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  1. Joergensen

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Howdy, before i begin, every player have hes or hers bad ship, ships the player just struggle to handle, there are 2 solutions for this 1) dont use em, 2) try improve by changing your gameplay with them, i belong to the seckond, I wont think of using ships i struggle in during ranked battles under "normal" circumstances. Not every player can be unicums, thats a fact., but for the love of eny god there is a middle way. So to the issue at hand: RANKED battles. The idea is great, the possibilities are great it could be THE highlight of world of warships for players who cant play clan or team battles on a regular basis.(like myself) However, the options for that are tossed out the window by total lack of insight by developers, there are a big discussion about that new idea about how to give experienced players a new goal (that naval training thingy) when the fix is easy, quick to implement and will give experienced players a incentive to keep on playing. Now i dont really see why a player should play on after some thousand battles, my only reason is the hope of improvement and that there isnt a similar game out there (ooh WT is stone age gfx and crap gui, also from a developer with the same hmmm mentality as WG). RANKED the word imply much more then it is, now however it is like you invite man. u, to a football show telling them its a glorious competition with great prizes and fun, they show up and gets put up agains a hobbie team of senior players who really havent played football since the 80s, and the prizes are free waffels and a can of piss warm soda with 40 uninterested people as audience. Next time they gets told its improved, they show up and gets divided 1 or 2 players from man. u. gets put in the senior teams... it will never be glorious, fun or eny challenge for eny of the players. This is the way it is for ranked atm. 1-2 players carrys the games, its not fun, its far from rewarding and it isnt motivating experienced players to play the game. Yes the best players will always carry, but by god the battles would have been so much more giving if the players at least did know a bit about "how to", now its about getting as quickly to rank 1 as possible, and if you dont have time to play first 1-3 days of the ranked season you will get a very very hard carrying job to get past the worst players. (experiensing a "crap stop" at sprint rank 3 now for that reason), it should be like that, the battles should be fun, challenging and a substitute for missing team or clan battles. How to improve ranked ? lots of ways. some ideas wich can be implemented full or partly. 1)Set a higher minimum battles for joining. 2)Require minimum XP and/or average damage in randoms for the ship used(wanted to use)in ranked 3)split ranked to apply for only 1 ship, so that a player can have rank 3 in hes atlanta and rank 1 in hes nelson at the same time. 4)Give XP for spotting (will make the BB campers never get their star in a lost battle) 5)Adjust so the few bad ships for ranked cant join, this will however be fixed by 2), to many bad players in say mahan.
  2. Joergensen

    Suggestions thread

    Topic: General How to make outcome of battles less dependant on who got the best BB players on their team.(or having a strike of 8 of 10 battles on the worst team) First, trough experience in battles i noticed that the team with bad BB players usually lost the game without any chance, seckond i did deside to verify it using "matchmaking monitor", (i rated BB players with high damage low winrate and low cap points as bad i.e campers in adition to being ranked bad in MM monitor): out of 25 battles 9 battles was lost where my team had the worst BB players without any chance. 5 battles was won by me or another player carrying, not more then 2 players carrying. 7 battles won with my team having the best BB players without resistant. 4 battles won by players on the enemy team carrying, not more then 2. My conclusion: 1) there is a to big difference in player attitude on teams to get interesting battles, i.e a player hwo trys to improve and learning how to is always going to beat a player just playing wows out of a random choice from many games, without interest in learning, or just spamming battles mindless not improving battle by battle. 2) The outcome is given if to many of one of the groups ends up on the same team playing BBs, compared to the oponent with the current BB meta, By checking eny stat pages the BBs comes out as winners on all stats max damage, average damage, potensial damage taken and so forth. 3) The other ship classes impact on the outcome of the game is to low, i.e equally skilled montana against any other class is given, except against a CV if there are time enough. Sugestion to solution: Make a everlasting ranked battle, but where you cant beat the system by just playing long enough or spamming battles like current ranked, this is my best idea and will maby increase the interest in wows, since players can choose if they want it or not. To the wiseguys before jumping to reply: Yes i know, i have been carrying in other ships then BBs, its possible, but read my comment again please. Yeah, blame it on the CVs, DDs or eny other excuse just dont check the numbers, and for the love of god dont try run some numbers yourself ;) OK, i know im no pro, not even pro wannabe, but i have decent overall stats on most of my ships, been flat out unlucky with some, having fixed times i could play on (not being able to try again in a few hours), yeah, i do suck in some ships too, as we all do ;@)
  3. Joergensen

