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  1. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Shall we have some fun with the Pommern?

    Pommes. Like in Pommes Frites. Goes very well with the Currywurst.
  2. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    Well you just found out about powercreep. Gotta make the new toys better than the old ones, to keep the hamster wheel turning. Balance is not something games like this strife for, they only strife to dangle the next carrot in front of your face. Once the carrot is eaten, it can turn into a turd and they dont care. There are many ships left behind and some that weathered the test of time, like Zao, because concealment and HE is a constant that basically always works.
  3. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    yep. Despite the improved pen angles and insane penetration. Although I have to applaud Mr. Kuznetzov for being able to change his oppinion, a rare feat on forums.
  4. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    The "shooting broadside in Flamu's video" crowd should not forget what was done to the Moskva. Which sat at a good angle. Yet the improved angles and the insane magic penetration blapped it just as hard. This is Russian bias in it's purest form imo. It sits lower in the water than a DD. It has magic 220m railguns that have the pen of 380mm guns. It has improved ricochet angles. Stealth Radar. 360° turrets. But it is slow you say? Well look at Hindenburg. Large turning circle? This thing is so impossibly deep in the water, you basically dont HAVE a broadside. Turret traverse is a joke? EVERYTHING is a 360° turret, turret traverse doesn't matter even half with that magical [edited] setup. Bad DPM? Yes, DPM matters if you can only apply 30% to it because you have to spam HE. IF you can lob AP at everything and pen/citadel, your effective DPM is higher than some other ships since you CAN translate that DPM to actual damage. At this point: Top 3 Winrate: Stalin, Petro, Nevsky. Top 3 Frags: Stalin, Petro, Venezia. Top 3 Damage: Stalin, Venezia, Petro. Top 3 avg XP: Stalin, Venezia, Petro. Top 3 planes: Petro, Worcester, Stalin. Top 3 K/D: Venezia, Petro, Stalingrad. One of these ships gets nerfed. And its not a Russian one. I promise you, Petro will be fine, maybe get a small AA nerf.
  5. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    What is the balancing reason on the german cv torpedos?

    Thing is - Germans again suffer from "having new ideas" and coming out at the wrong time. Just like destroyerse and battleships do. CV's are OP against DD's. So the obvious solution is to make a CV line that can do crap against DD's. In come the Germans. They are in a bad spot because a) you are not able to influence the battle via DD hunting as any other carrier can, resulting in lower WR and b) AP rockets will get nerfed, just like AP bombs are getting nerfed. The entire point of the entire line is AP damage which is already under fire. But what did WG do to a CV that cannot hunt DD`s with planes? Well, for it to be not totally useless you get secondaries! 105mm with massa dispersion formula. Not even GZ ones.... So you need to spend another 4 pts and a module to defend against CV's at least a little while others get their game influencing defense for free! That is wargaming balance for you. Now add weak [edited]but fast torps, AP rockets that become useless with the slightest angle, AP bombers which can not sneak over islands and have a large time spent in AA with a long cooldown, low available heal (unlike, again, others that have their "defense" built in) AND which have bombs that have an even spread in the recticle unlike IJN bombers.... Yes. Germans, again, get to be the "lets make things different/special to the meta"-thing and be forgotten. Maybe we'll get a buff in 2-3 years, like German DD'S and BB's did because there are now ships that can do the same, but better.EU DDs are better at torp spamming. Brits got Hydro. German AP damage got superceded by Russian rail guns with insane pen and improved ricochet angles. Secondary builts are better done with Massa, Georgia and Ohio. Welcome to Germany, where everytime someone else can do better what they can.
  6. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    [Poll] Success of the "Odin" dockyard event...

    It is a bit too drawn out for me timewise. Like it was 4 weeks for forced playing at the least... with long waits in between. Now, the latter is a good thing in general, just not for me. Luckily German CV's came along so I actually have other stuff to grind, but all in all, it was pretty ok. Now lets just hope Odin is not just another port queen...
  7. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    American 406mm - Do damage how?

