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  1. Apophisos

    Add option for random without CV

    Random with CV - Random without CV. So can those who want to play Wows do that, and the fubar CV's can do their own thing in World of warplanes/ships.
  2. Apophisos

    Gameplay *edited*

    "Sticking to Ranked and CB until this CV madness is over. This patch is at the same level insanity as Trump becoming president." I'm probably shooting myself in the foot with this one, guess I deserve it if I do, but please explain how this opinion translate into "entitled millennial cry-bully"? If you actually think about what I wrote the critiscm is not vile, rather observant. By the way I'm a Brexit fan, so keep on the good fight!
  3. Apophisos

    Gameplay *edited*

    Lol I doubt you have even seen Fight Club. I'm sorry your beta testing labour is butthurt. I'm a customer and I'm entitled to express my opinion on WG forums as any other customer.
  4. Apophisos

    Gameplay *edited*

    Sticking to Ranked and CB until this CV madness is over. This patch is at the same level insanity as edit* SAD.
  5. Apophisos


    Lol, your avatar look like something I would [edited]. Training room is not random.
  6. Apophisos


    Either you add an option to play random without CV's or this game can just, pardon my french, [edited]off. This is stupid.
  7. Apophisos

    WG killed AA boats

    SO, my AA boats who really didn't have anything else to carry are now just cannonfodder.
  8. Apophisos

    Ranked boats

    Not saying I'm any better than the next, but this is embarassing;
  9. Apophisos

    Stalin nerf?

    If you are nerfing this HUGE brick, i want my steel back asap. SAD.
  10. Apophisos


    Got two good things going, AP guns and bow, that's it, rest is just cons.
  11. Locked divisions, can't find, join, leave divisions. Crashing. Divisions should be open (not locked), unless you specify otherwise, now division play is FUBAR.
  12. Apophisos

    Div locked after match

    Well...you play a match in div.
  13. Apophisos

    Div locked after match

    Please fix this, why on earth is div auto locked after match?
  14. Apophisos

    Minotaur with radar

    I have 1400 battles with my radar mino, around 11000 battles total. My WR is around 53%, and in Mino it's 58%. I don't use smoke, much more fun boat without.