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  1. Valathorn


    Tu byłem...Pokój na TSie odwiedziłem :)
  2. Valathorn

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    Again about CVs: I miss 2 CV classes which played very important role during WWII - Yorktown (+ Hornet & Enterprise) and Wasp (USN codes CV-5÷8). I don't remember if it was mentioned somewhere before, but it seems IX tier is missing and I'd like to see those types there. As Wasp was only ship in his class it could become premium CV...
  3. Valathorn

    Buff dla DB (Dive bombers)

    Celnośc jest OK - jak atakujesz wzdłuz osi okrętu to celnośc jest wystarczająca. Ale DMG to juz kompletna porażka...
  4. Valathorn

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    I play mostly CVs now so my few cents into discussion: I noticed that DiveBombers are practically useless now - their damage is x-times less than torpedo ones. During WWII on Pacific most ships were sunk by DBs... Now torp dmg is ~5k average and bomb ~500 !!! I made many hits on BBs with dmg of 100...200 ... It's crazy... Historically 1 good placed bomb could cripple DD... now it can make a fire and some not high damage... I don't know how it is on higher tiers (played Cvs upto full 6 so far) but now DBs are almost useless... 2) There should not be set number of squadron types of each plane type. Player should have possibility to choose type of squadrons he wants onboard - only number of total should be set - related to tier/upgrades/skills etc.
  5. Valathorn

    Atlanta AAA

    Cytat z FAQ: How will you realize shooting down aircraft for ships armed with dual-purpose major caliber guns? This feature is still under development. Czyli planują taką możliwość - CLAA będa wymiatać wtedy