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  1. Evergreen

    B.N.I. recruitment is open again.

    Stop playing alone, and join us !
  2. B.N.I recruitment is open again. We are looking for Dutch speaking players who want to fill up our ranks, and who are looking for a Clan with members that love to play together. The 3 rules we have are very simple and clear. You have to be 18+ of age. You have to be on our TS while gaming. You have to respect our Clan-Members as well as other players. B.N.I. (Batteries not Included) is a Dutch speaking Clan, that plays several games together, but mainly World of Warships, and we have Dutch and Belgian players among our members. We are a semi-casual Clan, that is casual in the Random Game-Mode, but more competitive during Clan Battles. For the rest you can see us as a bunch of friends playing together, while having fun. Are you a player that can abide by the 3 stated rules above, and you are looking for a Dutch speaking Clan, and want to join us with Clan Battles ? You don't have to be skilled. Even starting players are welcome to join us, as we can help you improve your skill. Is this all looking good to you, and you want to join our Clan ? Then reply to this post, or send one of our Members a in-game message. Hope to see you soon, Evergreen.