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  1. Bmsrt

    Matchmaker is always +2

    Yeah its geting old realy fast. Only 1 guy is -2 and it is Me.(+someone on the other side,DONT CARE!) Kinda dropped T8 because this nonsense. Todays first game in whit Colorado...ofc T9 nonsene,yeah got Top XP,lose,was so much "fun" fighting a Mushasi and Iowa. Edit: Just went whit Dunqerke...T8,The enemy got a "lucky" Fuso,FK this...
  2. Yeah 8,6 km whit everything. Whit similar range radar on top.
  3. Bmsrt

    Why are we celebratig Valentine's Day

    I see Bismark launch day(duno if I even bother FK T8 MM), launch of Dreadnought(dont have it) No Valentine-s thingy at all,not even the WG page so.
  4. Bmsrt

    Stealth-nerf to Musashi

    I think i read in some Q&A,where it was stated that they will give it back the(or some sort of) plane gimmick, but they focusing on hotfixes now ATM.
  5. Bmsrt

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Cant see they will refund any RL money. They already pulled similar stun.In 8.0 whit Saipa/Kaga. They now meet all the funy Minotaurs Worcesters etc...(all 3 Kaga games i had so far was T10...) And now,patchnotes indicate IJN TB and torp ners(thy Hakuryu),probably affecting a prem ship perfomance in negative way,thats in the game i bought in the past. (not a single line sates the Kaga excluded,but i assume its not) Well dont offer to give me/others a refund in money,and they wont in the future thats shure as hell.
  6. Bmsrt

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Whit serious buffs,might take it,but then look at the other faceroll stuff(Nikolai,Kami-clones,Belfast,etc)
  7. The fix cant come too fast. I am/was positive about the rework,but all my positive vibe gone after meeting that POS RN T10 CV. Well its scored a wooping 3568XP(!!!) and simply facerolled the team,yeah why that &@XĐ is still griefable...sorry playable after even WG knows its moronic?
  8. Bmsrt

    New CVs

    They do for me:
  9. Bmsrt

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Gived the buffed Hood a spin,liked the result,the "strong Vs armored stuff AP" ofc citadelled the poor cruisers true WG fasshion
  10. Bmsrt

    Steel dd, gib please

    Free XP or Coal,you can get Black for steel already...
  11. Will see,already playing mostly T5-7 stuff,so wont be feeling the T10 [edited] probably. But probably ships like Ashitaka&Mutsu wont se any action for a time after the rework hits.
  12. Bmsrt

    the "carry harder!" thread

    6 Kills,lost,only player whit kills on my team,is me,and ofc the Xp also shows the bot-lvl fiesta on the greens-side:
  13. Saw a video about the CV-rework,where a CV DB-s detonated a bot-DD whit divebombers...(whitout a single bomb hitting) Sooo i tried the rework myself,and saw the CV-s in the rework now can go 8 flags like all the ships(vs the live 4 flag),so is this the right time to give this class the ultimate Fun&Engaging-mechanic,that every other ship has to bother minus the CV-s? (or ofc the new Wows artys shouldnt be bothered by this kind of stuff?)
  14. Bmsrt

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Ok,still meh,opinion dosent changed AA Def expert,Devastating strike,Confederate,Dreadnaught,Kraken Unleashed,Fireproof,Firstnoob,Hgh Caliber+3K+XP:
  15. Bmsrt

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Ok got this to start the steel mission+campaing after read of the doubloon refund thing,wouldnt have bought it othervise. Now,this ship makes playing the Hood to be a desirable experience. And this comes from 4 games won out of 4 so far,cant complain about that. The guns just brakes this ships enjoyment,crappy DmG numbers,no citadels so far even on paper stuff like Molotov,takes forever to kill DDs whit the HE,BBs...oh boy. The rest is ok planes died like intended(ofc got the CV games after switching from AFT+BFT com),reasonably manuverable,fogetabble armour. Whatever,collector item for me at least.