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  1. 15k left to unlock the final task. I was goddamn lucky to pull the Gallant out of the Advent Super Containers, otherwise I wouldn't even have bothered. But this was by far the least fun I've had in WoWs EVER. I was sleepy, drudgy and played horrible with a DD I had NO experience in. Never again. NEVER.AGAIN!
  2. Yes. RN Cruiser or the Gallant. So another push to sell the Gallant to get a York to get a Camo.
  3. I dont care about the DoY one bit. I'll probably even SELL it because I don't care... well except it might be good for T7 operations to switch with my Scharnhorst. I want a Scharnhorst Camo and a complete collection. And WG knows that. They know that German BBs are very popular, so they dangle the carrot in front of you while making it almost impossible to complete without shelling out money for something you don't want to get a CAMO. 2 Campaigns for a SINGLE CAMO. Really trippin' balls. I bought myself the Spee last year, because... well, you figure it out why.
  4. 0 progress., working. I treated myself to 5 Containers yesterday, and while 4 of them contained shitty flags, 1 actually had a prem ship, my first ever - the gallant. So I expect to do 66 torp hits with the gallant tbh... which is going to suck. Bigtime. Not looking forward to today.
  5. Trouble with KM ships

    On the spot. My shooting has been subpar for the longest time... I think I'm slowly improving, but since I tend to play in short "bursts" I lose any progress I made by extended periods of not playing at all. After a day or two I pick up where I left, but a few bad games, especially in the beginning, tank my WTR and avg dmg badly. But it is telling that I consider a 100k game a "good" one.
  6. Battle wouldn't load at random times

    Ship Movement Indicator Smoke Indicator Info Panel (enemy) So, crosschecking it might very well be one of the three above.
  7. Battle wouldn't load at random times

    Selected components: -----------------------------[ Crosshairs ]----------------------------------------- crosshair Nomogram (dynamic) More visible range finder range finder: yellow ----------------------------[ Camera mods ]--------------------------------------- Yet another zoom-out mod Ship Movement Indicator MonstroMarkers ---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------ Battle GUI customization ----------------------[ The Minimap mods ]---------------------------------------- Minimap with ship names Display target direction lines ---------------------------[ Port mods ]------------------------------------------- Session Stats Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree) ------------------------------[ Flags ]----------------------------------------------- none Historical Flag Mod Extension (by MasaruKondera) Smoke Indicator Info Panel (enemy) Companion (Campaign progress) ------------------------[ Ship skins & appearance ]---------------------------------- none --------------------------[ Tweaks ]--------------------------------------- Enable ability to record battle replays
  8. Battle wouldn't load at random times

    That one ain't it. I have the same behavior when I use Aslain and I run rather few mods. It definately is caused by Aslain, since I don't experience it otherwise. We could crosscheck the installed mods and see if we can single out a culprit?
  9. Trouble with KM ships

    Tech < bad decisions ;) I guess with the Bismarck I was just maneuverable enough to turn around and get out of the bad situation... the FdG is just not very forgiving in that regard. Now I need to work on my DD and especially my CA play... I have an inkling on what to do with the first - think ahead! Don't slow down and smoke, wiggle wiggle, don't blow hydro needlessly etc. Didn't try CA yet, but that will be a bit more difficult. Dynamic crosshair's gonna help me out, but otherwise...
  10. Trouble with KM ships

    Quick update - Two things helped a great deal. Staying.the.feth.back and not driving bow forward into 5+ enemy ships, then realising you have no way out. Its just so glorious when you can push to a CA or other BB within ~11km and start laughing manically. Also, my damage and hitrate went up by using dynamic crosshairs. After confusing the feth out of me for a game or two.. so much easier, especially with a "max speed of target" display mod. I went from "20k and sunk" to "110k and survive". Sometimes. I still screw up.
  11. Trouble with KM ships

    DD advice taken. I will try that and lurk just outside the cap (or, ideally, behind an island). Since I think I know where my problems are, I'm at a loss on how to actually improve that. I think I can up my hitrate with some mods (e.g. ones that tell me the max speed of the currently targeted ship since I'm aware of the 20kts thingy) but how do I learn where to sail and what to do? I obviously fail hard at that part. I'm up to TIX/X and SHOULD know that by now. Yet I can't seem to make the right decisions...
  12. Trouble with KM ships

    I hope this is the correct subforum for this type of request... I've been playing WOWS on and off for a while now, mostly monthly intervalls when something peeks my interest since beta. I started out, ofc, with US an IJN ships but completely switched over to KM when they got released respectively. Each line has some challenges that give me a hard time and I hope to get some advice on how to improve. My stats are here: https://wows-numbers.com/de/player/500855516,TheEntireGermanEmpire/ as you can see, I'm pretty average. Ignore the CV's, going US CV's was the biggest mistake I've made in this game (and I mostly did it for the sake of HAVING CV's). I do follow Flamu and watch his vids.. but translating what you see into what you do is by far not that easy. He makes it look like a walk in the park, yet I find it very hard to take the right decisions ingame. Cruisers: I'm up to the Hindenburg since the line was the first to come out. Trouble I run into here is that the Hindenburg wants to get to medium range and find broadsides to punish the enemy with excellent AP. When I get to close, I eventually find myself flanked and deleted. Alright, so stay back further.. which I try, but I end up being too far away to effectively flank myself and end up HE spamming BBs.. which is not what the lines strength is. And my stats show it. I wasn't even aware I am THAT bad in the Hindenburg... gods. My hitrate suffers under that as well.. 32% is abysmal! So I think my prime issue, which I think is my general main problem, is not knowing when to push, read the map and position myself accordingly. Battleships: Up to FDK. I really like the secondary builds on the KM BBs. It is just funny when all those gun open up on an unsuspecting DD/CA or heck, even BB. Getting close with the FDK is about the best times I can have in this game. However I suffer from the same failure as above - I misread the map, push too far and then find myself shot and killed without a way out. Playing non-aggressive with KM BB accuracy is not fun, especially considering i'm not a that good shot in the first place. I actually dread what comes when I get the GKF... Compared to the Bismarck I took a dump here. Instead of getting better, I got worse... I'm also torn if the secondary buld, while fun and the KM shtick, is worth it. Destroyers: Up to the Z-46. I'm aware the KM DDs are cap contesters and torpedo boats. I still struggle to contest caps vs enemy DD's effectively. The beginning of the match is the point where I blow up the most. Enter cap, spot DD, smoke up and at the point when I actually can hide in the smoke and hydro up to avoid torps and see the enemy DD I ate 2 BB AP pens, am burning and frantically trying to manveuer inside the smoke to avoid the incoming torpedoes. If I survive that, I usually have a somewhat okish game, hoping that I can find a big fat stupid Yamato or the likes to torp. Again, at this stage positioning sometimes is so far off that I sometimes hardly can make an impact due to BBs being on the far side of the map or sailing towards/away from me. CV:s I aint got the GZ yet. Will get it once it actually is playable. So in summary I THINK my problems are: - positioning for good shots - actually landing those (I rarely do more than 1 or 2 citadels a game) - not overextending and going "oh crap" I'm thinking about activating the replays and uploading a typical game for each class which should provide some point for criticism... but who the heck would actually take the time and watch them? So maybe you can glean something from this here and help me out so I am less of a liability when we end up on the same team ;)