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  1. Evergreen

    Italian BB's

    When can we finaly expect the long time ago promised Italian BB line ?
  2. Evergreen


    Hello fellow captains and WG-Crew, Years ago WG promised to make more Operations. Years later .... Is there any hope to let WG make more Operations ? Greetings from The Netherlands.
  3. Evergreen

    Italian BB's

    Hmmm, interesting. Since when is the Wichita a Italian BB ? Seems a bit offtopic ?!?
  4. Evergreen

    Italian BB's

    Subs where talked about by players, and WG said then they won't implement them. However, WG said they wanted to add the Italian BB's asap, 2017. Now we get the subs, but still have to wait for the Italian BB's. Asking myself now, how trustworthy is what WG says ?
  5. Evergreen

    Italian BB's

    Italian BB's was talked about by WarGaming in 2017. Subs was talked about in 2019. Now it's 2020 No Italian BB's, but yes we have Subs. (They promised to never implement in the game).
  6. Evergreen

    Italian BB's

    Dear Wargaming staff and fellow players, Long ago WG promised to introduce the Italian BB line. Since then a lot of other classes have been added to the game, and no word about the Italian BB's anymore. Will they be added at all, or are things like subs far more important ?
  7. Evergreen

    battleship underwater torpedo launchers

    I want Exocet missiles on my DD. *Sarcasm modus off.
  8. hey evergreen wil je joinen bij een nederlandse clan ANBS mocht je nog vrienden hebben zijn ook welkom

    hoor graag van je


    MVG vnnygr

    ars nova bleu steel clan logo.jpg

  9. Evergreen

    Chat bans & support response

    Maybe you have less social skills then you think ?
  10. Evergreen

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    IJN BB's are not realy meant be a sniper. As counts for most BB's BB's are the Tanks, not the Snipers !
  11. Evergreen

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Should they make it Tier 1, to incrase the pain even more ?
  12. And again ... Every clown is possible to join Ranked Battles ... Most of them die within 3 minutes, and then complain about the team being crap. Luckely i have enough painkillers in home to (try) play Rankens at all.
  13. Better remove 50% of all the Radar in the game to start with.
  14. Evergreen

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Same here. Signed up in the first week, but still ...