    Right, wrong..or ?? question to experienced players

    Thx for the feedback sailors ;@) lots of good replys , maybe ill stick around and find an active clan to play in.
  4. Joergensen

    Right, wrong..or ?? question to experienced players

    Thx, spot on what im experiencing, the "bad" players aint even trying do inteligent things ;@) one of the things i like with wows is that unicums (stat wise) can only do so much but they cant win a battle alone as in other games (would be hitting the 1 mill damage mark from tier 8+) but a god player can have an effect on the outcome.
  5. Howdy sailors, have been playing since beta day 1, im no pro, not even pro wannabe, but hates doing poorly and try to learn by my mistakes, even steal advices from utube and test em (its the practical use im struggle with) However, last year it seems to me that the quality of the player base has dropped , and more so last 6-8 months, before there could be god battles with mixed quality teams 2 out of 5 battles roughly, bad days and god days. Primary using wows stats and numbers.com and warships today as refference, and latly the teams has been bad, so bad that i log off after 2-5 battles, and with god or bad im not using only winrate or only damage but a mix of all stats PLUSS the most important how players uses their ships during a battle (with many battles stats doesnt follow the actual player progression in a spesific ship but lags behind ) Am i right or wrong ? as the player base is now i feel that wows is kinda dying when it comes to random battles while having a good time when it comes to team/clan battles, and im considering using less time on the game, but having a hard time deciding since i was well off trying to improve in some ships. So in short, enyone else noticing a drop in player quality ? yes/no or an elaborate answear , thx ;)
  6. Joergensen

    The elephant in the room

    Is BATTLE SHIPS, the main reason the random game mode meta is next to broken, when there are 2 classes hwo needs to manuver, plan their advance, can be 1 shooted frequently (1 salvo), or so crippled that the next hit will kill em and there are the one class that have a) the longest range on their guns, b) can tank a tremendous amount of damage, c) have equal or better AA then any of the 2 other classes, d) can switch ammo (AP/HE) and get max effect on both the other 2 classes, e) accuracy on the guns are awsome. The ONE class reffered to is battle ships, the elephant in the room. The meta now is BBs camping the borders or corners while the CAs try advance and claim key areas, the team with BBs that supports the CAs win. Just wait for the russian BBs to come live, my oh my is the battles gonna be static. Oh and as a side note CV spotting also hurts the DDs and CAs the most since they cant afford getting hit by a BB,
  7. Joergensen

    New CVs

    Well, players like ulcusrodens causes most of all the problems when when WG try to change enything, there are so much B....S in his statements it would take a own forum post to list them. Just using him as an exsample because he obviously think he knows everything about the game and what is best for it (or best for suckers in BBs) he clearly have played some battles with CVs after the rerwork to really test what is and isnt ,lol nope oops he have zero , nill battles with CV rework, wich shows the kind of players that are very eager to show how well they know the game, and if WG listen to will create disasters. Just shows the major problem WG has when they are changing things, like when they removed concealed fireing, making playing BBs even more simple. 90% of the BB players plays like baboons, they dont manuver or think about positioning, but sails in straight line usually towards a border, ALL other classes but BB you get punished for not planning, manuvering AND open fire without considering who spots you. IF there is a ship that makes imballance to WOWS its the BB, not the other way around, just check out the ship stats for average damage, winrate and XP. The other 10% of BB players is exercising a brutal show of pure power and versatility, and every tier 8,9 and 10 BB has a huge impact on the battle (except maybe the IJN BBs wich i find u need to do the job while ur team mates are alive, this might be wrong havent played it that much))
  8. Joergensen

