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  1. killer999death

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Hearing random gunshots very loudly and it's not ships near me who are making the sound. It's literally some random ships gun sounds being played in my headset and it's the most annoying thing ever. Oh yes and torpedo beeps are not playing when this bug is active so that's a very nice feature. 2. Reproduction steps Happens randomly. 3. Result Silently sailing. . . .BOOM!. . . looking around going what the f**k with nearest ship being 10km away. Okay? BOOM! Seriously what the -- BOOM!. . . . . . .BOOM! . . . and then I fire and my guns are more silent than the random gunshots I hear blasting my headset! 4. Expected result I expect to hear my own gun shots and those of ships very near to me not of some random ship blasting my ears louder than my own guns. 5. Technical details 7.1 headset Logitech g430 started with 8.0 update
  2. killer999death

    Do you find in port GUI even less responsive than usual lately?

    I find it bugged. Couple of times I tapped Q or E, UI said my rudder is fully turned by ship just kept going straight.
  3. killer999death

    Where is the action in this game?

    Okay? Pushing in only to get farmed by 4 cruisers, 3 battleships camping behind and island and a destroyer in smoke. That is what I experience the past few weeks. Literally just shells coming from behind islands so I am powerless to do anything. Even ships which don't need to use islands are doing it. Island camping has become such a stupid way of playing this game might as well play Arty in WoT. Even Yamatos are parking behind islands behind objectives and just camping there lobbing shells over. I don't mind pushing in but what I do hate is pushing in and being farmed by 6 ships from behind islands which I cannot spot and fight back against. It's so annoying I wish I could just hit escape to scuttle my ship for a quick trip back to my port instead of playing another 2 minutes getting blasted to pieces by the island camping ships. Just. . . eh. . .
  4. killer999death

    Where is the action in this game?

    The whole camping behind islands has reached the point where it's like playing World of Tanks but half of the team being SPGs and it's making the game seriously stale.
  5. killer999death

    tier 7 carrier play is a joke

    Oh yeah a strafe which kills 0-1 of his planes leaving him with 3
  6. killer999death

    tier 7 carrier play is a joke

    9/10 battles with my Hiryuu against Saipan players who have +1 plane skill. My tier 7 fighters VS his tier 9 fighters. Why, Wargaming, why? Why must you edited* bad players who play the normal tree while those who pay get air superiority gifted to them?
  7. Linked my account to Twitch on 7th December. Received my 1st Twitch container after playing a battle. then 7th December I watched EU and NA official streams, was even actively chatting. Many hours and I got 0 containers. Next day on the 8th December I watched Crisantos' stream and later Flambass stream which apparently have container drops enabled. After about 4 hours I stopped watching. I got zero containers :D
  8. killer999death

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wish to join the lottery. P.S. I remember this from last year. Kudos to doing this again this year!
  9. killer999death

    Ranked Season 10

    3 radar cruiser on one team and the other team gets 0 radars. Balance
  10. killer999death

    My prediction of Soviet BBs special feature

    Special consumable: Crate of vodka = reduces dispersion by 75% for 1 minute
  11. killer999death

    Rant IZUMO ( what the actual EDIT is this joke WG )

    It's a bad ship but guess what, if you learn to play it and get good with a bad ship you pretty much aren't a scrub anymore.
  12. killer999death

    HSF in tha shop!

    The only ARP ship I did not get. .....Oh I wonder why~
  13. killer999death

    HSF in tha shop!

    I'd buy HSF Harekaze if it were 20€ :u Pls WG I'm broked
  14. killer999death

    PSA: Yamato HSF camo

    It's free, wai complain!