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  1. Wow, im so impressed, its THE best explaining video from WG ever. The 2 guys talking actually points out REAL problems and issues that every CV player and most of the non CV players are aware of and have been complaining about for a loong time . thumbs up, and i will have to try learn those two developers names .
  2. Joergensen

    Ranked Season X

    Very nice to see that at least the CM Crysantos reads some of the post, but i agree with Mandalorianer. First im no pro player and dont want to be one, i just like games where i feel i can improve and learn how to be better (dont care if i am given the illusion of improving eighter, as long as it makes me feel good) Rank 10 has reached an all time low and are worse then randoms and have little to do with player skills or team play, the reasons in my oppinion is( backed by some nummeric facts): 1) The average stats for players (in the battles i have done so far) is worse then previous seasons, last battle 3 BBs, 2 CAs and 2 DDs none of the BB players had over 800 in average XP and all had over 3K battles, 1 of the cruisers had over 50% winrate but under 1K average xp, 1 BB and 1 CA did had so bad stats and knew it so they made them private, i could go on but the point is, if a player is so bad that he cant even perform ok in a random battle there are no chance he will perform any better in ranked. And with stats i dont just aim att kills or damage, i check em all to get a full picture, i.e a BB player can have high damage but if he has low winrate and low decap he probably just border camping. 2) Since there are zero, null, nix XP for support like spotting or tanking to get the star u need to a) stay far away and let ur team mates take the beating while u snipe or b) cap as a hero, do damage and try carrying your team until u gets wasted and hope your sniping BB dont hit the enemy to well (he will beat u to the star) 3) BBs are a bit to OP compared to CAs and DDs, your team is screwed if u get a potatoe with 40% winrate and poor average stats, a CA or DD just aint able to fulfill the BBs potensial battle effectivness. and my oh my does it happend often, not only 1 of maybe 3 BBs are silly bad, no 1-2 or all of em if ur lady luck is taking a piss at u 4) you just cant choose ur team, you fight and try carry and maybe win 3 inb a roe, gets saved by the star the 4th and then u get 3 bad battles and has to start the climb over again. Now, i like DDs, i have tested BBs and CAs but i love my DDs, even if you kinda have to use a BB to be able to get some real ok stats in ranked. As i stated im no pro and that can be confirmed by my stats, and i more often then not are top 3 on the XP list, the times im not im trying to carry to hard or try defend a cap alone. Thas ...thats crazy... but a fact, Ranked could be something to look forward too, something that made players strive to try to learn how to play better, it could be a substitue for players hwo just dont have the time for clan stuff and battles, but it aint, and it wont be untill WG actually dare trying to make a quality product and not som craprun a couple of times every year, if they act fast and maybe dare make a minimum average XP demand for the ships players wants to use maybe it could save ranked, another thing that could save it is if they implement xp and credits for spotting tanking and other support roles, then the star would go to players who actually tryed play as a team, and not the montana or yamto almost sailing to the next map. And i really like using my T10s in ranked thumbs up. update, just to show my point: The 2 bad players behind that island, will never win a battle for their team , i was sunk spotting and engaging the enemy DD to late noticing that 2 ships was hiding.
  3. Joergensen

    Ranked Season X

    Its not the tier 10 thats bad, its way XP is calculated, if there have been XP for spotting ships and torps players who actually made a difference would get XP and credits for it.
  4. Joergensen

