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  1. Apophisos

    Remove brackets in Ranked

    Don't see why we need them, same people playing, the waiting is annoying.
  2. Apophisos

    The Ohio Is Bad

    I love it, hard hitting guns, crazy secondaries fast reload on heal and repair, my favourite bb by a longshot :D Altho I suspect campers and snipers won't like Ohio.
  3. It's an average boat at the best, 6.2 buffed detection, half azzed guns, 2 1/2 min reload on slightly buffed 12km shima torps, and if you want torp booster, well, no smoke and that AA you are crap out of luck. To top it of 37knots. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0. As said, average boat at the best, with that said I may have fooled myself thinking free xp boat is acro with premium boat. Would pick shima 10/10 times in any situation. 2 live crew - face down, azz up comes to mind.
  4. Why use 2 000 000 million free XP on uber nerfed Hayate? Was looking forward to this, todays meta with the roll/steamroll matches where cv's frack things up, shima fallen behind, and now they present this stoneage nerfed Hayate? 2mill? f' off.
  5. Apophisos

    What the f@@@ is wrong with M.M

    After they "fixed" MM this has been more frequent, by far. It has everything to do with MM.
  6. This situation is almost every game, either roll or get steamrolled.
  7. When used to playing radar Mino and doing research on UK boats :)
  8. Apophisos

    New Coal Ship TX French DD Marceau

    Looked very promising, then Комитет по балансу и нерфингу knocked on the door.
  9. Apophisos

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    So do I understand it right if GKD refused to play their match?
  10. Apophisos

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    Done with forth, 300 short of Øland, been pretty busy with dailies aswell...not spent on anything else.
  11. Apophisos

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    250 from third directive.
  12. Apophisos

    Lots of bugs!

    Disconnecting when match is finished, port is laggy, locks up when I try to see different windows or change boats...
  13. Just plain stupid. Nuf said.
  14. Random with CV - Random without CV. So can those who want to play Wows do that, and the fubar CV's can do their own thing in World of warplanes/ships.
  15. Apophisos

    Gameplay *edited*

    "Sticking to Ranked and CB until this CV madness is over. This patch is at the same level insanity as Trump becoming president." I'm probably shooting myself in the foot with this one, guess I deserve it if I do, but please explain how this opinion translate into "entitled millennial cry-bully"? If you actually think about what I wrote the critiscm is not vile, rather observant. By the way I'm a Brexit fan, so keep on the good fight!