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  1. jdunne600

    Whereto begin

    I like the speed and the way they play as for my battle ships there quite slow but i'm going to work my way to ter ten in bot jap and us battleships as for my other ships I'll think ill go all the way to ter then in both destroyers and cruisers
  2. jdunne600

    Whereto begin

    Hey all I'm up to tear 4 in us destroyers and I have a south Carolina and the first battle ship in the Japanese tech tree. I have no interest in any carriers what so ever as they play like arty from wot. I'm just wondering where should I go from here or should I stick to cruisers and destroyers? Any advice would be welcomed thank you.
  3. jdunne600


    Hey all just wanted to say hi from Ireland sea you guys on the sea