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    What i think will be good for ranked is a minimum standard for achievment in the ship you can use in ranked, because the problem at the moment is that a player hwo wants to learn and improve most often must carry players hwo barly have learned how to play random battles. like Rage_oddball posting claiming he did well tanking 150K damage in a BB while complaining on the cruiser and DD... says it all... Ranked battles are an excellent idea, and there are only needed small changes to make it a real hit. To be able to do some light competative gaming whenever you want during the seasons are great, the number of players in a team are spot on ;) When i an average joe can pick a tier 10 BB and do ranked (did it just to get some practice using tier 10 BBs as i mostly uses DDS) and come on top 3 on a regular basis, beating players with several hundred battles both in ranked and random in BBs something isnt working. And im not wanting ranked to become a pro player only arena, but there are a difference from being a pro and barely humping the 40% average winrate mark and having 500 in average XP.... there must be something that can be adjusted. A small adjustment from WG, ruling out the worst say 20% (or 10%) of the players will solve the issue, this will aspire players who cant participate to to try learn and improve. I think this will make ranked bigger, since i know several average players like myself who just cant make themself play ranked because its hard for average players to carry ranked battles, this will also lessen the gap between the "pro" players and the average player as now a real good player can carry harder and therby getting past the chockepoints where the worst players chunk up. PS: the switching to battle ship from my part was that i to often had to carry less skilled players and wanted for being carried myself a bit more, as it was showing that when i had a slightly bad battle it was a almost certain loss. with skills i dont reffering to "stats" alone, but also the willingness to learn, wich isnt there when a player can have 40% average winrate and are bad in every way often having several thousand of battles.
  5. Joergensen

    Suggestions thread

    Carrier ballance As it is now the ballance and outcome from skill difference in CV players are to big, an easy fix will be to remove the strafing option that the fighters have, this will also make it easyer to ballance carriers themself. The other reason is that the controlls and order mechanic for strafing isnt 100% accurate, as it is now a lucky strafe will put you in leed, wich is very difficult for the unlucky one to recover from, and at lower tiers impossible. (still need some skillset to start strafing, but if the player is bellow that skill grade what is done to carriers doesnt matter enyway)
  6. Joergensen

    Suggestions thread

    Ranked battles To make ranked battles a arena for players who really enjoy wows, and to make the player feel that he actually can use skills to progress there should be made some changes. I dont have all the answears but a beginning would be to demand a certain minimum average XP on the ship a player wants to use in ranked.(and maybe a minimum average winrate for the account) or/and make the road to rank one longer , and at the same time increase the number of players that doesnt lose a star to 2 or 3. Something should be done to avoid ranked being a lottery based thing as it is now, im far from a top notch player but trying, and usually ends up at top 1-3, but you just cant rely on being number 1 every battle you get handed a team with players who have an average XP of 500-800 and a winrate of 43-48, and its also highly depending on what ship you are in, in a DD u are doing a high risk low reward thing when it comes to XP. PS: as i am refusing to use my gaming time carrying players who clearly just spam battles and hoping for the best i am only focused on getting to rank 10, after that im using ranked as a testing and grinding ground with premium ships.
  7. Joergensen

    A working reporting system

    Very agree with the stagnant statement, and i think the only way to change that is to make all WG games apealing for a group of players, not make it so even the dumbest of the dumb ones can enjoy it..kinda like EVE Online. And bot/afk and unsportsmanlike behaviour (like border camping) makes it less apealing for new players, and makes the veteran players loose interest quick. I could easy do 10+ battles a afternoon or morning before, but now im just hits alt+f4 after a few battles. Oh and to the fellow further up the post claiming he did get a ban for just being rude once... hwo do you think you fool, you must have gone out of your way for getting that chat ban... i know have had some myself ;)
  8. Joergensen

    A working reporting system

    Here is a question for all players, do you know about enyone hwo have gotten a ban for the AFK report or the unsporting behaviour report ? I seriously doubt it works as WG claims, because in world of tanks you could reed complaining post about players who had gotten a ban , but here i havent seen one... The afk/bot ban dont work, an exsample a player in N.cal with 3400+ battles, average XP a whooping 559 togheter with a winrate of 44,44%, average tier 5,6 and have mainly used BBs and CAs. You just dont get that low winrate and XP from participating in 3K+ battles... Same goes for the unsporting behaviour... The chat ban works.... 100% shure of that.... but everyone hwo have gotten flamed deserved it in 99% of the cases and would have gotten a unsportsman report from more than just me.
  9. Joergensen

