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  1. gazza10001

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    If he has no more hp to lose then he s dead
  2. gazza10001

    CV Rework - the other Elephant in the Room

    Can someone clarify for me please in the you tube video you see 4 cvs on each team is this the new format now for the CV rework or will it be capped at 2 cvs per side as alot of poeple are talking off jsut 2 cvs per side but videos show that potentially depending on the ships in the battle queue that you could end up with 4 cvs per side in the worst case scenario
  3. Hi Guys I am looking to apply to yourselves i appreciate you are longer actively recruiting im looking to join an active clan for clan wars and socailising i have a number of tier 10 ships Crusiers, dds and Battleships i have over 200 clan battles of experience i am looking to join due to my clan no longer actively doing clan battles and looking for a like minded sort of players easy going but competitive. if you could look at my stats they are just average but i am a very active player and always looking to getting involved in clan events