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  1. pjnt

    Loading into battle can take ... forever

    8GB Ram; did a fresh install 2 patches ago. Drivers updated yesterday when problem started. Thanx all. Will see if new patch being installed now will help, if not, another fresh install and then a ticket. Cheers!
  2. Hey all, I have been having a problem getting into a game. I choose a ship, MM finds a game and on the loading screen it just sits. I can see all the other ships moving on the map tab, but I don't join! I am certain this has pissed of my team mates to no end. Any one else? Any solutions? Cheers, pjnt
  3. pjnt

    Game crashing

    Same memory problems here as OP. Tried the antivirus, no luck. I don't get out of the load screen... bit frustrating. I'll give them a few days to put out a fix. WG is pretty good at that. Added; Just updated drivers, not luck either. Re-installing Re-installing worked.
  4. pjnt

    Hitting ships for no damage after update?

    I get the bouncing; however fire means something for damage no? Even if someone puts out the fire fast, doesn't that at least cause a single point>? He was full HP before the hits and full after. Never seen that before. Thanks all for responces.
  5. Hey, I just hit a Cleveland 4 times, 3 hits and 1 burn with my Fuso for no damage. Any one else see this? Cheers, PJNT
  6. pjnt

    Server problems anyone?

    Yah, nightmareish... Can't play.
  7. pjnt

    Show us your best round.

    Epic. really good fun that.
  8. pjnt

    Epic game 4me

    Hey, I know others have done better, however; this is my best to date as a game. Not the most damage, but easily the best exp. and overal domination.
  9. pjnt

    AC - customise

    Hey all, It would be nice if we could choose the aircraft on the AC. With the moduals, as you go up, you can select the type of aircraft you want on the carrier. This would be nice. pjnt[-CES-]
  10. pjnt

    200 games in - verdict to date

    Cheers, but there seems to be more where that -1 came from! Water off a ducks back. I had an idea and it was taken to an extreme level and a pile of unfounded conclusions resulted. As for "Figment"; he chose an apt name from me at this point. Keyboard worriers. I enjoy they game and will stick to that and people like minded. I'll have a think on the torpedo and map size questions, however, it really doesn't bother me that much. I figure once a torp is on the water, it is "hostile" to everyone. Just need to keep a heads up as best you can. That is why my concern of FF was worded that way. I've been killed and killed a freindly completly by mistake. Take out a ship near an island and one torp goes off into fog only to see 30 seconds later a friendly destroyer go down. Perhaps when there are more maps I will reasses. If many games are ending in draws, then perhaps the time limt could change, or even, I can't believe I am saying it, reduce the map size! Just brainstorming out loud. Cheers
  11. pjnt

    200 games in - verdict to date

    Thanks for that! You saved my belief in humanity on these forums. Wow.
  12. pjnt

    200 games in - verdict to date

    There is a difference between critique and insult. Google is your friend.
  13. pjnt

    200 games in - verdict to date

    lol, dude you got some anger issues to deal with. Using words like "ignorant" and "no idea" pretty much allow me to disregard the rest. Relax and have a twinkie. as for the weather, the low spec systems could easily just grey out areas instead of having rain. Or something that isn't as graphically intensive?
  14. Hi! First off, it's beta, so nothing here is critical. Criticism first, torps. But I bet once they cost money and the ships have a limited quantitiy, they won't spam the water. Too many team kills from blind shooting masses of torps into unknow water. Again, if you only have 6 reloads and they cost your first born to shoot, this should be OK. Maps could be bigger, but I assume that will change, too. Add weather conditions, to limit sight; which was a big thing in actual naval battles. Fog, rain, snow etc. Cuts down the sight to arms length at times. Couldn't see the bow of the ship from the command deck! Other than that I am remarkably happy with the game. It's not WoT, so this is good because if I want to shoot tanks, I play WoT. It has a similar style/model, but different gameplay. Really looking forward to the next stages! pjnt[-CES-]