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    Well, it seems WG really wants to kill of world of warships as soon as possible, All this changes but no question about how it will affect the meta game. I will bet on that the problem with camping BBs only will be worse, because now even the braves of the BB captains wont try push since he cant get help from BBs if he makes a wrong turn/move. I promised myself i wont touch another WG game, and according to the numbers of players online on the EU server the player base is going down fast, 25K average players sunday afternoon after the last patch proves this. ( WG wont say that, but try watch the online counter on a regular basis and u get the point i bet they peobably will remove that counter or change how it works soon ). All in all the game has only changed to the worse after the patches where they did make the border cut engine power think it was jan/feb after release.
  10. Hello, first i was waiting for this game for 2 years...then i had a great time during CBT and 6 moths after, then the ups and downs started. WG did manage to fix almost all problems related to gameplay, border camping was almost history, the ship ballance was great, not perfect but OK, a player could emerge himself in the game for hours ;@) Then the developers dropped the ball, the first CV nerf and AA boost was needed and the game was at its peek regarding ballance at that moment, then they completly broke the game when they did the seckond big AA boost and implemented RF, removed the DD stealth fire and buffed the BBs even more. ( this in a very short time period ) The current state of the game is BBs camping at the back preferable behind islands, cruisers are BB target practice and DDs players must be above average to make a difference, CVs are crap up to tier 9 where they become deadly in the hands of skilled players and a loss factor if the team have a bad player while the oponent has a ok CV player. ( yeah, you can do well some battles with the mid tiers, but not agains 2-3 players with some skillz, they are actually nice ballanced if u look away from the AA on most tier 6-8 ships). The player base is also changing, fewer and fewer long term players, just try a couple of tier 5 battles and see how many gremyashchys you find in the teams,,,, a very nice CBT DD (in fact OP as hell ), more and more players that "trys" the game a couple of weeks buying their way up to a higher tier then discover the bad sides and quit. World of warships is a game i really want to enjoy, but are really struggeling with that most of the time, and i dont like spending money on a game that is dying so i really try post this with sugestions about how to get a better ballanced gameplay where at least the average players and the players hwo carrys the player base get some reward and fun out of the game. In my opinion they need to ASAP fix: XP and credit gain: there need to be spotting XP similar to world of tanks, and in the current state with the camping BBs they need to give even more XP and credits for cap points. MM: they need to set a min/max number of all ship types, in my opinion max 1 CV, max 3 DDs min 3BBs, and they NEED to get rid of the pluss/minus 2 tier spread at least when the population is above 4K players online. Its killing the fun doing 5 fuckin battles in a row as minus 2... Ship ballance: all stats shows that the BBs is way to powerful as they currently is being used, there is no incentive for players to lead an attack in a BB (beside an increased winrat over time) the BB camping the back not suporting the team often can get very high XP just from damage done, and even higher if hes team loses... DDs need the stealth fire back (only way to force BBs to actually move (or use the awsome WASD hack), they need to adjust the AA on most ships so you have some ships that are good at AA and some poor, not as now that u have insane good AA and deadly AA or nill AA.... As of now u will find 4 out of 5 BBs camping at the back, the one that actually trys lead the attack will die since hes alone doing the leading. Capping ??? an extremly high risk low reward effort done by DDs, radar, RF, hydro, 2x spotting planes , CA with smoke so i can understand why many DD players dont do it or try avoid doing it. in my oppinion the sole focus on padding the BB players is the ting that is gonna be the doom of world of warships, hell even decent players in BBs can find it boring since they has to camp with the rest of the teams BBs if they dont want a quick course in sinking. (this is where a decent division of BB players can have a ball, leading attacks wich most often leads to a win). World of warships and world of tanks could be a game that eny gamer had heard of, but now most PC gamers ask "whats that ?" when u mention World of warships (or tanks).... it wont be easy fixing it, but they could at least try.... maybe a pluss/minus 1 MM will make all things better, or at least dont make teams so dependant on the top tiers,
  11. Joergensen

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    yeah, i just gonna use my premium ships in ranked grinding captain XP, i was wondering of maybe upping the ante and really try farm for rank 1 but after seeing that most players sucks hard and u just end up working ur [edited]off carrying even at rank 6 i chooses to just focus on the stuff i got something back for. They need to rework the whole ranking system/award system. when u have players that has half...half not just slightly bad xp but [edited]half average XP then the guys usually carrying the teams its demotivating. On the other side sinking goons in smoke and around corners using the RF is really fun ;)
  12. Joergensen

