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  1. Hello guys :) how are u ?

    1. OGameOneO


      I am fine, and you :D ?


  2. dodolino

    Open beta or New code aplications for closed beta!

    I know guys but i cant afford and im afraid if i buy it and i dont like the game then what 150kn(20e) thrown in the wind :/
  3. When will they open beta or allow us to applicate for closed beta i've been waiting for a good 3 months now cause they didnt send me notifications that u can apply and i subscribed Share this untill they notice this and allow us to try out the amaizing game of World of Warships that i want to play like World of Tanks! Cheers dodolino
  4. When will there be another beta invite ? I've missed both cause u didnt send me a notification and i subscribed :/ ?