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  1. The pinnacle of balance - Novorossiysk (a.k.a. Giulio Cesare)

    That is some damning evidence... I wouldn't play the sovjet bias card, but rather the "we can't nerf premiums" one. Still, that this ship still is on sale with that kind of performance only can mean one thing - since its not as openly broken as the Belfast, it sells. And if it sells, you cannot pull it of the shop. Seeing this and still grating at the Hindenburg nerf raises my hackles.
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    They REALLY do not want us to spend money it seems... With the Dubloon refund nerf and this "packages" which, for once, do NOT include any extra stuff one might need, there is zero incentive to spend money. Kind of boggles the mind... a few flags, a few credits/bloons and 25x MORE XP missions in a second package at a discounted price? Maybe? No? Alright, I'll keep my moneyz then.
  3. More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    I'm especially miffed by the short-sightedness of WG. You mentioned it, but the smoke-meta/stealthfire-meta was univerally hated because you had no counterplay besides blindshots and sailing away. They nerfed that heavily when German DD's came into the game (which suffered badly in that period, being the only ones to have that "feature") and invented the Radar to counter smoke. They overdid radar, since it now reduces most DD's most important defence, not being seen, to uselessness. And in a stroke of genius, they implemented a CL line that relies on island cover and rainbow arcs to evade counterfire, which again, has no real counterplay besides flanking. WG seems to understand that being shot at without being able to strike back is bad. Then they don't undestand that seeing EVERYTHING in a rather large radius makes the game play more static, which is a problem of the game in the first place. Then they don't seem to understand the strike-back part and do it again. And now they plan to add another gimmick to fix the gimmick. They arms-race themselves with bad design decisions. Radar needs to change in some way to not be THAT punishing for DDs, otherwise I fear the DD will go the way of the CV, albeit not as harshly.
  4. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    If you prepare and do not sail straight into a possible Radar ship you are more likely to have a 90° and lower angle. So you actually get punished if you prepare an exit... Minos do not tend to have radar though, since they pay a significant price for that and therefore are way less present in the game. Worcester however... Even if I spot him if he opens fire, I'm still caught in the deathtrap. 48 seconds is way more than enough to get you nuked.
  5. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    Radar got worse with 0.7.6 and now it's sometimes just a gigantic ********* to the enemy DD. You sneak up on the cap. You plan your exit route. You plan to immediately head out as soon as an enemy radar cruiser shows it's face, since there is no island with in 10km. In comes a Worcester with 9.9km, almost 60 seconds lasting radar. With CE, Camo and Concealment mod this thing cannot be spotted if it radars you. You turn, pop engine boost and flee... and stay detected until you inevitably get sunk and don't even know WHAT it was that radared you. All he needs to do is follow you and you are DEAD. This is Minotaur AA detection range, just for DDs. Such did happen in my Z-52 and I didn't play more than a single game in it since then. Radar was bad, now it's worse.
  6. Minsk - advice needed

    I just pulled this one. Completely stock, captain 5k away from being retrained. And my.. 3rd game after the Gnevny. It's the same as always... Keep at max range, try to pick on isolated battleships, dodge shells with your speed. As a RU DD, you will be always be spotted, no need for CE and radars hardly hurt you anyway. Try to set as many fires as you can and forget your torps - unless you can bumrush an unsuspecting battleship with 45 knots around a corner, unload torpedoes and watch him waggle his lil guns in your direction while the torps do their work. Dont try and contest caps at the beginning, do it later once the most threats are dealt with. Really, I'm not an expert on anything, especially not RU DDs, but I think in this game I had the RU lifestyle point on. https://replayswows.com/replay/25071#stats
  7. DD armour change

    So. German AP rounds from DDs have a 6° impact angle where they can pen. Lower than that and it is an overpen, larger than that is an autobounce. Combined with anemic HE damage and Grozovoi getting radar and the introduction of US CL's... What again is the job of a game dev? They really do not seem to consider these pretty basic arguments.
  8. New line/nation to work on?

    So, as my account name suggest, I was focused on "completing" the Kriegsmarine. With the exception of The GZ, everything is in my hangar and ever captain in the main lines is either 18 or 19 points. I tend to play in streaks of a few weeks whenever the urge hits me, so I have a... hard time coming back and jumping into high lvl matches to try and get that last point. Its embarrassing how much one can forget when taking time off... So I'd see and give myself a new goal and something to do on lower tiers. But what could that be? I've started on a few lines before the KM came out, but there are a "few" more choices now. Since I've got brawling BBs, APing cruisers and smoke/hydroing gunpedoboats, what line or even nation would offer a different playstyle to sink my teeth into?
  9. 15k left to unlock the final task. I was goddamn lucky to pull the Gallant out of the Advent Super Containers, otherwise I wouldn't even have bothered. But this was by far the least fun I've had in WoWs EVER. I was sleepy, drudgy and played horrible with a DD I had NO experience in. Never again. NEVER.AGAIN!
  10. Yes. RN Cruiser or the Gallant. So another push to sell the Gallant to get a York to get a Camo.
  11. I dont care about the DoY one bit. I'll probably even SELL it because I don't care... well except it might be good for T7 operations to switch with my Scharnhorst. I want a Scharnhorst Camo and a complete collection. And WG knows that. They know that German BBs are very popular, so they dangle the carrot in front of you while making it almost impossible to complete without shelling out money for something you don't want to get a CAMO. 2 Campaigns for a SINGLE CAMO. Really trippin' balls. I bought myself the Spee last year, because... well, you figure it out why.
  12. 0 progress., working. I treated myself to 5 Containers yesterday, and while 4 of them contained shitty flags, 1 actually had a prem ship, my first ever - the gallant. So I expect to do 66 torp hits with the gallant tbh... which is going to suck. Bigtime. Not looking forward to today.
  13. Trouble with KM ships

    On the spot. My shooting has been subpar for the longest time... I think I'm slowly improving, but since I tend to play in short "bursts" I lose any progress I made by extended periods of not playing at all. After a day or two I pick up where I left, but a few bad games, especially in the beginning, tank my WTR and avg dmg badly. But it is telling that I consider a 100k game a "good" one.
  14. Battle wouldn't load at random times

    Ship Movement Indicator Smoke Indicator Info Panel (enemy) So, crosschecking it might very well be one of the three above.
  15. Battle wouldn't load at random times

    Selected components: -----------------------------[ Crosshairs ]----------------------------------------- crosshair Nomogram (dynamic) More visible range finder range finder: yellow ----------------------------[ Camera mods ]--------------------------------------- Yet another zoom-out mod Ship Movement Indicator MonstroMarkers ---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------ Battle GUI customization ----------------------[ The Minimap mods ]---------------------------------------- Minimap with ship names Display target direction lines ---------------------------[ Port mods ]------------------------------------------- Session Stats Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree) ------------------------------[ Flags ]----------------------------------------------- none Historical Flag Mod Extension (by MasaruKondera) Smoke Indicator Info Panel (enemy) Companion (Campaign progress) ------------------------[ Ship skins & appearance ]---------------------------------- none --------------------------[ Tweaks ]--------------------------------------- Enable ability to record battle replays