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    Radar Consumable

    + it allows cruisers to play a more individual agressive playstyle without the risk of getting nuked in the water. (this does not add to teamplay as it offers a sudden supereffective form of defence for solo warriors) Thats all the + there is... - Pretty much makes camoflage useless on a DD since it is not reliable anymore. (Mainly affecting USN DD's because of the short ranged torps) - on my Benson my torps go 8km, I get spotted from a greater distance when enemy cruisers light the radar up. Rendering torps and the benson completely useless If the intention of radar is to promote teamplay, It is not executed correctly. A group op DD can no longer hunt isolated cruisers. I understand it is introduced to counter Torpedo walls, and it probbably will do that. But it does WAY more. How many DD are actually capable of creating a wall of torpedoes anyway? Shima and Kagero? Thats it right? Then they should balance those and not nerf all DD.. Isolated ships should always be a target for DD's. Whether if it's a CV, DD, BB of cruiser. If now a group of 2 DD pushes slightly forward to attack a lonesome cruiser, they get "surprised" spotted and attacked by the whole fleet, Because they are in range... The only defence one had in a DD was popping smoke. You now get spotted without any means of defence or escape, nor any effective means of attack. Balanced: Hydroacoustic search YES (might even be slightly underpowered, certainly in comparison with the radar skill) Radar NO Possible solutions: - introduce radar jamming consumable for DD - nerf power of radar on spotting ships (spotting torps is allowed) combined with below - nerf duration of consumable on spotting torps, to 5-10 sec, but also shorten cooldown ( a good cruiser played should selden be surprised torped anyway)