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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Entering the raffle. There is a joke that the one who buys lottery tickets - pays taxes for not learning statistics But this is free!!!
  2. Meanwhile on russian server: https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/action/get_your_revolution/ The event to get the Russian premium battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya Task 1: 50 wins + 300k damage to battleships Task 2: 30k pure XP + 300k damage to destroyers Task 3: 50 citadels + 300k damage to cruisers Task 4: 100 planes + 3k ribbons Just being late or we wont get it?
  3. Lithuanian Naughty Fingers [LT-NF] Since this community is only for Lithuanian speaking individuals, all following information is in Lithuanian Sveiki tautiečiai, prašom prisijungti prie didžiausio ir seniausio Lietuviško klano WOWs. Mūsų nemažai ir lošiam daug (kai kas net per daug), didžioji dalis narių aktyvūs 4-5d. per savaitę ir nuolat naudojam TS3, dalyvaujam turnyruose, darom misijas, dalinamės informacija ir padedam vieni kitiem tobulėt. Įdomu? Puiku, tikimės, kad kiekvienas norintis prisijungti turi bent 2lvl. jumoro jausmą ir supranta sarkazmą. Mikrofonas yra būtinas! Jei finansinė padėtis to neleidžia, bet noras yra - tai mūsų klane yra pakamai daug emigrantų, kurie su malonumu jums atsiųs mikrofoną Kontaktai žaidime: AdmirolasLT, Andress, Agent_Swift, Ertas, Tomasikis, Rukas2012, OttoZander P.S. jei žaidi ir nori žaist su sava chebra susirask mus žaidime ir išsiųsk paraišką
  4. Limited time buying - Premium ships

    my guess is french T5-6 BB Donqirque or whatever is spelled
  5. Retraining LVL18 Captain 5mil xp points?

    So I have received official answer from WG, and they went full P2W here. Long story short - its easier to grind new captain to LVL18 then to retrain WITHOUT using gold. "Ahoy lakunas, This is not a bug as the retraining cost a % of the EXP amount you need to reach the next level. A level 19 Captain (18 skill points) require 9.999.999 experience to get to level 20 (19 skill points). Therefore retraining a captain at this level require ~ 5 million exp for free or 2,5 million exp for 200.000 credits. Only the retraining for doubloons does not cost you experience. Best regards, Martin Ahnen Wargaming.net Customer Service Representative https://eu.wargaming.net/support/"
  6. Retraining LVL18 Captain 5mil xp points?

    Exactly,retraining is not worth it. So is this just a mistake or does WG wants us to spend those doubloons so much. Opened a ticked at support, lets see what they will have to say
  7. Hi all, So wanted to move my lvl18 captain to different ship and noticed that free retraining is 5mil and the one for 200,000 credits its 2.5mil XP points. OFC the one for 500gold does the job, but the question here is it possible for a person without gold to retrain his captain when that requires atleast 2.5mil XP points? Screens attached
  8. Win an Atago by Uploading to WoWReplays.com

    Would like to share my replay of Fletcher http://wowreplays.com/Replay/1562-Fletcher-Canada-Fletcher
  9. Bullseye

    7 citadel in New Mexico
  10. Never ending wins

    I would guess that you are playing CO-OP battles versus AI opponents
  11. Not published yet on eu or usa blog, but here it is: Quite awesome i would say P.S. also died a bit everytime i heard "yamata"