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  1. pink player

    Pink means team killer.
  2. News from Supertest

    I don't know what you're smoking but clearly it works.
  3. Oh boy,wait until XVM for WoWS is released. We'll see the exact same thing in WoWS too.
  4. Love the EU Forums

    Civilized ? what ? This forum has been a complete warzone for the last few weeks,no Idea what you mean by that. But anyways,welcome. They should see specials on RU.
  5. I dislike Hot Spot. The map itself is good, but the spawns are very bad, I hope WG changes it. Also, Ocean just seems boring to me.
  6. Cmon guys,most of us here have played WoT. Are you really surprised ? It has always been like this.
  7. WG 17th Birthday Event

    I guess it's better than nothing,but still, a pretty underwhelming bonus.
  8. So many games ruined by capping.

    So first people are complaining about so many draws, and now they're complaining about capping ? what ?
  9. SMS payments are not yet available.
  10. Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    Oh man and I thought that I've seen some strange things since the start of Open Beta...
  11. time in the battle

    Yes,that's the reason. It's so annoying when instead of capping BBs sail to the other side of the map to "Kill all" and then time runs out and it's a draw...
  12. Open beta test question.

    No, there won't be any more wipes unless something goes terribly wrong in the Open Beta.
  13. Cleveland is soooooo OP

    Cleveland is not OP but it's very good for setting BBs on fire with HE and dealing with DDs
  14. Torps a problem

    Yeah,sure. Let me guess,you were sailing in a straight line,because if you don't,it's more than possible to evade torps. Right after you spot torpedo bombers or destroyers coming your way,start taking evasive maneuvers,don't make yourself an easy target. Also,please, we don't need more "Torps OP" posts. There's already at least dozen of them being posted daily.