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Very well done, some AA ballancing needed . A bit to heavy AA, and thos clouds are uavoidable with the current sluggish controll of the planes, if the sucsesfull attacks did more damage this wouldnt be an issue, but as now u can hardly make 1 attack run before ur squadron is molested. Even a single Amagi did remove my squad even if i managed to avoid some flak clouds and had full speed. I was hoping the change of CV would effect the very bad gameplay in randoms ( camping BBs ) but with the current state it will have little or no effect, as you would need to focus 1 single BB for3-4 runs to sink it( and maybe more), and thats at tier 8. Also DB and rockets need some care, its kamikaze to even try go for a ship with mid level AA as it is, and the reward is minescule damage-
  9. Joergensen

    Ranked Sprints

    lol, again nothing is done to make it a real fun happening, 2 battles with a total of 3 bot/afk players on my team. Its a crying need for WG to make the report function worth the time it takes using it. The guys AFK/bot isnt doing this by accsident, they stats shows a meager 300-400 average xp and a average winrate of 37% ??? to the 45% area, so they are all custom to the thing, When u try arrange an event with 5 players on each team its self expained that there has to be a system to root out the players not really interested in the event .
  10. Joergensen

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Had a post earlyer, but have reconsidered a bit. To test propperly u have to put at least 3-5 hours in it. You will get some credits and free XP after some battles, still a bit little. First impresion is good with a few tweaks possible. have mostly used US CVs. Rockets- need some serious TLC, to little damage on soft targets, to a degree bombs too but they seems to do way more damage. Torpedoes are actually quite OK, low enough damge to not cripple ships, high enough to scare em. the aiming system for torps works nice. The aiming for DB and rockets need som degree of tuning. There should be a way to tell what level of AA ur flying in to, now when u see the explosions ur squad are gone. The AA is maybe (not maybe it IS) to heavy on some ships and there are no way of countering this like before when u could bring more squads to spread the AA damage. Like the way u need to swap between controlling CV and squads, itsd well ballanced, u lose some flight time but not to much. Looking forward to see this getting better, a way better CV playstyle then today. Now if they only could bring an incentive for both CVs and other ships to spot they would do much for the whole game ;)
  11. Joergensen

    Ranked Sprint

    The idea of ranked is excelent, in working order a "clan battle" or almost for the guys that dont have the time to put in to real clan battles. But the way its implemented is just so poorly planned and there are so many things lacking. a few cruicial key moments: 1) Players that isnt interested in learning or improving, classified as bad in any standard are free to join and does so. Im talking about players that really should focus learning how to play at all doing ranked battles where its supose to be some kind of kompetition and test of skills. i.e it will be like organizing a hardcore buck hunt in the wild, having some guys really tuned sneaking, watching the noice and so forth, and then having 1-3 oddballs playing flute, jumping around, studying the trees. It will NEVER work, there need to be some kind of minimum performance required to do ranked, this kan be set so not to many gets denied the option. 2) The ship lineup, omg u cant play soccer with only defensive players or goalkeepers, as u cant play a battle in wows with BBs testing if the borders really are borders, there need to be a fixed lineup (+/-). And some ships should really not be allowed. There isnt many ships thats bad but a okhotnik in ranked....well to do some difference against average players u will have to be really really good (and then some). With the possible option to get 1 BB on each team the team with the best player in it auto wins. 3) The reward system regarding XP and credits, its bad as it is and worse when it comes to ranked, no, nill ,zero reward for spotting so while 1-2 players spotts and takes the risk the other dudes takes all the reward for damage done. In my opinion WG should really get guys like the 2 developers that works with the CV change (the 2 guys on the video last weekend) in the loop developing ranked, those two had really gotten the point, when it did come to the problems limitations and possible solutions. So many seasons of ranked and so little change , so many people saying the same should tell a tale. PS: when i talk about player skills i mean ALL aspects of a players performance, not reffering to the guys thats really good at farming "the right stats". Lots of players with unicum stats are well bellow that if u put em without a "commander" in a battle. To get a real pic of player ability u need to at least consider ships used and tier, , spotting, cap/decap, damage, kills ,average XP and winrate. With bad player i personal sets 600/700 average XP as real bad, seldom do they have ok other stats eighter. Just so the post wont be spammed by guys having opinion of what stat is important ;) NOw this isnt fair but look at this guy, first ranked of the day ; https://wows-numbers.com/player/500337029,ylab/ just to show my point.
  12. Wow, im so impressed, its THE best explaining video from WG ever. The 2 guys talking actually points out REAL problems and issues that every CV player and most of the non CV players are aware of and have been complaining about for a loong time . thumbs up, and i will have to try learn those two developers names .
  13. Joergensen

