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  1. Have TS, Discord, can install Vent, Mumble or whatever you use.
  2. LezoXNelson

    UK Battle Mission Week 1

    Someone got better reward as me for the same mission. That is perfect reason to stop whining
  3. LezoXNelson

    UK Battle Mission Week 1

    Final reward for whole chain is worse than for any part of. I guess nothing wrong with that :P
  4. LezoXNelson

    UK Battle Mission Week 1

    3 WG protecting replies from testers in under 1 hour :) just saying...
  5. LezoXNelson

    UK Battle Mission Week 1

    Just completed final part. 3 containers as a reward had: Container 1 - 4 flags Container 2 - 4 flags Container 3 - 750 free XP All flags non-special Damn awesome final reward
  6. LezoXNelson

    worst matchmaking in game history

    MM 23th of May around 11:30am CET Fullsize image https://ibb.co/cinYVv
  7. LezoXNelson

    How is your S.DRAGON mission going?

    Got it! Same as other Arpeggio t7 cruisers, just reskin.
  8. LezoXNelson

    Counter to RPF/RDF

    RL is waste of 4 points IMO. As a DD player I see some new opportunities like kiting radiolovers into trap or giving some panic to static BBS forcing theem to broadside to team's big ships. And all that without need to show myself and still able to launch torps (ok, i play mostly torp DDs, for gunboats situation can be worse). Played about 10 games as DD after 0.6.0., got noticed by new skill and world didn't collapse for me, nothing too bad
  9. LezoXNelson

    Fuso firing range

    Fuso (Tier VI Japanese Battleship) Default firing range now is pathethic 13.2km, with gun control system upgrade it becomes 21.8km.
  10. LezoXNelson

    Bugs Feedback

    Same here, this started after installing Win10 anniversary patch on 2nd august. Crash happens not every time, but something like 1 out of 3 exits No mods, latest drivers. Win10 Pro 64 bit