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  1. ixox

    US Battleships

    I dont find the range to be much of a issue. Use the modification to increase it and its decent. Thing i find that lower tiers suffer from low penetration (or i was really unlucky all the time) so i ended upp using a lot of HE specialy on wyoming. New york felt a bit better and now im at new mexico. Speed is also an issue as if you chose wrong flank you can easy find your self isolated and sitting duck.On the other hand once the rudder has shifted US BB are manouverable and turn tighter than IJN BB (can dance between torps sometimes like you wouldnt belive). Armor is good but you have to angle it, but its not that hard since the ships turn rather quickly for a BB..
  2. ixox

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    HMS Rodney
  3. ixox

    Nations lineup (Keep it clean)

    My personal favorites are as follows: 1. I wants my Rodney (Nelson-class) 2. I wants my Vittorio Veneto (Littorio-class) 3. I wants my Bismarck (Bismarck-class) 4. I wants my Jean Bart (Richelieu-class) Rest i dont really care when they come ...