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  1. Kr4zy

    Is the "Hunt for Bismark" doable ?

    As a paying player (not for the Hood, see below) with a few premium ships I can use, this event was over in about 20 hours of gameplay. In my opinion, anybody with at least some higher tier BBs (7, 8) and a decent fleet of ships can pull this off in the weeks this campaigns runs. So for that part, I don't agree. This. Selling only the ultimate moneygrab package for the Hood in the first week .. the only words I can find for that will be edited out, so I'll refrain from them. The positive part is: you really don't need the Hood for the campaign, as noted above.
  2. Kr4zy

    Is the "Hunt for Bismark" doable ?

    Everyone is playing BBs because of this, the queue lets you sit for minutes. I skipped this mission, took the kill 5 German BBs, and the two xp grinds. Used a DD to get the kills (tier 5 work better, because you get these BB drivers that sail in a straight line all the time). A few 1500+ base xp games work wonders for the xp grinds.. With the current queue on BBs, I think that will be the faster route.
  3. Kr4zy

    Is the "Hunt for Bismark" doable ?

    I have a premium account, and use premium ships (mostly Fujin and Tirpitz) for the missions, so this is just for reference: I have played 67 battles in the last 3 days, and I am running the final task of mission 7 now. Need 250k damage or so, then the campaign will be complete. Playing the Fujin (or any T5 jap DD for that matter) is a dream with all those BBs in the queue. Even the kill 5 German BB task from mission 7 is doable like that, it cost me 6 games to get 5 ..
  4. Kr4zy

    World of Warships on iOs or Android?

    Porting a PC game to a Android or iOS version is clearly not an option, but seeing the rest of the responses from you, you clearly just want to rant about the state of the game, and have nothing decent to add to the question of the OP. Buy something better then a Russian made toaster, and then come back. The way the controls for the game are set up, it shouldn't be a problem to create an mobile version of the game as they did with WoT Blitz. True. Seems to be a thread about it on the German forums: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/32619-world-of-warships-assistant-app/
  5. Kr4zy

    World of Warships on iOs or Android?

    I have that tablet (Nvidia Shield Tablet), which has absolutely no problem with WoT Blitz. Why would it have problems with a WoWS version?
  6. Kr4zy

    Ultimatum for the developers

    OP: Swearing, masked profanities, ultimatums.. Did you follow the guidelines for avoiding collisions between ships? They have been posted on this forum. I would like to see a screenshot with your 'friendly' remark against somebody hitting you in your nimble destroyer.. Guess it wasn't friendly, wasn't it? Please leave the internet. We won't miss you.
  7. Kr4zy

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    So, this thread is actually about NA getting a live stream from Wargaming, and EU got a professional streamer that really doesn't seem to care about WoWS (although together with 2 WG employees that did answer questions from Reddit) QB is a good WoT streamer, and I like to watch his stream, but for WoWS? No thanks. His account was level 8 until one day before the release, several remarks that clearly show that there is a noob level knowledge of the game.. When I compare that with streamers like SideStrafe (US based) the difference is huge. Knowledge of the game, and the love for the naval battles is visible in every stream / video. As he also streams on decent European times you should have asked him.. Looking at the stuff happening in Russia and US for the launch, WG EU missed another boat.. I am not going to ask for nice discount deals, because you going to hit us with big [edited]packages with useless stuff we don't need anyway..
  8. Kr4zy

    Deck crew

    World of Warcraft disagrees..
  9. Kr4zy

    Critical error, unable to extract update

    Did you check the space on both drives? Another option: see if you can find .log files in the installation directory of WoWS. You might find a better description of the error in there.
  10. Kr4zy

    no hardware rasterisation devises found

    Google is your mighty friend.. From the SEA server: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/6409-error-no-hardware-rasterisation-devices-found/
  11. Kr4zy

    Critical error, unable to extract update

    1) Your download might be corrupt, have you tried to download it again, and then reinstall? 2) Check the drive space on the C drive, (and on the install drive if it differs from the C drive) if either one of those is (almost) full, it can't extract the game files.
  12. Are you using a dual monitor setup, or are you playing the game in windowed mode (or both) ?
  13. Kr4zy

    JustANotherSatCHel plays ... World of Warships

    Hehe, know that ' starting a YT channel because of ' argument from somewhere I also save all the replays, but when I play a good game, I pick up the replayfile and throw it in another folder, so that I can find it back later. But don't forget to record it before the version of WoWS changes Good luck, and keep the videos coming! (Oh, and if it starts running, contact WG Support for the permission to monetize your videos. You can add ads then. It doesn't give you much (I earned 70 euro over the last year, but hey, 70 bucks is 70 bucks)
  14. Kr4zy

    JustANotherSatCHel plays ... World of Warships

    You are the luckiest DD driver there is Martin .. (@4:30 ... ). That was some good entertainment I recommend hugging islands a bit less ;) One question, is there a reason you limit your video to 720p, and not 1080p? Oh, and you might want to take a look at this video from TheMightyJingles about enabling replays: The replay system gives you an option for some awesome ingame footage.