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  1. Evergreen

    Why do most moderators have only 5 battles to their name?

    Moderators need at least a number of 5 battles played to be able to reply or write on the forum. And They probaly know more about the game then you ever will, Venom.
  2. Evergreen

    Wat will be the next Free Exp Ship ?

    Anything known about the release date ?
  3. Evergreen

    Wat will be the next Free Exp Ship ?

    The Musachi was removed from the Arsanel, and now me, and a lot of other players ask themself, what will be the next Free Exp Ships, and when will it be released ? There was talking about the Alaska, but no further detail or whatever about it it. So i realy want to know what ship will be the next one you can get for Free Exp, and when is it gonna be released ?
  4. eh, evreything is solved now ? Don't be a drama-queen.
  5. Technical issues all the time for two days allready. Premium time gone, days to complete missions gone. Fix this !!
  6. Evergreen

    B.N.I. is recruiting again.

    B.N.I. is looking for Dutch speaking players that wanna fill up our Ranks. We are a mature, 18+ Clan, that has a lot of fun together. We are more or less competative, but don't have rules that say your Stats need to be at least xx%. The only thing you need to be able to join us is : 18+, Dutch speaking, and use TeamSpeak while you are online. Hope to hear soon from you.
  7. Evergreen

    Match Making in Ranked.

    A lot of people always complain about the fact being low Tier in a +2 Tier match. I never did feel that to harsh myself, and could live with it. But ... Being the only BB in a Ranked Battle, with a CV and 5 DD's ? What amount of Vodka did MM drink ?
  8. Why are you complaining ? Don't like it ? Then stop playing. And... The money you metion you did put in the game ? You did spend it on your own free will. Nobody forced you. Goodbey.
  9. Evergreen

    Re-Claim my Clan.

    They solved my problem as you told me. Merry Chrismass after all :)
  10. Evergreen

    Re-Claim my Clan.

    While is was cleaning up the Clan-Member list, and removing the Member not being online for more then 60 days, i made a BIG mistake. I made a Member Commander of the Clan by mistake. I did ask him to give me back my rank as Commander, but he didn't. He changed all the ranks from the members to Line Officer, so we are not able to play Clan Battles anymore. I made a Ticket, but after 13 hours still no reply from CS. Is there a way to re-claim your Clan ?
  11. Evergreen

    West Virginia in the shop

    Flamu becomes more and more meh himself.
  12. Evergreen

    Oyun istatistikleri görme

    This is the English part of the forum. English or nothing.
  13. Evergreen

    Arkansas Beta, AA-less.

    As many of us know the Arkansas Beta is a good ship, expect her AA. With a AA reting of zero it makes no chance to any CV attack at all. So now comes my question.... When does the Arkansas Beta get some AA ?
  14. Evergreen

    No Clan Battles anymore ?

    For the ones who didn't read the forum anouncements. ColonelPete Admiral of the Fleet Was to tired to link it himself.
  15. Evergreen

    No Clan Battles anymore ?

    Thanks for this very helpfull answer.