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  1. DasLumiman

    175mb patch today, what is it?

    Title says it all
  2. DasLumiman

    Will WoWS only contain real ships?

    Well both the Amagi and the Montana never existed, but then again their designs were real.
  3. Title says it all. And how come paper beats rock?
  4. DasLumiman

    Too much RNG for BB?

    So waves doesent affect the smaller cruisers and destroyers then? By that logic cruisers and destrtoyers should be even less accurate
  5. DasLumiman

    Too much RNG for BB?

    NERF! I meant nerf ofc! sorry about that!
  6. DasLumiman

    Too much RNG for BB?

    I have played just over 100 battles so I am by no means a pro, but i still somehow have a 59% winrate. The thing is when playing BB the RNG just becomes unbearable. The worst part is the accuracy, you aim can be perfect, but still you are lucky to hit anyting because its basicly spray and pray. And when you hit something you do anything from 120dmg to 11000 (as a Fuso). Sure its fun when you actually get lucky and 1hit a cruiser but most of the time I just curse at the screen when most of my shots go to either side of the target with 1 or 2 hitting for 500dmg. Imo it would be more enjoyable to play BB if they became more accurate but got a dmg nerf. Its just so frustrating when your aim is good but the RNG is bad. DD's are fine because torpedos are pure skill and go were you aim them, and so are Cruisers since their guns are accurate. CV's Im not sure about since ive never played them. But long unreadable stroy short: Deastroyers, Cruisers and Carriers = skill Battleships = luck. Sorry for the horrible english. I'm trying my best here