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  1. DigitalMist

    Odem Mortis International X [OMNI-WS-X] is Recruiting

    Hello, I have played with you guys before (even you Zgicc though you might not remember) and I would like to improve my game further. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500875835-DigitalMist/!/pvp/overview/
  2. DigitalMist

    Should I go for Gearing or Shimakaze?

    Personally, I would go for the Gearing as it has more utility and is a more balanced ship compared to the Shimakaze. The main issue I have with the higher tiered IJN DDs is actually their torpedoes, not because they are slow or have low damage but because of the incredibly long reload time with over two minutes on the Shimakaze and at that point, I think you are going to have more diminishing returns than not before you are able to engage again. But this really comes down to your personal preference and playstyle.
  3. DigitalMist

    Windows 10 and wow

    Hmm.. Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers?
  4. DigitalMist

    Nvidia Geforce Experience and WoWs.

    My issue with it is that people relies on it being a "perfect solution" instead of tweaking the settings themselves.
  5. DigitalMist

    Windows 10 and wow

    What kind of GPU are you using?
  6. DigitalMist

    Nvidia Geforce Experience and WoWs.

    It has been my experience never to trust something like Geforce Experience for "optimal" settings in games. I don't have it installed and I don't see why anyone would.
  7. With the current technical issues with Comhem here in Sweden, and having to go through a VPN to even make this post, I am curious what WGs policies are on VPNs as their EULA, TOS and support pages show nothing. Am I good as I don't do anything that would look suspicious (like jump between a dozen exit nodes within the next five minutes)?
  8. DigitalMist

    Advice sought

    Go with a AA setup, find nearest friendly cv to hug and harvest enemy cv tears.
  9. DigitalMist Maintenance and Patch notes

    I really don't understand the disdain for wallet warriors, I find them, on the contrary, to be a reliable source for lulz if they just spent the cash on a Tirpitz or a Atago or what-the-[edited]-ever and then plays like a clown with downs. All you really need at that point is your favorite beverage and popcorn. And depending on the premiums tickle my fancy, I might buy them. For added lulz because now I know there is some clownshoes on these forums that go absolutely mental at the idea of premiums.