    Ranked Season X

    Very nice to see that at least the CM Crysantos reads some of the post, but i agree with Mandalorianer. First im no pro player and dont want to be one, i just like games where i feel i can improve and learn how to be better (dont care if i am given the illusion of improving eighter, as long as it makes me feel good) Rank 10 has reached an all time low and are worse then randoms and have little to do with player skills or team play, the reasons in my oppinion is( backed by some nummeric facts): 1) The average stats for players (in the battles i have done so far) is worse then previous seasons, last battle 3 BBs, 2 CAs and 2 DDs none of the BB players had over 800 in average XP and all had over 3K battles, 1 of the cruisers had over 50% winrate but under 1K average xp, 1 BB and 1 CA did had so bad stats and knew it so they made them private, i could go on but the point is, if a player is so bad that he cant even perform ok in a random battle there are no chance he will perform any better in ranked. And with stats i dont just aim att kills or damage, i check em all to get a full picture, i.e a BB player can have high damage but if he has low winrate and low decap he probably just border camping. 2) Since there are zero, null, nix XP for support like spotting or tanking to get the star u need to a) stay far away and let ur team mates take the beating while u snipe or b) cap as a hero, do damage and try carrying your team until u gets wasted and hope your sniping BB dont hit the enemy to well (he will beat u to the star) 3) BBs are a bit to OP compared to CAs and DDs, your team is screwed if u get a potatoe with 40% winrate and poor average stats, a CA or DD just aint able to fulfill the BBs potensial battle effectivness. and my oh my does it happend often, not only 1 of maybe 3 BBs are silly bad, no 1-2 or all of em if ur lady luck is taking a piss at u 4) you just cant choose ur team, you fight and try carry and maybe win 3 inb a roe, gets saved by the star the 4th and then u get 3 bad battles and has to start the climb over again. Now, i like DDs, i have tested BBs and CAs but i love my DDs, even if you kinda have to use a BB to be able to get some real ok stats in ranked. As i stated im no pro and that can be confirmed by my stats, and i more often then not are top 3 on the XP list, the times im not im trying to carry to hard or try defend a cap alone. Thas ...thats crazy... but a fact, Ranked could be something to look forward too, something that made players strive to try to learn how to play better, it could be a substitue for players hwo just dont have the time for clan stuff and battles, but it aint, and it wont be untill WG actually dare trying to make a quality product and not som craprun a couple of times every year, if they act fast and maybe dare make a minimum average XP demand for the ships players wants to use maybe it could save ranked, another thing that could save it is if they implement xp and credits for spotting tanking and other support roles, then the star would go to players who actually tryed play as a team, and not the montana or yamto almost sailing to the next map. And i really like using my T10s in ranked thumbs up. update, just to show my point: The 2 bad players behind that island, will never win a battle for their team , i was sunk spotting and engaging the enemy DD to late noticing that 2 ships was hiding.
  14. Joergensen

    Ranked Season X

    Its not the tier 10 thats bad, its way XP is calculated, if there have been XP for spotting ships and torps players who actually made a difference would get XP and credits for it.