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  1. Joergensen

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Thank you WG, im actually happy that they did screw this over, been using lots of money(to much) on the game trying to collect all premium ships ( since i have all T10 ships). Was kinda thinking that WG would have to start changing their policy against the community sooner or later, adress some game issues and such.. Finally i did get bumped out of my hopes and....spending, (about 50 Euros a month on average). The thing that did it wasnt that WG wants to make money, but that they dont give a crap about the community, and their own game as an activity. So mixed feelings, but i got premium for 300-400 days and enough gold to respec captains for a long time. Do really like the idea of world of warship, but... the player base they are aiming for isnt what i look for in a game or sosial activity. THX, now im going to start saving 50 Euros a month, maybe travel some more ;)
  2. Joergensen

    Ranked Battles

    Ranked an good idea badly designed. A couple of moths ago there was a large discussion about how to keep "old"players, and they did come with that research center thingy,, The thing they have in place that COULD have been a high light for "old" and experienced players is ranked, but it aint, as it is now its a "must do grind" for clan battle players and a "should try" for players not able to do clan battles. All the negative feedback on the forums confirms this, who know a player hwo thinks of ranked battles as fun ??, and that is wrong. All humans do competitions because they want to feel good in a certain thing, in wows it might be spotting, damage, sinking ships or handeling a particular ship well compared to others. For an event to be a real competition or/and test of skill some requirements needs to be met as(in this case wows) 1) The participant need to have pasion enough for what he does to always try improve hes handling of the current ship. 2) He/she needs to believe he/she are handling his ship better then someone, preferably as many as possible. 3) He/she needs to be interested in winning and competing. None of this is found by a huge number of ranked battles players, its like going on a deer hunt with a group, then 2-3 guys start yelling because the echo sound wierd out in the bush.. You find players who hardly know how to handle tier 1-4 ships testing their yamato, or any other ship for that matter. If WG wants to keep old players hwo cant do clan battles they need to start doing real things to keep players motivated, i really really did "try) look forward to this ranked season, practised in the tier 10 ships i did best in, tested out how to do better in small group and such. But after last couple of battles i have kinda dropped the ball on this.. (screenshot of last team). I dont play well enough to sink or/and outcap an entire enemy team, not even half an enemy team. And frankly there isnt one player out there who could do it eighter(on demand, one lucky battle we all have had). Some form of criteria has to be met to be a part of Ranked battles, as it is now its random battles with a bonus... For me its starting to get a bit late, most of the guys i used to play with has already quit and uninstalled wows.....so please please WG try harder, This battle i died trying to hold B, begging my team to come and fight, checking afterward none of the other team members had average tier higher then 6,8 last months battles. Might say i was dumb to try hold alone, but when i did see my team stop it was to late.
  3. Joergensen

    Online players

    yupp, thx didnt know that, with experience you can use that number to pick tier and ship types.
  4. Joergensen

    Suggestions thread

    https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126305-online-players/ waiting screen while in cue for battle really need a rework, and the number of online players need to be shown again. Did spend an average 8 minute waiting for every battle, no way of telling what tier i should pick to awoid long cue time.
  5. Joergensen

    Online players

    Hello, some time ago WG removed the possibility to see number of online players, that along with a very bad Match making interface during the cue for battle( the screen u get when waiting for a battle). This is a problem when someone try to play out of prime time, you get no feedback on what tier other players online cue up with. All in all the info you get is woth zero, u get 2 numbers who says nothing...and IF the first number u get is the number of players currently within your MM spread and number twi is the total amount of players in cue then World of warships got a problem. Why can they use the match maker screen they had during beta testing ? and show numbers currently online ? PS: Did spend an average 8 minute in cue for battle, no way of knowing what tier other players did cue up with, i tried swap ships and tier random and did eventually get in battle.
  6. Joergensen

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Howdy, before i begin, every player have hes or hers bad ship, ships the player just struggle to handle, there are 2 solutions for this 1) dont use em, 2) try improve by changing your gameplay with them, i belong to the seckond, I wont think of using ships i struggle in during ranked battles under "normal" circumstances. Not every player can be unicums, thats a fact., but for the love of eny god there is a middle way. So to the issue at hand: RANKED battles. The idea is great, the possibilities are great it could be THE highlight of world of warships for players who cant play clan or team battles on a regular basis.(like myself) However, the options for that are tossed out the window by total lack of insight by developers, there are a big discussion about that new idea about how to give experienced players a new goal (that naval training thingy) when the fix is easy, quick to implement and will give experienced players a incentive to keep on playing. Now i dont really see why a player should play on after some thousand battles, my only reason is the hope of improvement and that there isnt a similar game out there (ooh WT is stone age gfx and crap gui, also from a developer with the same hmmm mentality as WG). RANKED the word imply much more then it is, now however it is like you invite man. u, to a football show telling them its a glorious competition with great prizes and fun, they show up and gets put up agains a hobbie team of senior players who really havent played football since the 80s, and the prizes are free waffels and a can of piss warm soda with 40 uninterested people as audience. Next time they gets told its improved, they show up and gets divided 1 or 2 players from man. u. gets put in the senior teams... it will never be glorious, fun or eny challenge for eny of the players. This is the way it is for ranked atm. 1-2 players carrys the games, its not fun, its far from rewarding and it isnt motivating experienced players to play the game. Yes the best players will always carry, but by god the battles would have been so much more giving if the players at least did know a bit about "how to", now its about getting as quickly to rank 1 as possible, and if you dont have time to play first 1-3 days of the ranked season you will get a very very hard carrying job to get past the worst players. (experiensing a "crap stop" at sprint rank 3 now for that reason), it should be like that, the battles should be fun, challenging and a substitute for missing team or clan battles. How to improve ranked ? lots of ways. some ideas wich can be implemented full or partly. 1)Set a higher minimum battles for joining. 2)Require minimum XP and/or average damage in randoms for the ship used(wanted to use)in ranked 3)split ranked to apply for only 1 ship, so that a player can have rank 3 in hes atlanta and rank 1 in hes nelson at the same time. 4)Give XP for spotting (will make the BB campers never get their star in a lost battle) 5)Adjust so the few bad ships for ranked cant join, this will however be fixed by 2), to many bad players in say mahan.
  7. Joergensen

    The elephant in the room

    Is BATTLE SHIPS, the main reason the random game mode meta is next to broken, when there are 2 classes hwo needs to manuver, plan their advance, can be 1 shooted frequently (1 salvo), or so crippled that the next hit will kill em and there are the one class that have a) the longest range on their guns, b) can tank a tremendous amount of damage, c) have equal or better AA then any of the 2 other classes, d) can switch ammo (AP/HE) and get max effect on both the other 2 classes, e) accuracy on the guns are awsome. The ONE class reffered to is battle ships, the elephant in the room. The meta now is BBs camping the borders or corners while the CAs try advance and claim key areas, the team with BBs that supports the CAs win. Just wait for the russian BBs to come live, my oh my is the battles gonna be static. Oh and as a side note CV spotting also hurts the DDs and CAs the most since they cant afford getting hit by a BB,