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    Dont agree with the belfast.. smoke and islands are the most lethal thing in ranked atm there are ALWAYS someone in that smoke hwo wants some torpedoes. (just dont go closer then 9,4km) Seckondly the ships isnt the problem in ranked, the players are and the MM. Its a [edited]lottery, i did get first a couple of battles with a ballanced DD setup on one team pluss a belfast and 4 premium DDs on the other and no radar ship. Then u have the battles where a CV is present, the skill level of CV players are to spread atm, u have the guys that uses them a lot and wants to learn, and u have the goons that uses strike setup on US and or dont know what strafing is, the team with the best CV will in 90% of the cases win. Then u have when u spot all the enemy DDs but your teams cruisers finds it easyer to hit those BBs and they give much more damage so the chances to save a star WHEN the team loses because of the OP destroyers. THEN you have the biggest problem, how can developers and players exspect bad players (crapwin and average xp less then 48/45% winrate and less then 700-800 average XP) to suddenly shine in ranked ?? thats also a lottery, u are domed as soon as u see the BB player aim for nearest border or island, or the belfast first getting spotted then slowing to a stop popping smoke. Ranked battles and the ranked should be something to be seen as a measure of how well u do in teams, not as now a measure of a players patience and ability to ONLY do battles when he gets decent teams. (i.e can sit and play all day long checking the "state" of wich battles he gets). There should be a requirement to do ranked or parts of it, because the players aint getting better by the raise in ranks thats for shure, did check up a Flint player that didnt seem "decent" he had 768 average xp 7000 battles and a average win of 46% average ship tier 6,4.... It is so easy to make ranked battles THE highlight of the year it only requires a bit adjustments. I have tryed different tactics but not quite had the stomach to really be defencive in IJN DDs, but even in a decent battle you will struggle get top XP because of the non noticeable XP u get for spotting,(and that ur team chooses to not shoot at enemy DDs or pesky belfasts makes getting spotting xp a risky business) so i consider shifting to using a BB or start really using my belfast that way i wont need to care for climbing ranks, i can just give a crapand shoot stuff, pluss i got a decent chance of saving a star while earning lots of credits and XP ooh, and that RF skill really does it in ranked battles, makes the game much more static so i dont have to use those pesky WASD buttons to much while using BB or CA ;) dont know if its allowed but as an exsample a player so bad i remeber him from both ranked and randoms, i even warned the enemy team about him and they did comment on him, LAN(a year in 4 numbers) he absolutley plays bad and havent changed all the months i have run in to him in randoms he is currently rank 9 and have almost 300 battles in ranked, he does nothing for hes team, if he answears pleads of help its usuall by less inteligent statements, this player has 42,16% wins ?? and 875 average XP , 2818 battles average tier 6,9. Players like this ruins the attempts to do eny competative playing, he even manage to pull hes random teams down imagine in 7vs7...
  13. Joergensen

    [Discussion] Some rules for next Ranked season

    well, i agree fully to you topic, the problem isnt just the new players in prem. ships. The problem is that some how developers think that players that really sucks and have no interest in learning the gameplay will shine in a 7 vs 7 battle when all they apperently do in randoms is scratch their hemoroids, I am no pro and have no intension to be one, i only try not repeat my mistakes to many times ;) but when i battle after battle check the "less gifted" players stats ( with stats i check em all not only 1 or 2) i find 5 out of 7 in average to have around 500 or even worse average XP and !k pluss battles (how do they do that ???) and a winrate often not exciding 45% !!! The quick fix would be to require players in ranked to at least have a basic understanding of the game , thus require a at least 48 to 50% winrate on the ship or average, yeah i know some will say winrate can be worked by divisions, but bad players wont be super in divisions eighter, or a combination of winrate and average XP. Im an average joe and the only ship i struggle with really bad winrate in is my gearing, and i did a poor job in it the first battles, now im doing ok but get really bad teams but working on my winrate ;)
  14. Joergensen

    Listen to your player Base!

    The only real choice the players that have lost the trust in WG is to stop using money on the game, and/or stop playing. Myself will stop using money and only play in division now and then a couple of battles and try exploit the new system and do some seal clubbing. (even more then before). Just going to play some battles to get 100% confirmed how the system works today in case they change it later. (but still my trust in WG is gone so i wont invest more money or massive time in any WG game)