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  1. Ziddix

    WG & EU

    Nobody is being discriminated over geographical borders. If anything, it's over money, which is largely the same thing, but still.. details!
  2. What happening here is (I imagine) this: WG EU has a sales target, like most companies that sell crap. This target is formulated in €/player Since EU has a huge amount of players with very huge differences in amount of money or disposable income, this €/player number is likely lower than on every other server. Therefor sales managers go "Grrr!" and "Extract more €!" I'd love to get an official response telling me I'm wrong as well.
  3. Ziddix


    I don't really like it, not because it's unfair or I don't earn as many credits as I used to (it's neither here nor there really) but the game seems to reward you more for... I don't actually know what to be honest. It seems pretty random. Some games where I do really well, I get bleh credits and the next game in which I played pretty shitty, I get all the credits because I managed to survive my shitty situation without really doing much in return for longer than three minutes). It punishes passive play which is good (although I think punishing it is harsh, you should have just encouraged non passive play more), it rewards teamplay (woohoo) The only thing that's missing now is a person with a gun that stands behind every world of warships player and promptly executes them every time they do not give it their all to play for the good of the team but this is probably a little expensive to pull off. What I am trying to say: Rewarding teamplay while punishing passive play without enforcing teamplay is crap. How enforce teamplay? Smaller maps, smaller teams, clearly defined roles for ships (not just shiptypes). Is it doable? Probably not. For now, just abandon the idea of trying to force people to play as part of a team and make sure the people who don't want to play as part of a team don't get shat on financially.
  4. Ziddix

    World of Warships and it's Vsync

    The game is just incredibly poorly optimised. Wait a year or three and they will get around to it. It was the same for WoT. That game only recently started making good use of system resources.
  5. The solution is obvious: Remove torpedoes and aircraft carriers, battleships are less afraid and do what you want them to do
  6. Ziddix

    Exchanging elite ships xp for in-game goods

    Signal flags, definitely. If anything like this ever happens, I doubt it will extend to the flags that give you XP, FreeXP and Credits but that is fine. Elite ship XP for performance signals would be awesome.
  7. Ziddix

    Tirpitz swapping ammo by itself ?

    It doesn't do it by itself, you just keep fat fingering it back to HE after looking at your torps (which are very sexy btw)
  8. Title Also this doesn't look like a flag I have ever seen:
  9. Ziddix

    Most Missions are inpossible to complete for CV's

    During the 10,000,000 damage grind for Captain Extraction, I completed the second, third and last mission of the Sisters of Fog mission driving mainly a Izumo (wanted to unlock the Yamato) and then a Tirpitz (needed money for the Yamato). It comes together if you just play the game.
  10. Ziddix

    monster ships

    I find aircraft carriers more annoying than destroyers =( No I don't drive destroyers all day.
  11. Ziddix

    219 HE hits - 4 Fires Atago

    I am pretty sure it is just you being paranoid. That has never happened to me if I didn't mash the wrong button at some point.
  12. Ziddix

    Ingame nickname messed up after St. Patrick's update

    What is the problem? It looks like your username is too long and thus it gets shortened? Is it not meant to be that username?
  13. Ziddix

    Time of day for increase in lag

    That would make sense because it's around that time that most people are playing but I haven't noticed any increase or decrease in lag myself, unless their server is being crap.
  14. Ziddix

    Turning a ship using the anchor

    There are a lot of things like that the game could really do with and they would add some spice to the whole thing although I guess they don't want to give people too many things to do because that becomes hard to learn and hard to balance, which is not necessarily a bad thing but yeah. Things like turning the ship by reversing the propeller on one side (long and narrow ships aren't so good at this) were pretty common when the rudder was damaged. Putting engines in reverse must have been done all the time but it is not possible in the game. If you set your ship to go backwards, it first slows down to a stop and then begins reversing. There is no instant, flip to reverse to brake manouver... All of these things add complexity though that needs to be balanced.
  15. Ziddix

    Turning a ship using the anchor

    I haven't seen Battleship but I assume, you are talking about the "new" one, with navy ships fighting aliens? I have seen it a bunch of times, particularly in films about wooden sailing ships. I did some research on the internets and apparently this was called "club hauling" and actually done! I didn't expect that to be real although I doubt it is done in the same way as shown in the PoC movie but here is a clip anyways (2:51): It seems, in reality, they used a different kind of anchor for this kind of thing though. Sorry if this is a bit off topic as it has nothing to do with steel warships =p