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  1. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Proposal for a new role in battle

    Is that it? Entirely denuded, down to a sad attempt to make fun of someone's name?
  2. Karkong_the_Impaler

    What is the point of Cruiser in 2023?

    The idea that you can have the better ship to crap on others is a key element of the game. I thought myself immune, because only playing tier 10 prevents me from being uptiered. But then, suddenly supershits, because no matter how bad a player you are, you can simply FUnbutton your opponent...
  3. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Give cruisers submarine surveillance

    Use one with hydro?
  4. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Illinois New Premium T9 RB ship

    Yeah, and we also know how the planes will work - it will launch a single one that is joined by a squad already in the air. In reality it could launch three planes in 30 minutes, designed to attack the locks of the panama canal. Srsly. I can already feel this.
  5. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Illinois New Premium T9 RB ship

    Can't wait for more crossover ships. AA & Radar Submarine, Deepwater Torp CV, battleship gun DD all come to mind...
  6. Karkong_the_Impaler

    What were your most embarassing moments in WoWs?

    Playing Thunderer, I was flinging HE left and right, not really getting lucky with fires - but then AP worked like a charm. At some point a Kurfurst shot HE at me in return and I laughed at him. Turns out I was actually playing Shikishima.
  7. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Snow on flightdeck

    Plane droppings...
  8. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Illinois New Premium T9 RB ship

    Good AA?
  9. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Akisuki torps. Now that's a lot of Damage.

    So, if you even today can't exert your superior intelligence over the zero brain cell guys - where does that leave you?
  10. Karkong_the_Impaler

    why are ranked teams so bad?

    Damn. Literally my third reply to you, ever: This was way before you tried to convince me that you're actually a decent player just accidentally trapped with the stats of a very bad one. You seriously need to work on your attention span. EDIT: READ THE FFFFING THREAD FFS....
  11. Karkong_the_Impaler

    How much hatred is enough?

    Yeah, and they all lack the self awareness to notice it's themselves.
  12. Karkong_the_Impaler

    How much hatred is enough?

    So, @DiceTea has some personalized RNG and manipulated matchmaking to get carried to his win rate while you get the opposite, even though you are similarily skilled? Is that it? Edit: I notice you just reacted "boring" but didnt answer. So - what else have you seen on youtube? How the reptiloid people hide among us? I mean, that would explain so many things if holding a mouse is unfamilliar....
  13. Karkong_the_Impaler

    I-56 Japanese submarine is eye wateringly bad and makes no sense.

    Have you been around a few years ago, when the russian ships got invented, comrade? Or have you played world of tanks? They even implemented KV-1, a tank design with a turret that was so heavy it couldn't be turned if the tank wasn't on flat ground, 20 km/h top speed and more casualties through transmission failures than actual combat. There was a time when the only high tier non paper (or should I say "random scribblings on a madhouse toilet wall") ship was the trashkent - built in italy, because competence, and used as a troop carrier. Edit: It still is, but the german trees got inflated with even dumber ships, so there is that. Also Bismarck tier 8 and Yamato tier 10 doesn't add up. At some point after Smolensk and Petro someone at WG deceided that the blatant bias is only cool for russians and that all the other customers frown on that, so it has gotten a bit better. Also - I remember when Khabarovsk was quite the fun little cruiser for quite a while.
  14. Karkong_the_Impaler

    How much hatred is enough?

    They all could do this, the skills are available to everyone. Spotting is just way more useful. Also, it won't work againt balans CVs, and why waste these skills then? It's like DefAA or any AA skills, entirely wasted if there is no CV or a russian CV in the game. Hydro? Always useful. Yeah, that's crap balancing and no, I'm not asking for more CVs. And even then, deck our your Edgar in all the AA available - ah well, the CV just flies elsewhere, it's an inconvenience at best. That's basically the issue. You can't fight CVs, you can at best be a nuisiance by shooting down planes - the best way to deal with them is short burst smoke, so they go defecate on another target! @Mr_Damager you only consider yourself and your own issues. If all the CVs skill level were yours, where you struggle with AA and basic competence, no one would mind CVs as much. The issue is when the likes of you get paired against the likes of @DiceTea Yeah, why you would prefer to have pay to win is apparent. Supershits are bad enough...
  15. Karkong_the_Impaler

    Akisuki torps. Now that's a lot of Damage.

    Can't even say. He was in a DD...