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  1. got the Odin after loosing sweat, blood and tears the past couple of weeks :p saved up all the doubloons earned as rewards + 1k supercontainer paying for +/- half of the required 2 last stages :p also the results for my first game in the Odin :D
  2. *heavy breathing* who said the french are pussy's who can't fight? :p 15.000 coal as a bonus for beeing a good boy
  3. from a few days ago could not post sooner, having back problems, high on pain medication
  4. it's either buying food or die from starvation their is another side on that "me too" crap convicted 4,5y ago for a crime i did not commit or was proven in court, lost my job, no one will hire me, mentaly broken, . . .
  5. won my first battle in tier X venezia, got a supercontainer for the snowflake this was inside:
  6. when you take a screenshot of your own death at the right time
  7. i know the feeling bro i might not be a unicum, but i to fall victim to players abusing the report system wargaming support either via regular ticket system of twitter is no help at all, and thats putting it nice way
  8. just under 160.000 damage in the tier IX Friesland, not bad for a destroyer with only 4 guns and 0 torpedo's :p
  9. is spending 1 milion free XP a achievement? :p
  10. https://replayswows.com/replay/67058#stats
  11. and that on a loss *mixed feelings*
  12. i might when a bit overboard with the flags :p
  13. my best game recently is this one in the paper armored minotaur :p God save the Queen!