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  1. WG doing me a favor whit these "offers",I save money buy not buying any of them!
  2. Bmsrt

    bots invasion

    Enemy team got 4 of these German bots,our team got one,our team still LOSE(ofc got on top as a bottom tier)...I might want to these things instead of actual braindeads...
  3. Bmsrt

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    Dont care about XP,Credit nerf would be welcome tho... It maybe would do some much needead negative feedback from WG(so an official feedback) to the Tier8-10 Zero effort/bot-or worse than a bot quality "players".(because if I call them what they are is abusing) And the result wolud be daily forum whines about how "bad"and "unforgiving" the economy is in the game...so wont happen! (improving ones gameplay is out of question for them sorry)
  4. Bmsrt

    [RESULTS] Win Big With Signal Flags

    Not yet... Results Announced: Thu. 20 Jun. 16:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 20 Jun. 16:00 and then... Prizes Credited: Fri. 21 Jun. 16:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Fri. 21 Jun. 16:00
  5. Bmsrt

    CV Rework Discussion

    And the funny thing is for some "reason" CV still immune to the "Fun&Engaging" detonation mechanic after the rework.
  6. Yeah true,buuuuttt those players who do these kind of things probably dosent even read the forum. So good luck improving them. They probably at a lvl to unable to read anything,chat/minimap. (writeing on the other hand...all those whine-threads)
  7. Bmsrt

    CV players - What were you blamed for today?

    Today nothing...only played the Ranger. Yesterday whit Kaga however... Well the 24h chatban is over now. And im a dog-pop when it comes to CV what atention a real CV player can get?
  8. First 20 Token containers got me the T5-one. Today bought 10 more and got the T6 BB Good thing im not interested in Lazo.
  9. Bmsrt

    CV Rework Discussion

    From the Dmg its more sound like AP bomb citadles.
  10. Bmsrt

    Poll about Victory Container mission drop rate

    T5 for 20+Token/Free container Bought a 20 batch for tokens+some free ones,the misson was in the batch,not so lucky,as usual,will spend the remaining tokens as i get them,will see...
  11. Bmsrt

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Too lazy to find the other thread,and probably wont get anythin better than this anyway
  12. Bmsrt

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Are we playing in the same "teams"? (At this point I only spam the Kaga as an experiment)
  13. Bmsrt

    new lootboxes ridiculous proce

    Agree. I kinda wanted the Kaga one for the Kaga,maybe the Atago one for the same reason,but gamble,FOR that PRICE...NOPE.
  14. Bmsrt

    1st of May, the weebos day

    Nope,no ship.
  15. Bmsrt

    Delete CVs thanks.

    Pssst,dont be a party-poper,people came here to pick on the CV-whine guy.