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    that's from today 23/3 here you can see that the cursor is not disabled and still working outside the game ( no such problem in WOT )