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  1. I was wondering is the second permanent camo for the tirpitz still available for purchase?
  2. im talking about why the tirpitz doesnt need buffs. that the players need some buffs themselves we all know already
  3. i already correected this before you made this message
  4. You only get to pen a few more ships so its not worth it on the henri
  5. Secondaries on a cruiser with torps (and any cruiser at that) is just so ridiculously stupid it isn't even worth devoting braincells to selecting the skills
  6. Since this is not very noticable ingame while you're busy rekking scrubs i don't see this as a issue that needs inmediant fixing, yes having your ship look like if its real is very nice but graphics aren't as necessary as good gameplay. I would still like to see this fixed tho and WG will as they have been doing with some of the older ships already
  7. WG sadly messed something up with whatever they did, everyone suffers this issue and WG is trying to fix it, Expect a fix for this stuttering in a micropatch in the new few weeks
  8. He could just play t10 if he really hates being bottom tier.
  9. Well they already lost most of my trust after executing ichasegaming. It's just that conqueror will definitifly be nerfed coz if they don't the entire game's populations (except the potatoes that think its balanced) will riot and force WG to nerf it.
  10. Here's a tip use any advantage too outplay the enemy. Sitting behind islands, using speed as your a cruiser you should be faster and abusing your better maneuverability to sit at your max range and constantly spam HE shells.
  11. You think its bad right now? in early versions of the game the MM spread was +/- 3 tiers, you haven't seen true terror until you face a t10 battleship in your teeny tiny itty bitty t7 ship and get deleted with overpens. Closing the game just because you get the worst matchmaking possible for your ship is extremely douchy and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. The 38k damage AP salvos on BBs are not weird as both the kurfurst and montana can consistently do it at their effective ranges. But yes conqueror will get nerfed but first WG has too "but comrade we collect data for 1 month first too check if trully OP da?" I wish WG would just listen to us sometimes instead of treating us like walking wallets
  13. You can't possibly have any issues with the german ships, i mean they're german german tech best tech in the world
  14. Don't you want to read the salt of the little kid you just dev striked?
  15. OOOH can't wait for 7v7 conqueror battles