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    Completely forgot(?) my account

    I have facebook connected with the same email account. And i havent ever registered via facebook or smth similiar. I may sound psycho, but i'm completely SURE that i used the same account as i have been using for WoT.
  2. Deztroyer

    Completely forgot(?) my account

    Most accounts are linked to an email address- what does that mean, cant understand it. The log on has always based on email and pw, right? And i have only 1 email taht i use for WG. And tell me about the different servers? You mean US and EU? cause on log in there is only EU server?
  3. Deztroyer

    Completely forgot(?) my account

    Hey, Writing my magical problem here, So i remember playing this game like few months ago. Remember that my highest battleship was South-Carolina. Some days ago i wanted to play this game again, and after update my game kept crashing on loading screen. So i did reinstall and everything works fine now. I logged in with my 5 years old WG-s account and what i see is empty account. No credits, no ships, no battles- nothing. Contacted WG by ticket and all they can say is that looks like i've never played WoWS before. My question is -> is there any information about my "last" game even tho i unistalled it for reinstall. Where could i find any information about accounts that were used on that PC? Looks like i'm somekind of psycho trying to remember account which is used to play WoWS with. I have 1(one) gaming email and i don't see a reason why i should've used another email(account) to play WoWS because i have played WoT before with that 1(one) account which i am writing from. Sorry for long post and sorry for my poor English, Thanks