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  1. _Zeromancer_

    Some of the great details of the North map, in real life.

    Nah, no need to feel ashamed. Though I've known for a long time that North map is based on Norway, I always thought it was northern Norway (it reminds me of Lofoten). So I hadn't noticed the Trondheim landmarks either, until I tok a closer look at it today.
  2. _Zeromancer_

    Some of the great details of the North map, in real life.

    I'm very impressed. One thing is to find landmarks from my own home area in a game (never happened to me before in all my years as a gamer). But to find details from my own youth in a game is to me just mindblowing.
  3. I've been playing around with some of my replays, using the free cam to look at the details. And to my great joy I found my home city. Ok, they have not actually depicted the city as it looks in real life. But they got the name and some of its landmarks there. So I decided to share this with you as a big shout-out to the map designer of the map North. I live in Norway, in the city Trondheim. Some of Trondheims landmarks are 'bryggene', old pier houses that's build on the banks of the river Nidelven. And here's the game version of bryggene. Notice the name Trondheim (small misspell it seems). Trondheim Samvirkelag = Trondheim cooperative. Just outside the city, in the fjord, there's an old monestary that later became a fort. It is called 'Munkholmen'. And here's the game version. But the detail that really got to me is a little know part of Norwegian history, the old ship type 'Jekt'. Here's we can see the ship in game. Here's the ship in real life. This ship type was used as cargo vessel in the old Pomor trade (Norway- Russia from 1740 to 1917), though the ship type itself goes all the way back to late viking age, as it is based on earlier viking cargo vessels. Today there's only one existing ship left of this type, and that's 'Jekta Pauline' in the photos above. Today she's a floating museum. And the reason this detail touched me so much, is that I worked on and sailed this ship for over two years. I don't know who the designer of the North map is, but I love you and the details in your work.
  4. _Zeromancer_

    Port and starboard - meaning, history

    Starboard is actually a term created by the vikings.
  5. _Zeromancer_

    Ungrateful people that just don't compliment

    I rarely compliment players, since I find it hard to pinpoint who does what in the heat of the battle. But I always compliment my team in the chat when they/we do good. If a player is outstanding, I give him a compliment point though.
  6. _Zeromancer_

    game breaking bug

    You know you're a bad captain when your ship decide to dump you and run off..
  7. _Zeromancer_

    Wargaming... Wargaming never changes.

    Why should WarGaming change? As long as players keep giving them money for the bundles they got no reason to change. It's the buyers fault that WG keeps pumping out bundles..
  8. _Zeromancer_

    Ranked LeaderBoards (Beta) Now w/ Player Detail & Compare

    Let me see if I got this right; EU, RB season 2 shows 41 players (player #41 got to rank 14). So I wonder, is there only 41 players that reached rank 14 and higher on EU server last season?
  9. _Zeromancer_

    Question, how can I make/enter a training room?

    I see. Thanks guys.
  10. I've seen in videoes that there's training rooms you can enter to test ships. But I can't find where to access them. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
  11. _Zeromancer_

    Battkeship pink indicator

    [edited] But killing teamkillers will turn you pink aswell, so in the next game you're the teamkiller that other will kill off..
  12. _Zeromancer_

    Battkeship pink indicator

    True. That way you are just stupid. Don't shoot at team mates no matter what they do, or you're no better than teamkillers..
  13. _Zeromancer_

    Battkeship pink indicator

    As I've understod it, you need to do several TKs and/or a good amount of damage to get pink. So this means you either TK deliberate, or you are totally blind and useless to handle your ships and guns..
  14. _Zeromancer_

    Battkeship pink indicator

    1. By shooting at your own teams ships. 2. Not sure, but it will be there for a few days. Maybe a week or so.
  15. _Zeromancer_

    When is a Kill not a Kill ?

    Why should the person that does most damage but not the final shot get the kill? Lets say I alone hammers down a enemy ship by 60% (most damage done, right?) and then the enemy kills me. So comes my team mate and kills off the enemy ship. Is it then fair I get the kill since I did most damage to him..?