    How to deal damage with US 406? Just like with German 406's. But with better accuracy and pen. ...
  8. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    If you lack any german CV's you're short of 15-60 tokens for an Iron Cross. Which means you either pay 7500 for the mission package or buy crates to get them. Predatory, sunk cost fallacy scheme. "I'm so close to getting it! 585 Tokens... Maybe if I just buy one more crate... I've always wanted a GZ anyway... so... I might just as well..."
  9. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Preaching to the choir... :P I do have all 3 carriers in EA precisely because I wanted to get ONE iron cross for the Manfred. It wasnt cheap... Still, they are getting more and more aggressive in their monetization and this is one of the most aggressive attempts to date.
  10. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Its a terrible deal. You either for some reason pay 50% more AND have to grind a mission chain OR you get extremely lucky with early access mission drops from containers OR you splurge even more money on premium containers so you do get the mission drops AND grind a chain. This is the greediest version I have ever seen.
  11. and yet they change how DDs and AA interact with CVs right now... I'm all for WG bashing, but in THIS case...
  12. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Thanks Crysantos

    SO, on the same date you claimed you have a different approach to balance, after slashing 10k health in one go from the Odin, you now reduce Ludendorffs Sigma vom 1.8 to 1.6. Which again is a MASSIVE nerf. I still recall when Kremlin had its Sigma reduced by 0.05. And the absolutely unnecessary nerf to GZ AP bombs. I'm sorry, I tried to be constructive and keep the salt and vitriol down, but currently I have a really hard time doing that. Yet here again is the massive perceived difference in treating ships again. And again. And again. You try to explain it to the community, but your explanations do not seem to suffice. And please, do not adapt a "we tried, but you won't listen" attitude now. Explain better.
  13. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    Now they just need to hit more than once in a blue moon... GZ bombers are useless. Even with perfectly timed and aimed drops you rarely get any worthwhile damage out of them: They're really a last resort thing when your other squadrons are depleted. I wonder what this means for German upcomin AP rockets... It is hard not feeling a little bit of toxcity with this, since it is, again German ships that get the shaft. I'd bet real money that Russian carriers will have HE bombs.
  14. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Thanks Crysantos

    Fair points, but wouldn't those players not also branch out and play other ships in time? I mean you can pretty much tell that I am one of the player you describe here. Plus having a good old fashioned brawl where everything just goes dakka is the most fun part of the game to me. But I branched out into Japanese, Italian and even Russian ships. While that approach makes a lot of sense, it doesnt however explain things like why Kremlin has 60mm deck armour that makes it highly resistant to almost all kind of HE that is not BB caliber. It especially counters Hindenburg's gimmick of high pen, low dmg - it almost seems specifically designed for that purpose whereas other brawling ships like the GK do not gain that benefit. Or why does Kremlin get its 30 sec super turrets with better firing angles whereas GK has to show LOT of broadside to get it's gun to bear? Earlier you could directly see the intend: Bad torpedo protection, but hydro. Bad accuracy, but secondaries to encourage brawling. Bad turning angle, but huge amounts of AP. Turtleback, but armor that causes a lot of penetrations. If you look at Kremlin I cannot see these disadvantages paired to the perks. Quite the contrary, there do not seem to be that many disadvantages and those brought up, e.g. the often memed long range dispersion, simply does not seem to be there/influence it that much (horizontal vs vertical). That approach would leave the majority of the players with a very subpar, grindy and unfun ship. By balancing for the top, you make a game for the top. In this example, I would propose looking at the skill floor/ceiling concept and try to reduce the floor while simultaneusly reduce the ceiling. This would make the ship more accessible, but also reduce the potential. This might piss off the top, true, but you'd gain "fun" in the "plebs" and lower classes. Unless there is a match maker that tries to pair skill, having such huge outliers in potential is a threat to the longevity to the game - you're basically cause seal clubbing by that huge amount if difference. How would I do it? How would I do it? I dunno. Lower citadel, reduce AP damage? Increase health, lower ROF by .x? There are a lot of parameters you can adjust to get both closer together.
  15. TheEntireGermanEmpire

    Thanks Crysantos

    Well that site is many things, but not accessible :P Had a quick peek, compared avg damage and WR of Kremlin to GK (I need to dig down a bit more to make my point) and the last quarter seems to match the alltime data. Kremlin has 16,5% higher avg damage than Gk and 3.09% higher winrat than Yamato. Also, I'd be REALLY looking forward to that stream. This has been bothering me for ages and getting my opinion cleared up would tremendously help with increasing my satisfaction with the game. While I try to keep an open mind, I cannot deny what I perceive repeatedly with quite some consistency.