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  1. Pyro_O

    Dedicated farragut captain tier 4 skill

    I use DE on my Farragut captain. I've tried both but not enough to form a good enough option. For higher tiers I use SE but I felt like at tier 6 the health increase from SE is not worth it.
  2. Pyro_O

    Colorado is a joke

    It definitely will get better fully upgraded, I guarantee you that. Colorado is still one of my favorite BB's. I liked it more than Nagato at least. In fact I will probably buy it back sometime, maybe the next time it's on sale. You'll be stuck being slow even when fully upgraded but you should be used to it by tier 7 in US BB's, no? Other than that, it's a wonderful BB.
  3. Pyro_O

    Montana's upgrades

    I couldn't find any recent enough threads about Montana's upgrades so I figured I'd just ask directly. What upgrades do you use on your Montanas? I'm going with stealth build. My plans are: Main armaments Mod.1, AA Guns Mod.2, both Repair Modifications and Concealment System. What I'm uncertain about is the third slot. I probably wouldn't pick the AA Guns Mod.3 at least currently as CV's are so rare, but I'm wondering which would be better between accuracy and main battery reload. Any opinions from the experienced? I'm also a bit curious about the option of taking faster rudder shift for the 5th slot instead of repair. Any opinions on this? Thanks
  4. I took 95k damage in my 57200hp Arizona last night when trying to cap a zone in Two Brothers because our only DD nor any cruisers would do it. Did 90k damage in return myself and helped the team to victory. The team cried to me about camping
  5. Pyro_O

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Not sure if trolling or serious How exactly would it be needed to nerf the only advantage IJN has over their adversaries in terms of gun performance? It's not like the dmg advantage made them OP as their other gun characteristics are outperformed by SN and USN by far in every other category? Well it all can still change of course, but I felt the need to ask this *shrugs*
  6. ^ This. It's a daily occurrence. People in chat seemingly agree to pushing the cap and you advance (no full throttle yolo) to the cap, you notice that you're pretty much alone aside from one or two DD's or cruisers and everyone is sitting out in the back, especially the cruisers. You get focused down really fast and that's it. So much for that useful tanking, you were just a damage farm for the enemy because you got nearly no support whatsoever. Oh, and those enemy DD's out there? Why would your own cruisers ever focus on them? It's much more fun to set fires on those enemy BB's from 15 kilometers away. That is assuming you're alive when the game ends. Just because you didn't do as much damage as you have HP, doesn't mean you were either too far or the enemy team was just target practice. At least as often the reason is simply because you get no support and get focused down... because you were at least somewhat trying to play the objective instead of camping at the back.
  7. Pyro_O

    Beginner here : Need help :)

    As already mentioned above, Japanese DD line is the one you want to go for if stealth torpedoing is what you want. The whole IJN DD line focuses more on stealth torpedoing instead of guns. Though that isn't the only option. US DD's are in fact arguably better or at least equal at stealth torpedoing at tiers 9 & 10, maybe even at tier 8, but at lower tiers they are closer to pure gun boats than torpedo boats. The high tiers are of course very far away for you, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.
  8. Pyro_O

    Royal Navy T9: The Fierce Neptune

    Really looking forward to this ship, thanks for the commentary!
  9. Pyro_O

    Leander - a definate keeper!

    Agreed with @Bladezfist, Leander is good but Fiji is great. I loved the Leander specially compared to the kind of crap you have to endure in previous tiers. Fiji might be a keeper for me but I'm not sure yet. I might sell it as I progress to higher tiers but I may very well rebuy the Fiji later when some day the Brits get a sale. The only advantage Leander has over Fiji in my opinion is the stealth, but with CE even Fiji has good enough detectability. Leander might be slightly stronger against cruisers of its own tier as well. The change from Leander to Fiji is about as big as the change from Emerald to Leander is.
  10. Pyro_O

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    That's pretty damn impressive. 11 torp hits
  11. Pyro_O

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Many people are tossing around the idea of giving these ships a low fire chance HE, but heck I would love these ships so much more even if they had literally 0% fire chance HE which wouldn't even get affected by DE. Simply having a shell type that can do damage against angled ships would be great even if it couldn't set them on fire.
  12. Pyro_O

    Royal Navy T6: Leander

    From my experience the smoke bug really has only to do with your speed. At least I've always got the 2nd smoke puff when I'm going slow enough. I quite rarely miss the 2nd smoke puff, maybe once out of 20 smoke uses. And when that happen I already notice in advance that I have too much speed. I haven't paid attention to the actual speeds but 50% speed sounds like too much. Just try to slow down for a bit longer before popping your smoke next time Although this of course doesn't justify WG screwing up the smoke in the first place...
  13. Pyro_O

    British Cruiser pain

    I can second this. I fear things won't stay that way forever though. The ships are fresh, in a month or two DD's won't be as careless and people will know to angle against those AP spamming smoke clouds.
  14. Pyro_O

    Fubuki -> Kagero: Why bother?

    As others have mentioned: It's not like that's gonna matter for long, as Kagero replaces Fubuki at tier 8 On a more serious note, there's no real point. The F3 torps might seem nice but I don't really like them as much as the 10km ones. Sure, hitting with them will be easier. But the risks of getting into the firing range grow exponentially as there are so many counters for torps these days. We've got CA's with radar, lots of stuff with hydro. Planes often spot your torps too. Your hit % with F3 won't be noticeably better and you'll just risk your life more. The concealment in Kagero is really nice but it's not that much different from Fubuki in that regard. I liked Fubuki a lot and kept it until they announced the new DD's coming in. Fubuki still is my favorite DD (aside from the sealclu-*cough* Kamikaze R). After the announcement I sold my Fubuki and for now am keeping the Kagero in port just waiting for the update so I can at least try if the Yuugumo is any better compared to current Kagero until I sell it as well.
  15. Pyro_O

    British Cruiser pain

    They are lackluster up to tier 5, but as many have stated before, it gets better at Leander. You still have to play like you have 10% health left but at least you can rack up the damage in Leander. I can't speak for T7 and above but I can't really imagine them being worse than the Leander. The RN CL's are not bad and you can have a fun time in them but in general I don't really think the playstyle is fun in them. You have to hide all the time. Specially against 2 tiers higher ships it's a true nightmare. Even DD's rip you apart in 1-on-1 duels with HE spam if they just sail away from you. When (not if, you MUST) you use cover effectively, you can rack up the damage really well in these ships assuming there's other ships than angled BB's to shoot at. It's a shame these ships rely too much on your own team (for spotting and giving the enemy something else to shoot at).