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  1. it's not the size its how u use it
  2. ​i've been trying both guns but because the accuracy isn't great having the faster reload is better for me. it also helps when fighting at close range where both guns are basically identical interms of penetration
  3. I would like to know what gun type you guys use on the grosser kurfurst (and the Friedrich) i myself use the 406mm guns because i love the 25.5s reload
  4. go to the RES folder open ENGINE_CONFIG with notepad+++ or anything that is similair <streamCacheSizeKB>2048</streamCacheSizeKB> change this to <streamCacheSizeKB>8192</streamCacheSizeKB>​ this allows the game to umm load stuff faster or something so it improves your FPS and reduces stuttering by quite a bit if it works, ur welcome
  5. i'm going to get the battleship commander bundles. for some reason im running out of dreadnought and fireproof flags
  6. play it more like a very very heavy cruiser (the giant citadel makes it feel like that anyway) Always Always use the dispersion upgrade with the current meta it beats out the reload module and adrenaline rush can replace it anyway
  7. hello guys i've made this skin, it's the first one i've made so don't hunt me with pitchforks please It's as you can see "closely" resembles the Missouri permanent camo that almost everyone uses i made this because nobody has ever made (or i couldn't find) a skin for the Iowa that is similair to that permanent camo here's the download link if you're interested and give me any feedback if you have any http://www.mediafire.com/file/k7xz2y0ub1z11z9/usa.rar
  8. Hello, i've recently unlocked the USS Iowa, im loving it allot except for one tiny detail. The repair cost of 100k+ credits is a bit on the insane side just like every tier 8-10 ship. I've been doing rather well in the Iowa but i've still only managed to make a profit whenever i get a kraken, a win and 180k damage. Yes i know i could play better or use premium account but i don't want to buy premium account because i buy premium ships instead . i've also heard that tier 10 ships with premium account sometimes struggle to make a profit, my idea to fix this is to lower the repair cost of tier 8-10 ships by 25-50%. This change should allow non premium account users to play tier 8-10 ships without having to use a premium ship or a lower tier ship to make credits for whatever the big boats lose them. i feel like everyone would like this change especially the people without premium account, because right now whenever i make a loss i have to either do extremely well or play one of the 7 premiums i own.
  9. In the first month of the update i got about 2-3 supercontainers but now the droprate has significantly reduced the last one i got was about 2 weeks ago and i get 3 containers everyday
  10. i've had this happen on my tirpitz sometimes but the turret is actually still looking where you are aiming so you can still use it
  11. ​but muh kutuzov cant rush in, it gets hit in the citadel from every angle
  12. The game has unlimited ammo for a reason
  13. noice
  14. it was for an event but now its used a simple model to test stats for new ships (ofc it has to be russian for that russian bias, glory to stalin comrade)
  15. it's just the people that can't play during the 5 days of the week, they have work or school, they don't have the knowledge people like me and other good players do (or the brainpower too think straight). just get used to it and profit on it like me, a myoko was showing broadside too me in my kutuzov constantly even after i rammed 6 citadels into him with a single volley.