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  1. starbase

    The sheer amount of money WG could make but doesn't

    Agreed. They need to find a better way of implementing CVs then what they did with the rework. But that is another topic
  2. starbase

    The sheer amount of money WG could make but doesn't

    CVs broke the game. It really disappointed me. WG has no intention of listening to the community (although this forum doesn't represent the majority). That closed my wallet for good. If there was anything similar (but better) than WoWs I would leave WoWs immediately.
  3. I switched to free-to-play 2 years ago. Now I can ejoy my popcorn while watching WG coming up with new ideas
  4. starbase

    Stream Code

    Thanks, man!
  5. starbase

    Bonus code received by email. Feel free to try.

    Same for me. No e-mail.
  6. Patch took a lot more than one hour to download and install and I did it one day after patch day. With it was maybe 30 minutes. This is waaaay more than before. I thought it may be my ISP or PC but after reading that other people had issues the cause is stronk WG programming obviously.
  7. starbase

    A buff for a balanced meta

    WG proved that they don't care and that they are super lazy by not even trying to revise (or buff if you will) some obsolete premium ships that cost real money. And I don't mean those that were OP and that got weaker over the time with new ships being introduced (kind of natural nerf). Scharnhorst is a good example of an outdated ship. And I payed for it (back in the day while I was still a paying customer). I don't want it straight buffed and made OP (not that I think it was ever OP, it was strong) but they should make it at least fun to play again. You can't bring it to ranked and in randoms there are so many better ships around. If WG were reading our posts and listened to the community I would ask them to make Scharnie great agan. But they simply don't care.
  8. starbase


    I know but have a RL friend that I am in the clan with. Besides, I am not sure how big the NA server is and is the transfer worth it. If it's just a backwater...
  9. starbase


    Feel the same here. I moved to Canada and can play only late evenings and early mornings CET. That means I could play a couple of ranked battles only during weekends
  10. starbase


    The round can find my magazine by chance and not by skill. Even if there was bull's eye painted where to hit to detonate a ship you may or may not hit it due to dispersion. And on top you can prevent it by mounting a flag. So detonation makes no sense to me. And like someone said, forget what may happen in real life as this game has little to do with reality.
  11. starbase


    It's random. It requires you to have a flag to prevent it. If you don't have flags you have to pay for it. It should be removed.
  12. starbase


    Nope. Don't like it. Don't want it. No fun when in island hopping boat.
  13. starbase

    Stream code, QUICK

    Thanks! It worked!
  14. starbase

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    WoWs is a business. You try to make your investment work. I understand and respect that. I paid for my Cossack. Someone paid for Enterprise. You are not going to ban Enterprise or any other CV from ranked as it is not good for business to not allow people to use what they purchased. But by that you "strongly discorage" me to take out my DD or any other ship class strongly affected by CVs. So you are technically not banning my Cossack (thus preventing me to officially complain) but sending me a strong message that you don't actually care for me as a customer. There is nothing my Cossack product can do to counter Enterprise product and make my gaming experience "enjoyable". And joy and fun is what we are supposed to pay for, right? I don't want to go into gameplay and skill level and "just dodge" discussion. I am just an average player but if I can do something to improve my gameplay and counter CVs in DDs then WG should make a tutorial for that and end the discussion once and for all.
  15. starbase

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    CVs are the worst. I am currently grinding EU DD line, currently T6. Almost every battle I enter there are one or two CVs per team. If the CV player is any good he knows that when he gets rid of enemy DD the rest is easy. So I get focused by a CV and I can't cap, I can't spot. If the CV player on my team is not as competent as the enemy CV than it is game over for me. Even then I normally end up being in the top 3 at the end of the battle. There is simply not counter to CVs not only in DDs. If the CV wants a piece of you he will have it no matter which ship you play. I am just an average player but ever since CV rework my WR has been dropping down. And as an average player I don't know what to do anymore. I can't win, I don't have fun... So... I play because there is nothing similar to WoWs to play at the moment.