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  1. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    Close the Wargaming updater (lower right in among the hidden icons on the taskbar) and open the game client. Automatic updating will ensue.
  2. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Epicenter Maps

    TBH, I'd prefer the option to be able to turn such game modes off. I like the domination concept, less/no draws BUT, Domination with more than 2 cap points for a (mainly) DD player such as myself can be quite frustrating as you spend most of your own battle darting around trying to cap zones only to see your team lose them. My main problem with the epicenter mode is that (this is just my own observation) it makes already camp-orientated BB's even more 'campy' while the DD's scurry around trying to secure the cap. You can't really blame the BB's for hanging back, any BB that (foolishly) makes it into the center circle gets obliterated. Anyway, as I said, personally, I'd prefer an option to turn Epicenter and multi-point Domination modes off. I just want to do dmg, outwit my opponent(s) and play the game. I don't want to run around capping zones.
  3. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    No, very biased towards gunboats. And which other nation favours gunboats in it's 'fleet'....Yep. You guessed it. The Russians. Says it all really.
  4. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Karma mechanic

    At the time or me writing this, mine currently stands at 7, it was at 5 two days ago. I mean, that's great and all but what are the benefits to the player with good karma and negating effects to the player with bad karma? As far as I can see, when viewing another player's profile on the website, karma isn't shown and nor is it shown in battle, so that guy next to you in battle might be a colossal b3ll 3nd, and you won't even know it until they've just dumped a spread of torps into you, or at the same time, they might be a good player, who if you 'buddy up' with him, or her, in a battle, you may produce some bloody good results together. Is it too much to ask for Wargaming to offer some real clarity on a subject for once? o7
  5. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Where can I see info about the ship's armor thickness?

    There's very basic info if you hover the cursor over 'Armour' in the survivability section of the drop down menus in port.
  6. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Trap Gamemode

    Personally, I'd bin the mode altogether. I'm not in favour of cap orientated matches, two point domination on any map, is fine for me but the four point domination and trap modes are far too cap orientated for my own personal liking and the game dictates the game rather than the players doing so. For DD players, a four point domination battle can be like trying to jump through a hoop, do the ironing with a broom stuck up your backside so you can sweep up while you do 1 and 2.
  7. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Losing? the problem is no teamwork

    As has been already said, the Atago (or any other premium tier 8 for that matter) would be the LAST premium ship I'd advise a new player to purchase. You'll not learn a lot from being citadel'd by Yamato's and Montana's. Better to look further down the tech tree to maybe tier 2/3/4 for a premium ship imo.
  8. Hogwild_Gankhammer


    If your DD 'that has crippled half the enemy team' actually has crippled half the enemy team, and the DD's team has played well and avoided being wiped out then your DD will win when the clock runs out....Get what I'm saying or do I have to spell something simple out like I've had to do countless times before in this thread?
  9. Hogwild_Gankhammer


    Or maybe a game mode with no cap zones, the teams play against the clock. The team with the most hp left at the end wins even though I guess that kind of mode would be hard to implement because the mm would need to put an almost identical amount of hp on each team to begin with. I don't know what the lemmings and sheep would make of that with no 'mystic cap circle' to aim for though....
  10. Hogwild_Gankhammer


    Germany DID build an aircraft carrier. Graf Zeppelin but as far as I know she never saw service. She was taken by the Russians at the end of the war and sunk en route to Russia OR sunk on purpose, I don't know. Her wreck was found by the Polish navy recently.
  11. Hogwild_Gankhammer


    Exactly, I'd say everyone should have the choice of what they play. In that regard our argument for the option should work both ways. I genuinely like the mode...It's just when 3/4 of your team are steaming around aimlessly, sitting on one cap zone, getting the sh!t torped out of them while the other 1/4 try to do something positive and influence the battle it gets pretty tiresome. It's awesome when the teams play the mode as intended but when they don't....
  12. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    CVs disappearing

    This happened to me as well with a Japanese carrier and I was all like 'WTF! O.O'....Then I did some research on the detection ranges
  13. Hogwild_Gankhammer

    Fix MM already!

    With no fail detachments.
  14. Hogwild_Gankhammer


    Twice, I been accused of being in the 'No cap...Kill all' fraternity....Not the case and who's hiding at the back? Not me..... All I want is: (I'll assume you've read everything I posted here....) The player should have the OPTION, same as in WoT, to turn the game mode on or off as they please. The same as with the WoT game modes, I like the game mode itself, it's a good concept and enjoyable and I understand it. OTHERS....Don't understand it. That's why I want to turn it off for MYSELF, not remove it from the game for everyone. I don't think that half of you beta guys get what I'm saying, you seem to think that I'm saying that just because I myself (and many others besides me), don't want to partake in the Domination mode battles then the entire community shouldn't be allowed to play it. It's MY choice. Same as I did with WoT, When we do get the option to turn it off I'll be doing just that, not because I don't get it but because others don't. o7