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  1. Bmsrt

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Gambling in everything already,and the "players". Your usual 38-42% Ger spotterplane BB "sniper"&IJN no cammo DD mains...
  2. Prety shure Not. (On brake from the game,whit uninstall,since yesterday,thanks santaboxes,im free...)
  3. Not shure if I use them. Wont waste my steel need 1K-ish till Neutrasywhatever,or want the balanced Stalinfarth minimum. Lack the coal for ship (have 130K-is) Doubloons...yeah I have 8100-something,maybe will get something. But probably dropping the game after this cristmas grindfest for a bit(or forever),so not in a hurry to spend it.
  4. Bmsrt

    This Years Christmas Presents are a Ripoff ?

    And I read somewere here that one of their mobile titles HAVE dropp chances publised.(duno if its the ship one,or the tank one) So its should be on this one too...
  5. Bmsrt

    This Years Christmas Presents are a Ripoff ?

    Oppened 23 big ones,got NOTHING so you are faring better already... (small ones also filled whit dogpoop)
  6. Bmsrt

    Panasian BBs? :D :D :D

    Dont give them ideas!
  7. Should have listened to you bought 20 big scam containers,nothing...4K doubloons thats it...rest is 7500 coal and 0 worth flags+scamos Edit:and here comes the 5th Main Battery director for the collection,nonsense,and I wanted to buy another batch for Dec 31 my B-day...this acc is F&@#D
  8. Bmsrt

    Please Help me out with Free Containers

    If you from certain countries(Belgium?),no gambling-box 4 you,maybe thats the problem?
  9. I kinda want the Enterprise,but only that one from that "rares"(not interested in the rest of them,Kutuzov maaayyybbeee...) The thing that holds back that i lack the Krapksy Kreme,the other Omahas,etc T5 stuff and the boxes from the reports heavily gravitates towards those... What to do,what to do....
  10. Bmsrt

    Unique upgrades

    Ok at this point i guess WG activley sabotaging this game for some reason.
  11. Bmsrt

    The History of Günther Lütjens

    Im more interested in his future! (read:when we can get him in event like the others,cuz hes skills not realy justify that pricetag for me)
  12. Bmsrt

    Xmas collection, another fail?

    Got "lucky" whit that one too...(wait all my WG-boxes have this "luck") Grinded 4 box,3 got the rangefinder-whatever,and 1 the crane-thing.(1-2-4 boxes was the same item) So im not too shure i will complete this one 4-free
  13. Bmsrt

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    The last one is the T6 British CV.(Furious?)
  14. Bmsrt

    New wave of bots incoming???

    I take all the bots over the "players" i roll on green side today,tier,shiptype dosent matter,no cammo shima,firstblood Conqeror,cornersheep BBs,its weekend in the middle of the week! So pls bring the bots on already!
  15. This game earned 2 reports for me,so totaly an achivement(and i was already chat-banned) (at least one from a "frendly" BB,hurr-durr no fighters Kaga,NooB CV....yeah put them on this clown 2 times,but anyway...)