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  1. 69thBuLLeT

    Random English destroyers

    Thank you
  2. 69thBuLLeT

    Random English destroyers

    At this point I must agree with you. I'm almost done with the RN Arc and no sign of any RN Destroyer drop. Quite frustrating. Worse, once I've unlocked all the RN crates there is no further chance of getting a drop, right?
  3. 69thBuLLeT


    I keep seeing people saying that Belfast gets normal AP, yet the stats in the port are identical to the Fiji aside from the dispersion. Been searching around, but haven't found anything. Does anyone have the datamined stats of the Fiji vs Belfast AP shells? It certainly feels like Fiji's guns are stronger, but it would be nice to have actual figures to look at.
  4. 69thBuLLeT

    Leander - a definate keeper!

    I loved my Leander. At no time did it feel like a grind. I'm very tempted to buy it back.
  5. 69thBuLLeT

    Texas - Premium Ship for EU Players?

    Just had a good laugh. I looked at our premium shop. I looked at the NA premium shop. I looked at the Asia premium shop. Then I made the mistake of looking at the RU premium shop. What an absolute joke.
  6. 69thBuLLeT

    How the weekend doubles chanced the game for two days

    Me three. I also broke my cardinal "never play on a weekend" rule, and regretted it.
  7. 69thBuLLeT

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Many thanks!
  8. 69thBuLLeT

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Thanks Euan. Do you recall what it was named? Just so I know to look out for it.
  9. 69thBuLLeT

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hey guys. Any idea why I no longer get damage totals on the results summary and detailed breakdown screen? I think it was the Damage Counter and in-game clock mod that showed it before...
  10. 69thBuLLeT

    6 June HMS Belfast?

    I'll get right on that once WG deems EU worthy of being able to buy the Cambeltown. I mean, naturally the Asian server has more affinity to it.
  11. 69thBuLLeT

    Cambeltown in Asia premium shop

    I know right... The level of DERP is almost too much for me to handle.
  12. 69thBuLLeT

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    I don't see why the Atlanta can't get smoke. She is an extremely unforgiving ship, and in all but the best hands (certainly not mine) she is a very frustrating ship to play. Having a smoke charge or two will enable her to have some flexibility and improved lifespan. Exactly like the MK.
  13. 69thBuLLeT

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    That would be because the average player IQ on weekends was overtaken by single cell organisms. I've found that weekday evenings are far more enjoyable. Regarding the "launch". Well... Enough has been said. Underwhelming at best.
  14. 69thBuLLeT

    Lots of Cleveage

    This is what was bound to happen with the T6/7 limit. I don't see anything wrong with it, and in time people will realize that the other ships aren't bad at all. I intend to play all five cruisers and I'm sure I'll enjoy all of them.
  15. 69thBuLLeT

    SLI workaround

    Are you saying that SLI is working now? (Post 0.4.1)