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    MM acting wierd

    So how do you propose to take on a Omaha in a Kawachi? Ive had several Tier 5 and 6 matches in the Kawachi, and even unupgraded ships outspeed, range and damage the Kawachi. 20 Knots top speed, 9K cannon range. The Omaha is more like 30 Knots and 13K range. Get close? Eat some torpedoes.
  2. Samlow

    Stop nerfing my stats by screwing me over

    Well.. just like in WoT matchmaking luck affects everybody. We tend to forget the matches we steamroll ourselves because they were a breeze and fun. I remember the close tough matches and the bad mm matches. I had such a bad day yesterday. 3x in a T6 battle in my kawachi. One of those today too. Today I won that match. But lost my 1.5x bonus to 200xp because it wasnt fast enough to actually get in range. Got one hit on a destroyer. Tier 3 is just so hopelessly outmatched in both movement speed and firing range. Some matchups just shouldnt be possible like these extremes. Theyre not fun even if you win.