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  1. wonder ?

    ok thanks i tray that
  2. wonder ?

    i,m sorry butt what where is that YOKOSUKA PORT .what is that ???
  3. wonder ?

    hi-i wonder why i dont gett the ARP KONGO BOAT. i finich the callange kongo,when i goo to IDS_ARPRGGIO to gett the boat i come to boat wikkers .and when i,m in at the chopp to se my gift the are nothing ther at all why???
  4. mmm

    hi i hawe å bigg probb to gett in game ,my e-mail is good butt my pass is not good ,but i hawe change that so i belive i chud gett in ,mmm butt no the pass is wrong what the hell is thhis i gett in to forum chop butt not in game this is bulll