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  1. BlackSkyRiver

    Bug report - No cursor on map screen

    Same issue when I play full screen ... if I use windows mode, everything work correctly
  2. BlackSkyRiver


    Never experienced that ...
  3. BlackSkyRiver

    In the harbour...

    Actually you lift the anchor (in certain situations anchors) while you are leaving, not before ... unless you are moored and you used the anchor in the manouver to moor ... in this case you might ask to lift the anchor when you want ... but it's not the case of WoWs as ships are not moored ...
  4. BlackSkyRiver

    Lock Target Feature

    BZ is a code, part of the Bravo Table, into ATP-1 vol. II, a NATO pubblication ... this is it's origin ... then it was added into ACP 175, another NATO pubblication ... remember that many of these publications were distributed also to many not NATO nations (like Australia) so it's normal you remember it, even not being part of a NATO nation ...
  5. BlackSkyRiver

    capture base at the harbours

    Or a lore classical convoy escorting ...
  6. BlackSkyRiver

    Shells & torpedoes

    You are right ... personally I do understand perfectly that this is a CBT so many further steps need to be done ... about the historical accuracy, I agree that this is not a historical simulation ... however I hope also this is not going to become an arcade, as in this case I will probably stop to play ... my expectation is to see a game which is coherent with history but playable ... it's absolutely clear to me that it's almost impossible to have something which is 100% in line with real battle at sea, however I'd like to see a game which is not completely invented ... some shortcuts needs to be taken (for timing, as an easy example) but for other stuff I strongly believe developers need to be careful not to go too much far from reality ... this is my concept of this game ...
  7. BlackSkyRiver

    Smoke and detection

    Unfortunately you are right ...
  8. BlackSkyRiver

    Lock Target Feature

    Bravo Zulu means well done as you wrote but it is not an old naval term ... it's a NATO term and it's in use also today ...
  9. BlackSkyRiver

    capture base at the harbours

    Definitely yes ...
  10. BlackSkyRiver

    Shells & torpedoes

    You write too much and my time is limited ... just one point, and I'll close this conversation (at least from my side) which is getting a flame: I'm talking of experience in real life, not games ... Cheers PS Please do not contnue as I'm not going to read and answer anymore ... I have other stuff to do ... thanks
  11. BlackSkyRiver

    Sunk ships.

    Unless a ship is divided into 2 pieces (it can happens after a big internal explosion or a torpedo exploding below the keel) it can float also for hours before sink ... interesting proposal, then ...
  12. BlackSkyRiver

    Shells & torpedoes

    You did ... when you say "thinks carefully before you suggest things" you mean I do not think carefully (your words) and this is offending ... go back to play Wot is simply what I said, I didn't mention anything about your brain ... Anyway, I have my idea, you have your ... I do not care your concerns, I give the developers my viewpoint, supported by historical facts and personal experience ... if you do not like this, simply say that, leave me outside your words as also you do not know me ... Thanks
  13. BlackSkyRiver

    Weather conditions.

    Latest news says they are thinking about wheather conditions ...